Tuesday 3 November 2015

Halloween 2015 + Video!

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!

I actually wasn't feeling my best, so I didn't put much effort into my costume. I did actually make some paper mache horns and ears - they took a while to make! But I didn't end up wearing them!

This is what they look like:
The big things are the horns and the smaller things are the ears. Obviously, they go on pointing towards the back of the head, not pointing up like that.

I painted the headband yellow, so it wouldn't show as easily through my hair.

I painted the tips of the horns with a pink - purple - blue gradient:
There were gems all over the horns and on part of the ears. I put a chain on the ears too:
Then I covered them in glitter!

I hope I get some use out of them, somehow! Haha

So, this year I went as blue (again!). I used a white base and then put light blue over that.
^ That pink thing in the lower-left is my phone dangly! It always photobombs! >_<

I did Neton's makeup! I wanted to make him like a Twilight vampire (but gothic) - but he wanted to look more interesting. So, I did a lighter base and then used green shades for contour. I used purple for detailing and then smoky black eyeliner. Of course, I completely covered him in glitter too! He was so sparkly! >_<

By the time we took this photo, much of the makeup had come off though!:
I legit just wore the same as last year:
I just wasn't as in to Halloween this year, because I wasn't well. Which sucks so much because I LOVE Halloween! I wait for it all year.

I didn't even put in any extensions (or 'expansions', since they are much shorter than my real hair):
But yah. We decided to go to a pub in Haworth, for a change. They were having a Halloween party.

So many people kept talking to us all night - which was great, because I love meeting new people. 

But I have a small voice, and I find it difficult to speak loudly. Everyone was literally just talking over one another ALL THE TIME! Every time I talked to someone, that person would cut me off to say something. I legit felt like we were a bunch of chimps all screeching over one another! But everyone was drunk so what would I expect? Haha >_< It was still fun, and they were nice.

Oh and there was this one guy who came over and sat next to me and he was just constantly talking about how he was better than everyone else. His opener was "Do you listen to *some 60's band*?" I said I'd not heard of them. So he stood up, annoyed, and said "Oh, I looked over here thinking 'oh hey, those two look cool' but you're not cool. I bet you listen to bassline." Then he sat back down.


I finally wore some nails I made like 2 Halloweens ago!:
So, yeah... we left early!

We went into the countryside to go ghost spotting!
We filmed my very first 'Storytime' video (which is at the end of this post):
There are also some clips from Halloween at the end of the video (and also on Vine).

In one of the clips, you can see something scary that happened!

Basically, in that part of the countryside about 90% of the people are really sketchy. It's rare to see anyone, especially at night. But we've seen drug dealers, car thieves (who crashed the car right in front of us) and ... yeah, etc.

We learned a long time ago that if we see a car, we will get back in our car and drive off if they stop.

So, we saw one car all night. When we saw it coming, we got back in the car, prepared to drive off. However, the car passed us. So we got back out. Neton switched on the camera and it was at that point that we noticed the car reversing back down towards us! Neton said "Oh my god." then switched the camera off and said "Lolly, get back in the car!" We ran back in the car and drove off! >_< You can see the clip in the video! I think it's at about 7:04 minutes in. You can see the cars red lights reversing back down the road!

Oh and a funny thing that happened:

We were just dancing around and stuff and Neton said he saw something white move. I stopped dancing around and walked over to where he was. We were both staring into the black, foggy night for a moment. Then I said "What was it?" 

He said "It was either a person... or a duck" Hahaha >_< wtf?

But we weren't laughing at the time, because it was creepy. Anyway, after he said that the white thing moved again. We both ran back to the car and drove off! 

That's pretty much how our trips to the countryside go! We stay in one place for a while and then something creeps us out so we drive to a different spot! >_<

Anyhoo, my makeup lasted pretty well:
How was your Halloween? What did you dress as?

Here is the video I mentioned:

Please give it a thumbs up, comment and share if you like it! 

Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. do more story times! i watched that this morning and want more! lmao

  2. glad u had fun ladyli ^^ happy halloween ((^,,,^))

  3. d'aw lol ur bf is so cute and sweet to let you paint glitter all over him! XD u such cute couple!

    1. Hahaha I know, he is so laid back about everything! >_< <3

  4. Why didn't you wear the horns? Do a tutorial for this looks and wear them for that?

    1. I just didn't like how they looked. I want to get some use out of them though so I might do that. <3

    2. woop woop! carnt wait :)

  5. get well soon (Evie from IG) xx

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