Sunday, 30 December 2012

10% off in my shop!

I made a page for my shop the other day:

I'm giving a 10% discount to everyone who likes the page! 
This counts for all nails, including custom ones!

Thanks to all who've liked it so far!

By the way, I want to end this post with something that could save lives! I only found this out recently! If you ever see a sheep struggling to get up, please run over ASAP and pick them up, then maybe lean them against something. If a sheep can't get up quick enough, it will die from a blood clot (or something). Hopefully, you will tell a friend, who will then tell a friend (and so on). I hope more people will find out about this! So please, if you see a sheep struggling, please save it's life! <3

Friday, 28 December 2012

Mermaid Nails!

So, here are a few nails I've made recently!

These ones are inspired by mermaids!

3 of the nails in this set have crushed shells encapsulated on top of the glitter! It's my first time using crushed shells!

Here are the nails without flash:
And with flash:
I really like these nails!
I also made some pink, hime gyaru, glitter nails!

They have square tips, I usually make nails with pointed tips but I realised I don't have many of other shapes!
They blend from a light pink base to darker pink tips..... I don't know why, but they look like they're blushing haha

I love making glitter nails, but they're never glittery enough!

I wish the nail bases didn't curl! I hate curled nails, I prefer them straight!

Since they're curled, I guess I'll show you them from this angle too!:
Here are another set I made, but I'm not even sure what they are! Haha
I'm not sure if I like these or not

Blue, pink and silver with 2 nails covered in glitter. The pink has a sort of..... wood effect going on.

The only nail I like is the silver one
My nail art station is very messy now though!
I spilled loads of crushed shells and glitter..... woops! I should probably clean it up!
/\ My dappen dish - I decorated it with pink glitter! I really love it!

I'm hoping to take a course on nail art, so that I can learn all the technical stuff. Like, how to extend nails with forms and how to use acrylic powder properly. I hate having to guess at everything!

Oh, also! I made a page for my shop today! Here it is:

I'll be posting more about it soon!

Also, for anyone hoping for an update on the Russian Barbie thingy, she sent me a message saying my 'barbie style' is interesting but it would be better if I tidied it up. I replied telling her I'm not trying to be barbie, I'm gyaru and we choose fun over perfection, we're about being outrageous not perfect. Anyway, I screen-capped it and put it on Facebook. So if you want to see it you can look on there.

She's replied since saying she likes me and was being nice - so, that was a big change to her calling me a bitch etc haha 

So, that's it for now! Until next time! <3

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Blog!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I've been doing quite a bit since I last blogged, so I'll post more about that later!

I have a new wig though, it arrived just in time for Christmas!

On Christmas day we went to a party, it was so fun. We played a game with jelly beans (vegetarian ones, of course!). There were different colours but each colour had two flavours - one nice and one nasty. EG: 

Some of the nasty ones were: vomit, rotten egg, mouldy cheese, baby wipe (!!!!), centepide.....

We had to spin a wheel and it landed on a colour.

I refused to play it at first, but on the second round someone compared it to Harry Potter 'Every Flavour Beans' so I gave in and had a go. I got yellow...... it was mouldy cheese! EW! I swear I can still taste it now! I gave up after that, that was enough for me haha

Anyway, before that I've just been looking really boring:
So.... back to the party haha
I love my new wig!

Netons brother and his girlfriend bought me an awesome hand-ring-thing!
I'll be uploading photos of the gifts I got in a separate post though!
Netons grandma bought me some curtain ties (big orange ones), as soon as I opened them I put one in my hair haha. 
 Neton in his new hat:
I drank soooooo much!

This is me drunk, laughing afterwards:
I can't even remember this:
My wig was falling off! Haha >_< I look like I have one of those really short fringes! I don't like short fringes though so I'm cringing looking at these photos!

The next day, boxing day, we went out to the pub for Christmas dinner:
Us in the car
 I was a naughty blogger though and didn't take many photos. I took no photos in the pub or anything....... woops!

Speaking about blogging. I've only just discovered 'blogger events'...... can anyone tell me what these are? And how do I find some in Yorkshire? They seem so interesting.... I would love to go to some!

Also, I just found out on Facebook that the Russian Barbie girl, 'Valery', saw my post about her and the other one. She seems very annoyed even though I didn't say anything bad about her!

Well, until next time! <3

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Festival-thingy!

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who supported my last post! I'm happy to know others think I did the right thing too. I do agree with what a lot of you said - that, if I had have accepted the offer, I would have traded my soul for fame and money. Let's hope that's not actually what these girls did!

So, anyway! There's a Christmas ..... festival?.... type.... thing..... that happens each year in Haworth. It's where people walk up the Haworth cobble street with lit torches and carol singers. 

The people who organise it dress up like this:
 ......everyone else doesn't dress up......
....... Then I turned up like this:
 Hahaha >_<
If you know me at all, you'll know that I love dressing up! Any chance I get to dress up and I'm there!
I definitely stood out haha
Anyway, I'll get to that later!
I have a new wig, and it's black!:
I've never had a black wig before, so it's a nice change. I haven't worn it properly yet though!
We went away for a few days, I took some photos of Luna in the car. When I look at her from a certain angle, she reminds me of some sort of ape..... like a chimpanzee or an orangutan:
/\ Photos of her compared to baby orangutans..... I would have compared chimpanzees too but I'm sort of obsessed with orangutans today..... In fact, here are a few cute videos of orangutans!:
.... that's it for now! Ah, I love them!
Speaking of Luna, she has a weird habbit of wedging herself between sofas. I can't even describe how funny it is to watch!:
/\ With her favourite toy, in her favourite spot!
Anyhoo..... when we got back home the other day, I found a letter from a child. I'm not sure if I've told you this yet but..... I kind of don't like children that much...... so it was a big surprise to me when I found this cute:
I asked Neton if he thought it was cute and he said no.... so I must be getting like..... maternal instincts or something.... it's so weird! >_<
So, anyway, back to the Christmas thing!
I filmed a tutorial on the makeup. I wanted to just look 'Christmas-y'.... which is difficult without any red makeup or a red wig! Luckily, I had a red dress and a scarf from a salwar-kameez set that Netons mum bought me:
I used the scarf as a shawl and tied it in a bow. It matched perfectly! People kept mistaking it for part of the dress haha
I quickly made a set of nails to wear before we left:
Nothing special..... it's the first time I've worn red in sooooo long! Years and years!
I had my photo taken with some of the people who were actually dressed up for a reason!:
There was a big, pretty tree!:
Here are a few more photos:
We kept trying to get good photos, but I couldn't stop laughing! >_<
So, that's it for now! Until next time! <3