Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fun at the arcade!

So, we were staying in Leeds a while ago and we decided to stop by a place we used to go to a lot when we lived there! We had so much fun!

Oh, and I finally dyed my roots! 
I hated walking around with my stupid black roots showing all the time, my hair never felt clean!

Before setting off to Leeds, I cam-whored a little bit in front of a painting in our living room! It's my new favourite place to take photos haha
So anyway, we went shopping in Leeds and then went to an arcade we used to visit!

It was sooooo funny because we used to go there all the time and sneak in alcohol/get into trouble. We used to play tricks on the security guard and really annoy him. He used to always follow us around whenever we visited, so we were upset when we went there again for the first time in like a year (or 2?) and he wasn't there! But after about 1 hour, I was waiting for Neton outside the toilets and that's when I saw him! He walked out of a backroom in the distance with that grumpy look he always had on his face! I was so happy to see him again, I pointed him out to Neton excitedly when he came back from the toilet. When he finally saw us, we all just stood there looking at each other for a while, we were grinning and he was scowling. He followed us around for the rest of the night, we were so happy haha >_< We weren't doing anything wrong though, now we can actually afford to buy alcohol from the bar haha >_< 

We still can't afford to play many games though, so we mostly just walk around getting drunk. There was a game with a seat and curtains at each side, so we sat in there for a while with our drinks:
But omg, it was playing a preview of the game while we were sat there drinking and suddenly a zombie ran up to the screen screaming! I'm reeeally scared of zombies so I actually ran out screaming and waving my arms, the people stood outside looked so strangely at me! Neton always says I act so camply haha
/\ That's me stood outside the game that scared me!
The drinks were nasty though >_<
/\ That was a Pina Colada...... the guy who served me actually said "You're going to just have to mix this constantly while drinking it"............ it was so gross...... and fizzy! :S 

So then we just wondered around the arcade for a while!
Then we made our way back to Netons parents house (where we were staying).
When we were at the arcade we had our photo taken in a photo machine thingy! We didn't know they were taking the photos until about the 2nd or third one though!:

I hate western photo machines >_< They make us look so bad, my skin looks terrible! Purikura machines are so awesome because they have skin smoothing and good lighting..... the lighting in this machine was terrible! GR!

They didn't tell us when it was going to take the photo and it didn't even give us an option to re-do them! Ah, stupid machine! >_<

Oh well! <3


  1. lol aw ur so friggin cute ladyli

  2. wut but zombies are hot i woulda sat there drollin lololol

    1. I'm really scared of zombies! I can't imagine finding a rotting, brain-dead corpse attractive..... if I did, I think I would be considered a 'necrophiliac'! <3

  3. happy u had fun! that drink does look bad! (Chichi) x

  4. the mask is pretty and i like the painting. house tour video? :D

    1. Thank you! Hm.... I doubt it. We're renting so the house is quite boring! Sorry! <3

  5. I agree with what you said about black roots! Whenever mine shows up I feel like my hair is greasy and unhealthy when actually it's not.. :S

  6. I love arcades! My boyfriend and I go to one quite a lot. It was one of the places where we had our first date so it's kinda a special place to us. He wins me stuff from the prize grabber machines and I beat him at air hockey.
    I hate when roots come through! My hair is currently brunette but my roots come through grey looking because I'm originally blonde! I can't wait to become a blonde again so my roots will match the rest of my hair >___<
    That mask is so pretty! It reminds me of a masquerade ball. I've always wanted to go to one of those!

  7. Now I know what I'm missing in my life. Dying my hair again! Haven't done that in so long... I'd love a nice caramel color (originally brown =)

  8. Arcades are the best fun. I always go to them in Brighton and Southend.