Thursday, 27 September 2012

Recent Purchases and Romania!

So, I mentioned in my last post that I'm going to Romania for a tv show. I fly over on Sunday then film on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It's not good though because I suddenly woke up sick again today! I really hope I can get better before going, I can't do another TV appearance whilst sick - it never turns out good. I almost threw up on Simon Cowel when I was on BGT >_<

But I think I'm ill because I'm worried about flying. I never used to be. Actually, on the way to Japan I really thought the plane was crashing and I just sat there, not bothered in the slightest. (I guess that's hard to believe, but it's very true. I was ready to die, I've always thought I'd be dead before I was 18 anyway, so I was socked when I turned 19.... then 20 etc haha)

Neton has a theory (which I think is correct) that I have a reason to live now (I have him) and back then I had no one. It's quite big-headed of him to say that! Haha >_< But it's true. Back then I did such reckless things and people often asked how I was 'still alive' etc.

So yeah, apparently, now I'm scared of flying! I don't know how people can use them often!

Anyway, moving on...... I've been buying lots of cool, cheap things (mainly from Ebay!) Here are some of what I've recently bought!:

Golden, metal, hair cuff!:

Here's a link to the one I bought:

It's ended now, but the seller might be selling some more. A few people have asked me to link to places I buy things so....... there you go! 

A face...... massager/cleaner...... thing:

It's great for getting clear, soft skin. I use it after I use my exfoliating gloves.

I wish they'd sent me the pink one though! >_<

A face exerciser:

/\ Me using it in the car! 

A HimeGyaru bracelet:

Oh and, I tried wearing an earring (I haven't worn any in a while) and one of my ears had healed! I had them pierced when I was like 8 years old! I didn't even know they could heal after so many years! So I re-pierced it but I only have big earrings that are looped at the top. I didn't want it to heal in a loop shape, but I had no studs. I mentioned to Neton that I need to buy some small studs to leave in 24/7.....

......So, Neton, with all good intentions, bought me some studs:

They're even bigger and heavier than the photo shows! He said he was going to get me some small ones but he thought I'd like these ones more. >_< He's so sweet haha but if I wore these 24/7 my ears would stretch!

I bought some HimeGyaru gloves:

I bought lots of cheap jewellery!:

In this set /\ I got:
 - A necklace
- A bracelet
- Earrings
- And a ring!

/\ This one looked better in the sellers photo

This one is my favourite!:

It looks so expensive! I can't wait to wear it!

Then there was this one:

I also got another ear..... thingy!:

I love it, I haven't wore it yet though!

I bought this dress from Ebay:

Which is waaay more expensive than I would usually pay for...... anything! I usually don't spend more than £5 on a dress, and even then, that's pushing it! (Unless it's an anarkali, of course). But I've recently had a lot of sales in my shop so I can finally afford to get this dress that I've wanted for soooo long!

The other day we went shopping at Bradford Bizaar. Here's what I bought:


Mehndi stencils:

I'm really bad at henna! So stencils are my only option. I haven't worn it in so long. Probably since I was like 7 years old! My sister was really good at it, but whenever I tried I completely failed!

I love the smell of it so much, it brings back memories!

A cute rose and bow on my right hand:

I also bought some stencils for my palms, but I haven't used them yet:

We've been visiting the pub a lot recently. 

/\ On the way to the pub...... I never use the camera flash so this looks weird to me! Haha

I don't have a coat at the moment, and it's freeezzing! So I used this big scarf instead! /\

Oh! My science things arrived! I'm starting a science degree soon, and all the things for it have arrived!:

I'm so excited to start the degree!

Also, when we were at Bradford Bazaar, I got 2 new scarves:

On the way back, we stopped at the pub and I wore one of my new scarves:

I really love it! (/\ It had been raining!)

Neton sometimes gets me cute little things when he comes back from work. Like these Hello Kitty stickers:

And some cute, cat handwash:

Speaking of Neton, here he is chatting away like an old woman!:

At the pub again:

I can't get any good photos lately, because it's dark all the time and we can't afford good lightbulbs! Hahaha

So, that's it for now........ hopefully I'll have lots to blog about when I get back from Romania....... if I get back....... 

Hopefully I'll get back from Romania!

*fingers crossed* please don't crash! >_< 

(All the recent questions I've been asked, I'll answer when..... IF..... I get back!)


Friday, 21 September 2012

G-204 GREY Circle Lens Review

Here's a little information on the lenses:

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: Plano (0.00) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.50mm
A link to the actual lenses on the Mukuchu website:
So, my first impression on these lenses wasn't actually that great. They're smaller than I would usually wear and didn't seem to have any significant design.

They're predominantly black, with a small area of grey on the inside. I think these lenses are good for if you don't want to look 'scary' haha - the lenses I usually wear make me look a little like an alien or something. But I like that.

I was pleasantly surprised when I wore these lenses, even though they looked small, they're actually quite good at enlarging!

Compared with my current favourite lenses:

They look much smaller next to them, but when wearing them they don't look as small:

Quite strange. 

Even though my first impression wasn't that great, it's changed a lot since then. I'll explain why throughout the review.

I made a 'gif' to go with the review, I thought it would make it more fun! Haha:

So, let's get onto the numbers!



Uunfortunately, I'm not a big fan of the design. It's not that I don't like it, I just can't find anything to love about it. It's very simple and minimal. Which is great, if you like that sort of thing. These lenses would be great for beginners in Gyaru makeup or for people who don't want the lenses to be too obvious. I also think these lenses would look good on light eyes. Like I said earlier, these lenses are a lot less 'scary'/'freakish' looking. So, if you're scared of looking possessed, these are better for you!




As I mentioned, I was surprised at how much my eyes were enlarged by these lenses. I honestly can't imagine wearing them if they weren't enlarging! But I've worn these quite a lot lately. I even wore them for my Irrational Fears video and had a few people ask what lenses I was wearing. 



Wow, this is what has kept me wearing these lenses more than anything! I wasn't aware that lenses could even be like this. I've only ever wore really thick ones. These lenses are super thin and soft, soooo comfortable! They're easy to keep clean, and a lot less harsh on the eyes (mine and yours!)

Another thing is that the grey isn't very noticeable at all, the lenses do look black until further inspection. The grey appears very subtle in the daylight. This leads me to believe these lenses would look great with much simpler makeup. 

As you can see, with extreme makeup they don't really seem to fit:

But, then again, that could just be me thinking my eyes need to have a pattern on them all the time! Haha

So, in conclusion, these are great for basic lenses! They do their job and create an enlarged, dolly eye. They're full of little surprises, such as enlarging more than they say and feeling as comfortable as is possible for lenses!

Would I recommend these lenses? Yes! (If you acknowledge the subtlety of the design, of course!) I still can't get over how comfortable they are! Haha


Thursday, 20 September 2012

I gave my blog a makeover!

What do you think? I can't do anything amazing with it because I'm not good at things like that. It all confuses me so much! 'HTML' and stuff..... I have no idea!

Anyway, here is what I've done:

  • Changed the header! 
- I also made the header blend better into the posts with a 'swag tail' (curtain tops - I only just found out they're called 'swag tails' today! Haha) If you look carefully, on the right I'm leaning over it with my hands. I actually really like it!
- I used the same image but changed it around a little bit. Obviously, putting it on a different background etc!
  • Added more buttons
- If you look down the sidebar, you'll see more pictures linking to things like:
  1. My shop
  2. My favourite posts
  3. Recent Youtube videos
  • An ask box in my sidebar
- I included a link to my ask box and also, further down, an actual ask box. So now you can ask me any questions while you're reading my blog!
  •  A gift option
- I feel really cheeky having that on my blog! Haha >_< I saw it and remembered someone telling me they wanted to send me some money as a birthday gift but I didn't want us both exchanging card details etc so I declined. So, when I saw this gadget today, I thought "Why not!" and added it! 
  • Post footers
- I decided to try making my posts look more pretty by adding 'post footers'. There will be one at the end of this post!

Let me know what you think! Is there anything else I should add/change/remove etc?

Anyway, here are a few photos from the video I posted yesterday!

It doesn't quite look how I hoped because I had to rush it. It started to get dark outside about 5 minutes after I started filming! So I had no choice but to rush! (My lighting is no use without daylight!)

But yeah, here is a link to the video, if you want to watch it!

Luna was soooo cute the other day! We put a T-shirt on her and it actually really suited her!

She should stop looking so cute in clothes because I'll end up buying her loads!

I was making some nails the other day and I mixed together 2 colours of glitter that I didn't end up using. I hate wasting anything but I didn't have anywhere to put the glitter. So I used it on my own nails:

I actually really liked it! It looked so pretty and sparkly in real life - my photos never show how nice something looks! >_<

So yeah, I'll hopefully post more videos soon so please send me any suggestions!