Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mermaid Hair and ANGER!!!!!!

I uploaded a new video on Youtube! /\
It was for this hair /\

I get asked often how I get my hair like that, so there you go!

 I'm really pissed off though. I hate Google soooooooo much. So much. Youtube used to be such a good website until Google took over. My adsense was disabled because someone 'click bombed' me. Once it's disabled, it's for life. So I can't make money from Youtube anymore. I know it's not all about the money but it was a big part of it for me - my dream is to make videos professionally, Youtube was helping me fund my dream, now it's not. I think I'll still upload anyway, but I'm so pissed off. I'm getting punished for someone else's actions. 

Basically, if you don't like someone on Youtube, just go and 'click-bomb' them (clicking on their adverts over and over) and they will never earn another penny from Youtube. (I mean, don't really do that though, no matter how much you hate the person.).

How stupid is that? 

I worked for over 4 years to get my Youtube videos where they're at now. A lot of money was spent on lighting/filming equipment, software, etc. That money was spent because false promises were made by Youtube. However, it seems that Youtube now values its advertisers over its content-creators. Which is the dumbest thing ever, because there is no Youtube without us, Youtube makes money because of us. Please, someone, just make a new website to replace Youtube - I'll be the first to join! 

Anyway, here was my makeup from the other day:
I wore this dress:
I like how well you can see the hair tinsel in this photo:
I can't even remember what we were doing 
But I know it was windy!:
My eye makeup just before taking it off, people always ask to see it at the end of the night to see how well it stays on:
By the way, I listed some Halloween nails in my shop:
You can buy them HERE

They were requested and then I never heard from the person again,  which has happened a few times now!

I will be adding some more soon too, as well as a video tutorial for the above nails incase you want to try making them yourself! 

I can't wait for Halloween - it's the best thing ever!

But OMG. Another thing that annoys me so much is the lack of 'grown-up' Halloween events! It's like an unwritten rule that once you get over like 12 or something, there no more fun for you! Unless you want to do some wine tasting, or afternoon tea. WTF?!

The only fun stuff is for children, when I was looking for Halloween parties, here is what I found:

'Do you dare visit a creepy old castle at night?'
"Yes!, That's sounds awesome!"
'Scare your little monsters silly with this freaky family event!'

'Halloween fancy dress party'
'-prizes for best childrens costume'

So, then I search for 'adult Halloween events' and all I find is:

'Massive Halloween sex orgy!!!!'

'BDSM Fetish night'

'Vampiric Swingers night! I vant to suck your-'

Where are all the awesome, magical Halloween parties for over 18's?! This is England, we have so many creepy old castles, but they're all been used for children's parties. 

I hate how it's just expected and accepted that adults live a boring, beige life - glitter and unicorns are just for children, right? Even though Halloween was an adult holiday for thousands of years but aimed more at children for the last 70 years, so everyone assumes it's only for children.

Anyway, I'm ranting! I just wish there were some interesting Halloween events/parties! Gr!

Until next time, bye bye! <3

Monday, 8 September 2014

Space Kitten Nail Tutorial and 3 years away

So, I uploaded a tutorial on my Youtube channel:

It's for these nails:
They're also in my shop: HERE

I wore them the other day. I can't remember what we were doing, but this was my makeup:
When I was doing my makeup, I couldn't find a headband so I used a scarf instead - it looked kind of cute haha:
But yeah, I haven't really been uploading much in the past 2 (or 3?) years, for a reason I won't go into. Not to Youtube, Facebook or Tumblr or even Etsy listings. The most I post is on here, and that's not that often either! But I love creating and uploading things, so I want to get back into it. I say this all the time but I need to just do it. I'm very motivated at the moment and I've already filmed three videos to upload - I also have so many more planned to film. I'm actually exporting the third video right now, I'm typing this blog as I wait for it.

I'm making some new nails for my shop too (Halloween and Autumn).

I can't procrastinate anymore! So please wish me luck with it! Also, send me suggestions or requests if you have any - whilst I'm motivated! Haha

I made a new dress the other day, nothing special though:
Another look at the nails:
These nails are limited edition in my shop because of the Saturn danglies.

I wore a golden ear thing, but it wasn't very visible because of my hair:
As you can see, you can barely see it:
Anyway, later that night we went to the pub - I think it might have been a quiz night. After that we did the usual and got drunk in the countryside... and I fell over... as usual!:
(Don't worry, there were no cars - it's a very long, isolated, straight road. We would have seen and heard them coming from a long way away).

It became very windy though
So, until next time, bye bye! <3