Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Princess Style!

Lately, I've been really into hair decorations, they look so 'princessy'!
I love these types of hair decoration too:
I bought a ton of them! But most of them have this ugly black thing on the back:
ABOVE: Trying to cover up the horrible black thing with my hair but you can still see it! =[ I haven't worn any of them since because it looks so stupid! I might have to try replacing it with a chain, somehow!

I messaged the seller (on Ebay) and asked why it was there. She said it's a stretchy band to keep it on....... But it was pretty stiff! If I had a big enough head to stretch it (which I'm pretty sure no one does) the chain would break anyway! I think it's made for black hair...... =[

Anyhoo.... I decided to carry on writing my book (I started writing it years ago). I went to the pub at like 10am or something. I forgot it was Friday so it was pretty busy. I sat down with my drink at a table and started writing. About one hour later I looked up and noticed a sign on the table saying 'reserved for 12pm'. So I got up and sat at another table but then I noticed a sign on that table too. So I moved to yet another table. Why am I telling you this? Because there was a group of women (Fully grown, not teenage - though they were acting like it) and they had been whispering, laughing, pointing and bitching about me all the time I was there. I heard one of them say something along the lines of:

"She keeps moving about, she was sat over there, then there and now there" *Bursts out laughing*. 

So, I decided I'd written enough for one day and closed my book. I walked over to were they were stood and placed my book down, said hello to a group of people I knew and then turned to the group of women:

"I heard one of you was wondering why I was moving table-to-table. Well, it's because I didn't notice the reserve signs on the first 2." 

They then started smiling innocently, and saying politely "Oh, no - we were just curious, that's all!"

And here, people, is the definition of 'two-faced' being put into action.

EVERY TIME I turned my back I could here them saying yet more things about me. I kept turning around and politely saying "excuse me? What was that?" But they kept doing the 'two-face' thing. I eventually had to just get my 'bitch-face' out. Which, when combined with a dead stare, works wonders. I don't whip it out often, but when I do - the makeup makes it a little intimidating! HAHA >_<

Being alone in such a crowded pub where EVERYONE is staring and talking about you can be a little frustrating without using the 'bitch-face' approach. >_< Of course, I am VERY used to it because I get this wherever I go, every single day. I was just stressed out and took it out on the nasty people, which I usually try my best not to do. (You never know, they might be being nasty to me because they had a bad day or something). Anyway, I was there until 12am - so I was suuupppper drunk! 

/\ My book that I was writing! (This was a while ago, I've actually stopped writing again now! >_<). By the way, I'm wearing pink shoes because Neton LOST ALL OF MY OTHER SHOES!!!!!!! I've bought some more since. I've found three of my shoes too...... THREE of them. >_<

Anyway, I love princess accessories! I'm going to start wearing them more often! (Once I fix the chains!)
.......And of course, after the pub we always go to Asda for more alcohol!
Ah, my last two blogs have been so 'rant-y'! 

I've had messages asking me to include my experiences with how people react to me though so, that's why I've been including some stuff!