Thursday, 28 February 2013

DIY Facemask

So, a while ago I bought a face mask set thing from Ebay. I decided to use it for the first time the other day!
I just threw a few things together:

Avacado:                                          Anti-aging, moisturising, increase collagen
Oats:                                                   Exfoliate, heals skin, anti-aging
Honey:                                              Reduces spots, cleansing
Yogurt:                                             Moisturising, anti-aging
Olive oil:                                        Cell repairing, moisturising, prevents sun damage/skin cancer

Here is the kit thingy I bought:
Here is a link to where I bought it:

It comes with a mixing bowl, 3 measuring spoons, a... mixer thing? and an application brush! Not bad for less that £2, free postage! I'm so good at finding cheap stuff haha >_< I'll try to remember to post about internet bargains more often, it isn't fair to keep them all to myself!

Luna wondered what I was doing:
She's so cute! >_<

So yeah, I mixed all the ingredients together and it ended up like this:
Neton and I both applied it to our faces, we looked so gross! Haha >_< It didn't stay on too good either! It kept sliding off. Before long, we were both covered in slimy, green goo!

Our skin did feel quite soft though, but it was nothing revolutionary (as Neton put it!). It was worth it for the fun though.

Oh, by the way, I think I might start linking to funny/interesting videos at the end of posts sometimes. I see so much awesomeness on Youtube! So here are some of my favourite videos from the past few days!:

Evil laugh prank:                   
How to make wine:                   
Bad lip reading of 'Twilight': 
Bad lip reading (American sports thingy)

All 3 of these Youtubers have plenty of other, similar videos.

Bye for now! <3

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


So, the other day, I did my first attempt at the Japanese 'Shironuri' makeup.... well, it was more of a test-run, really. 
I was inspired when I saw an interview with a girl named 'Minori'. She said that a lot of people do 'shironuri' but most of them are gothic. When I researched it, she was the only one I could find who wasn't gothic. She's inspired by nature, so it really stuck out at me!

I wish there was an actual name for this style! I think that 'Shironuri' just means white paint or something so I think that term is broadly used for all white-faced makeup, including geishas. But I've never been remotely interested in geishas or anything like that, so it would be awesome if this style had a name! I hope it will get one!
Like I said, it was just a test run. I used some old roses that were all dried up. I'm hoping to do it for real soon and record it for a video.
I cut up a feather that Neton found outside a while ago, and I glued bits of it to a pair of old eyelashes. I think they're the ones I wore on tv in Romania.

I was originally going to paint the back black (where I glued the feathers) and apply mascara to them, so it looked like long, stray eyelashes. I changed my mind though, I liked the colour difference.
I really like how they turned out! 
Hahahahaha /\ I threw my hair over my shoulder like a scarf but omg - look at all the cracks!

I'm having trouble with the white base. I actually bought two different white foundations from Ebay but they're both rubbish!  One of them isn't white enough and the other is just like a cream eyeshadow - it made me look grey and shiny, like a zombie or something!

So I ended up just using white face paint! But when I use white face paint it cracks! I don't know what to do! That girl, Minori, her face looked so smooth and wearable. Whereas this face paint barely allows you to move your mouth. It dries up so much! I looked like I had loads of wrinkles because it had dried up so much! ARGH!

So if any of you have any advice on how I can stop it from drying up and cracking, please tell me! >_< 

Hopefully, I'll be filming the real Shironuri makeup soon. I can't wait! <3

Friday, 22 February 2013

Pink nail set!

A while ago I made another pink nail set, I've been wearing them a lot lately!
I love them so much!
Neton bought me some red henna:
Very rushed but oh well!
This was just a random day when we were going to the pub
Omg, there was randomly an American lady there. She was so...... enthusiastic!

She came really close to my face and shouted "OH MY GAWD, LOOK AT YOUR EYES! THEY'RE AMAZING. WOOOOOOW! YOUR NAILS! WOOOOOW! HOW DO YOU MANAGE?! WOOOOW! YOUR EYES ARE AMAZING! LOOK AT THEM! LOOK AT YOUR EYES!"........etc. Everyone in the pub heard EVERY.SINGLE.WORD she said at any given time (we were sat across the room before joining her group of people and we could hardly hear ourselves!), she was soooo loud! Hahaha >_< I liked her though, she seemed to be very happy. Although, I have to admit I was relieved when I found out she wasn't a resident in our quant little village! 

These days, I stick my nails on with stickers (instead of glue) because then I can re-use them over and over again. I demonstrated this to the American lady by ripping one off and sticking it on one of her fingernails "OH MY GAAAWWWWDD!!!! WOOOWWWW!!!" >_<
Drunk, on the way back:
As I said, I've worn these nails quite a few times! This is their current state:
They're exactly the same as when they were new! Yay!

I can't stop wearing this set, I just love them too much!
Oh, guess what! Today I tried out 'Shironuri' makeup! I'm so inspired by 'Minori'!

I'll be uploading photos soon, maybe tomorrow!

OH, and today I saw a video of a girl burning her hair off with hair curlers! It scared me so much! I can't imagine what I would do if that happened to me! But I love to curl my hair! ARGH! Does anyone know why it burnt her hair off? It's so scary to watch that video! I'll try and find the link to it now....

.... Here it is:


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WTA64 Circle Lens Review

These lenses are from

Here is some information on the lenses:

B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 15.00mm

So, on with the review!
  (By the way, I've been really sick for a while so I look absolutely terrible in these photos. Apologies to Mukuchu for not doing your lenses any justice haha)

So, here are the lenses with flash:
And without flash:
So, first I'll rate the comfort!
These are soooooooo comfy! They are super thin (compared to other lenses I have) so you can wear them longer without your eyes screaming!
I've actually been wearing these a lot lately.

So next I'll rate the design!
It's not that I don't like the design, there's just not much to love about it. It's simple and it does it's job so I'm slightly indifferent to it. This is only because I love extreme, crazy lenses that make my eyes stand out. If you were wanting to enlarge your eyes without them looking too creepy or fake - these are for you! Especially if you have brown eyes (or eyes matching the colour of the lenses you choose). These lenses blend with the natural eye very well. If I wasn't so extreme I would probably love them for it! Haha One thing I do want to say though, is that the shade of brown is a very flattering one.
Next! Enlargement!:
Surprisingly, these are actually really good for enlarging the eyes. When I first opened them I thought I would maybe only wear these once or twice but I wear them all the time.
(Please ignore my horrible eye makeup! As I said before, I'm poorly!)

So yeah, you can see how much they enlarge my eyes from the photo! /\
(I don't know why I'm looking so miserable!)

A few more photos of the lenses:
I tried them without the lower lashes but I don't think it suited me!:
Neton always says that girls who don't wear lower eyelashes look like ducks >_< HAHAHAHA

I really don't understand what he means but whatever! >_<

So, to summarise:

These lenses are pretty good. I would definitely recommend them to you if you have to keep your lenses in for long periods of time, since they're the comfiest lenses I've ever worn. Also, if you want a BIG enlargement but want it to look as natural as possible! 

You'll be seeing a lot more photos of me in these lenses. Oh, that reminds me! Since I'm ill, I don't really have much to blog about - but I have loads of photos from recently that I never got around to uploading, so I'll be blogging those to keep myself occupied! Bye for now! <3