Saturday, 23 June 2012

How to re-use empty nail-polishes

.............and some new nails in my shop!

So first I'll show you the new nails:

Pink and Zebra Barbie Nails - £7:

Purple Glitter Zebra Nails - £15:

Simple, sweet nails - £7:

And I also made a shorter version of the double-sided nails here for £14:

I'm waiting for some Monomer to get here and then I can start making acrylic nails! I can't wait, I've wanted to make some for so long, but never knew what I needed to use for it! I'm also waiting for some resin >_<

So, I decided to share a little tip with you! If you use clear nail polish a lot (I do!) then you probably throw away a lot of empty nail polish bottles!:

I love using empty clear nail polish bottles to create new shades of polish! 

Here you can see I used a white and a dark pink to create a barbie pink (I used this pink for the barbie nails):

And here I used a light pink and a beige to create a beige-pink (I used this for the simple nails as shown above):

And here I added a small drop of red to some neon yellow to create this shade of yellow:

The original yellow (left) is luminous, and reminds me of a reflective jacket. It seemed to cheapen any nails I painted with it. I love a summery-yellow shade, like the sun. The original yellow was far too neon.

I'm so impatient! I really can't wait for the monomer to get here! >_< Here's my nail-creating centre haha:

So now I'll answer a couple more questions from my Tumblr ask box! If you have a question feel free to send them here:

Q) When is your collab channel airing?
A) This has been asked a lot and I'm sorry to have to say........ it won't be airing. It turns out there's already a channel that's just like the one I was creating, it actually sounds better than mine! Actually, it should be aired now, so go watch it! It's GyaruPopTv and was created by Shaka! I haven't seen it yet, so I can't link it but I'm sure you can just search for it.

Q) When will your next video be?
A) I've been ill pretty much since the GGA, I'm recovering now so I'm hoping to make another video soon. I'm not sure what video to make though! I'd love to make a short film, but can't think of a story that would be do-able! Haha

Q) Where do you buy your wigs?
A) I buy pretty much all my wigs from Ebay, not from any specific seller, I just search Ebay a lot!

Q) Why won't you add me on Facebook/Why did you delete me on Facebook?

A) Unfortunately I'm at my friend limit..... I'm actually like 800 people over it, no idea how that happened! But I've been at the limit for like 2 years now, I can add people once in a while if my friend count goes down a little, I have a lot of requests waiting. If Facebook lifts the limit I will add everyone.

In answer to the question 'Why did you delete me?': I delete almost everyone who posts junk on my wall or doesn't reply to a message from me. I VERY rarely message anyone, so if I take the time to message you and you don't reply I'll probably delete you, why are you on my friends list if you won't reply to a message, anyway?! As for posting junk on my wall, I mean things like 'Farmville' or 'Check out my band!' or 'Vote for me in this contest'! It also counts for sending me messages with things like that, most people who message me asking for votes etc get deleted. The only exceptions are if I recognize the person and don't want to delete them. 

This may seem a little harsh but I want to be able to answer and read messages that are sent to me without junk mail clogging up my inbox and I like to keep my wall tidy. If I didn't delete these people I would miss a lot of messages that are sent to me! I love getting messages or comments on my wall, as long as they're not junk!

That's a very asked question, so I'm happy to have finally answered it here!

So yep, feel free to send any questions! Also, any ideas for videos or nails are always welcome! 

Bye bye! <3


  1. i luv the zebra pink ones!

  2. UWAH!!?! ur not doing a collab channel now? ima look for the gyarupop 1 then :< plz do it anyway! xoxo

    1. Sorry! It wouldn't be right to make one when there's already one similar! Luckiy, Shaka reminded me about his channel before we started actually filming ours - his sounds so much better anyway! =] <3

  3. OMG I'm in love with barbie nails ♥

  4. i love how even ur table is pink lol!

  5. Those nails are fabulous! I may ahve to buy those pink and zebra ones!

    And I'm really disappointed that you won't be setting up that gyaru-a-day channel like AndroGenetics. If in the future you change your mind, I'll be the first to subscribe! I am excited for GyaruPopTV, too, but I don't think it's too similar to the AndroGenetics set-up that that gyaru idea would be too similar!

    I'm sorry you've been so ill and I hope you get well soon! <3

  6. Also, have you considered making a fan page? You can have an unlimited amount of likes on it so people can just like that to keep up with you.

    1. No, I've been asked to but I'm not making a fan page for myself - it just seems quite......... big-headed or something! Haha

      Someone made a fan page for me a few years ago but then they left Facebook and put Neton in charge of it, so I removed the page. If people want to talk to me they can just use my normal profile, I make everything public on there anyway! =] <3

    2. You could allow subscribers so even if they can't add you they still can get all your posts in their facebook home :)