Sunday, 22 July 2012


So........ we went into Haworth to go shopping yesterday. We call Haworth centre 'Diagon Alley' because....... it looks like Diagon Alley! It even has an apothecary! I think we're a little obsessed!

  My little baby Luna!!!!!:

Then we went for a picnic at the rocks:

Here I am doing the same post and waiting for him to take the photo:

Cute little Luna!:

We had a cool day anyway, then we went to the pub in our tiny little village...... it was packed full! Apparently, it's been reeeally busy lately! I can't even imagine where all those people came from! So we sat outside for most of the night, it was soooo nice.

Oh, and we met some people who live in the village next to ours and they were so cool. We went to their house after the pub closed and we stayed there until about 4am. We lit a fire and sat around it in their garden, one of them was EXACTLY like Niel from 'The Young Ones'!!!! It was crazy..... yeah, anyway, they were awesome. I woke up with such a hangover this morning though.

Also, a few people have requested that I do a 'normal' asian look (asian in the UK means like Indian, Pakistani etc - I know in the USA 'Asian' means oriental....... I assume people meant UK asian anyway!)

So I did it today. 

Here I am without circle lenses! It was so weird not having them in..... so, here are my boring, brown eyes >_<

I ended up putting in circle lenses!

So yah! I think that's it for now! Let me know if you have any other requests! <3

Friday, 20 July 2012

New wig and recent purchases

So I have a new wig, it's long and brown. I wore it the other day:

 (messy room haha)

I've also bought a few new things! I decided to actually buy a nude lipstick, I've never had one because I usually use concealer. I got sick of using concealer as lipstick.

I'm wearing it in this photo:

It's more pink/orange than I thought it would be, but - compared to other nude lipsticks I've been trying - it's the best so far.

I also got a new hat, it's pink (I know it looks purple in the photos):

Oh, and a dappen dish! I decorated it with glitter and UV gel! Here it is before:

..... under the lamp after the first coat:

..... and after!:

 It's much more pink and sparkly in real life! I think I'll probably add some gems and pearls etc too.

I also got a new bag from Ebay, it was only like £2! I got it cheap because it's kind of broken - but I don't care! It's still usable! 

The inside of it is leopard print and it has a cute crown on the front!

And, lastly, are two pairs of sunglasses:

(I love these! /\ They're very 80's!)

Brodie came to visit for a while!:

I don't have any photos of myself apart from this one:

Hahahaha >_< It's funny so I thought I'd put it up anyway!

So, now I'll answer a few FAQs from my ask box!:

(I think the first 2 are probably linked to my recent video)

Q) Are there no romance films you like?
A) No, I really don't like watching them. The only ones I like are ones like "Imagine you and Me" (I've actually watched that film a lot!)

Q How many funerals have you been to?
A) I'm not actually sure, I can't count them all. At least 2 per year as a child, sometimes more - but the last few years it's been about 1 per year I think. Where I grew up a lot of young people died. The funerals are getting less often now, but I'm not sure if it's because a lot of the people I knew have died!

Q) Do you watch Bollywood?
A) Yes! I grew up watching Bollywood films, I absolutely love them! I haven't really watched any lately though!

Q) Will you make a video of you talking Hindi?
A) I'm not sure, maybe. But I don't think many people would be interested in that!

If you have any questions you want me to answer, send them here:


Monday, 16 July 2012

4 STUPID things that ANNOY me (VIDEO)

So today I uploaded a video I filmed on Friday:

Here is the link to it on Youtube:

Just in case you want to like or comment haha

Here are a few thumbnails:

/\ Above /\ Split screen scenario where I play 4 different people. I love using split screen so much!

/\ Above /\ I show a few of my new things

/\ Above /\ I attempt doing an American accent (and fail, miserably!) 
(The screen-cap in the image above is from the very end of the video in the outtakes)

So..... yeah! I hope you like it and please let me know what you think! If you do like the video, please take a moment to pop by Youtube and give it a like or comment! Thank you!

Also, someone sent me this:

It looks quite cool so I'm just going to answer some of them here! Haha

1. Hm..... vegan ice cream with a mixture of different types of nuts and lots of chocolate!
5. I was shopping in Leeds and two butch lesbians invited me to their house, for some reason I agreed and the whole dream was just us traveling there. I eventually got there and realised "Why am I here" I even had to wade through lots of mud to get there. So I made up an excuse to leave then woke up. 
7. Hide-and-seek, rolling people around in wheelie bins etc
8. Hm...... well, eventually I want to have a few acres of forest full of animals.
9. Jingle Bells and Harry Potter music
14. A place to live
18. Brodie, my 'little sister' who's actually a Border Collie dog
24. The Harry Potter Universe!
26. Fluttershy
28. Zombies
32. Becoming rich, owning a large amount of land and freeing lots of battery-farm animals into to forest then giving them the best life ever.
34. Hogwarts
35. Green tea
40. Aquarius
46. Slytherin
48: Dark
49. I'm losing most of them haha
50. Everyone

I would love to see your answers! If you do this, please post a comment telling me and I'll read it! It's such a cute questionnaire!


Friday, 13 July 2012

Pink hair disapointment

So, today I did a little filming for a new video, I wore a pink wig but............ ah - it's so disappointing!

I bought a pink wig from Ebay like over a month ago and I've been sooooo excited waiting for it to get here! It looked sooooo pretty in the photo! Anyhoo, it just arrived and it's........ not exactly how it looked in the photo...........

This is the photo they used to advertise it:

 But I think it looks more like this wig:

......... which I don't really like much......

Maybe they just sent me the wrong one.......

Anyway, I think it looked really cheap and tacky - but I still wore it for a video haha

 I also wore some bunny ears >_<

I also wore my new himegyaru nails I made recently - I seriously love them:

The bases of them are glittery, the index and ring fingers are polka-dot too!

Here is my eye makeup, it was a little rushed but oh well!:

Also, thank you to everyone who has been wishing me luck with my health etc, I really appreciate it! But please don't worry! =]

Argh, I can't believe we have to leave tomorrow...................... it's been so awesome staying here! Showering with hot water, standing up instead of crouching down, among many other things! Well, it's going to be good to go back to the Yorkshire pennines and hear the chickens etc again....

AH, THE TRAMPOLINE!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!! I'm going to miss that trampoline so much >_< omg.

Haha sorry, I'm a little dramatic today.....