Thursday, 19 June 2014

London Trip

So, we recently had another free tip to London for a few days and, for once, it wasn't for me! It was for Netons work, and we had most of the time as free time so it was pretty good! I didn't have to worry about anything, appearing on TV, etc - I enjoy that stuff anyway but it was nice to have a little trip to London without that stuff for once.

On the way there we had to set off early so I did my makeup in the car:
I actually really like my makeup in that photo ^
My makeup was pretty simple because we were literally just chilling that day:
This is how I achieve my 'mermaid' hair:
I didn't even brush my hair that day because I thought 'what's the point? We're not going anywhere special today, just the hotel and a bit of shopping':
It's just my luck that I would look better on that day than the others. I looked so bad the other 2 days we were there! Which sucks!

In our hotel room:
OMG, if you ever plan to stay at 'Travel Lodge' hotels, make sure you bring your own everything! All they have is this:
It's a TINY bottle that says it's hand wash, body wash, face wash, shampoo and conditioner all in one! For two people! What? It looks like a sample bottle. Usually, hotels have all those things SEPARATE from each other, and shower caps too, lots of little things, but Travel Lodge only has one tiny bottle. >_<

However, one FUCKING AMAZING part of staying at that particular Travel Lodge was the HUGE Chinese supermarket that was LITERALLY next door. I know that may seem like an overreaction, but we LOVE Chinese supermarkets and we usually have to travel a long way to get to them. So it was freaking great! Haha

Anyway, the hotel was on a motorway, so it was REALLY noisy! Also, London is so warm compared to Yorkshire! I couldn't believe how different the temperature was, I had heat stroke again - yay!). 

AND I threw up a lot (for a really gross reason that I might talk about another time but not today) so I became very dehydrated!

Anyway, you know how I woke up at like 5am that morning? Well, I couldn't sleep at all that night so I was EXHAUSTED! Argh! Look at my poor face the next day:
My makeup was kind of... off:
AND my hair went super flat:
At least my nails looked good!:
To make things worse, it was super windy as soon as we stepped out of the hotel - so my hair went even worse! I had to hide behind a skip whilst we waited for our taxi!:
Anyhoo, we went to the British Museum. I wore a dress that I edited recently:
Oh AND! I wore heels, oops! At the end of this day I had scabs on the bottom of my feet, ew! But, a while ago the side of my foot started really hurting for no reason and I assumed I trapped a nerve or something and it got a little better after a while. But when we were on our way to the museum, it just started hurting a lot again - out of no where! I have no idea what is wrong with it but a massive bruise appeared in the side of my foot where it hurts - also, there was a bright red vein mark in the bruise. Weird. It's feeling a bit better now but omg. I have no idea why that happened!

Anyway, the museum was AMAZING! We didn't get to go around all of it, unfortunately! But we plan to go back soon to see it properly and spend an entire day there. The exhibits were in such amazing condition. It was 'awesome' in the literal sense!:
It's amazing to stand before these wonders and just think about how long ago the carvings were made, like thousands of years ago. I love ancient Egyptian stuff too, so we spent a long time in that section!:
After that, we went to China Town and went for Purikura. It sucks though, because the machine we use - the layout is the first 4 photos are big and the last 4 are small. But my favourite ones are always the last ones! It always happens, I'm just unlucky in that sense I guess! Haha >_<
The lighting seemed a bit off when we went too, I'm not sure if that's just my imagination though. This was my favourite one:
I love the sparkles in my hair!

This was Netons favourite:
I liked all of the small ones but only two of the big ones - my luck! >_< I guess it didn't help that I looked pretty bad that day!
London Purikura is one of my favourite places/things to do. It's scary because it almost closed down a while ago which would have left the UK without Purikura! How terrifying! I don't visit enough, so I hope to go more often, if you're in the area please drop by to support them!

It costs £12 for the set we got. You may say that's a lot to spend on a photobooth but it's not at all. If it wasn't for them you would have to go to another country for them so it's cheap when you consider that! They're located in London China Town, their FB page is HERE.
Afterwards, we went to get drunk in an Irish pub:
There was a group of very loud men from Singapore at the next table so I chatted to them for a little bit!

The next day we were supposed to go back for more purikura but we ran out of time! It's just as well anyway, because I wasn't happy with how I looked that day either!:
I was so tired that I didn't even finish my eyeshadow! I forgot! >_< It's why the outer-corner is empty!
I HATE the dress I wore!:
It doesn't suit me at all! It looks like an old lady dress or something! I made it a while ago and that's the first (and last!) time I wore it. I'm getting rid of it asap!
Anyway, we wandered around London all day and went for drinks but I felt super uncomfortable in that dress, so I was shy!
On the way home, I took my makeup off and got my hair ready for bed! 
I got drunk though, so yay!:
I mixed whisky and diet cola in a juice bottle, it took my mind of the hideous dress I was wearing!

Anyway, we're home again now! But we might have to move again soon! We just decorated my bedroom too! >_< Gr! Oh well, it's about time we moved on, we've lived here for about 2 years now, it seems like such a long time to stay in one place, even though the area is super nice and I love my bedroom!

Neton looks so funny in the pink bed, he looks like a prince!:
He was pulling a weird face because he was trying to tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue! >_< 

Oh and, anyone who's interested, I'm in the current edition of 'Chat Magazine'!

Until next time! Bye bye! <3

Friday, 6 June 2014

Cursed Purple Day!

I made a new dress the other day and finished it a couple of days ago. The top part of it was going to be the shiny purple cloth that's on the dummy (right) in this photo:
But I decided I didn't like how it looked so I made it in some different purple cloth instead.

My room is such a mess now though because I tried making so many dresses. Lots of cloth is just in a big pile - it's still there now, I guess I should move it after posting this!
Anyway, my makeup was just a pink-purple gradient:
I prefer how the eyeshadow looks in flash though:
I made matching nails, but I couldn't get any good photos:
I'm just going to spam you with photos of these nails, because I love them and you really can't see them properly in the photos for some reason!
I love the huge dangly! /\
I used some strange metallic, irradescent rock shards on the nails, they look like they came from a rock like this:
I bought them from a museum years ago and just found them again. You can't really see how cool they look in the photos I took though! >_<
Oh woe! Oh well!
Oh, but I found out something recently. I have some weird eye problem called 'Visual Snow' which means I'm constantly seeing 'snow'. But it doesn't look like snow it looks like static, like on a tv. I don't know how long I've had it either, I think I may have been born with it and, obviously, just not known because I've never known anything different from it. So yeah, I see static constantly, even in complete darkness and when my eyes are closed - I just assumed everyone saw it! I found out because a year or so ago I asked Neton if he sees lots of tiny light moving around quickly when we were walking in pitch black. He said no, and I forgot about it until about a month ago when I was staring at the wall, trying to see a mark on it but all the 'static' was getting in the way so I couldn't see the mark properly. I remembered what Neton said and I looked it up and found out!

So yeah, it doesn't really bother me, it would be nice if a cure came along some day though because it does make it difficult to see things properly. But it doesn't have any huge effect on my life, I think.
But ARGH. Remember in my last post when I said I've tried filming a video about 7 times? Well, make that 8. I tried re-filming it again yesterday but as soon as I went outside it started raining and the sky went dark with grey clouds, so even taking photos we had to use flash! It looks like my bad look curse is still active then! 
It's funny though because Neton caught a photo of me having a mini-strop:
Haha >_<

I hope next time I try to film the video it goes better.

So yeah, anyway, the dress:
I love it, purple is my favourite colour. Technically, I should be sick of it though, because I was brought up only wearing purple as a child. But I love it!

Neton said this is his favourite dress, it isn't my favourite though but I do really like it.
I didn't even get to twirl in it, because of the rain! >_< Gah! I will wear it again soon, I guess!

So, later that night, we went and got drunk in the countryside, I look so funny here!:
Ah, it sucks that I couldn't get any good photos of my nails!:
Luna is so cute though, she's started laying down with her paw like this:
She never used to do it but she does it all the time now! Haha >_<

Now, to end the blog with funny 'Zelda' screen-caps! So, I'm playing 'Twilight Princess' now and I decided to use the name 'ur balls' - like I did when I was recently playing 'Skyward Sword'. However, on 'Twilight Princess' you get to name your horse too! I called her... 'my vag'! And it's been hilarious!:
I love this one! >_<:
Hahahaha >_<

Anyway, until next time! Bye bye! <3