Monday, 10 November 2014

Goodbye GGA!

Here is a video, explaining the whole 'GGA' situation!:

Please read the description of the video, there's a few things I forgot to say in the video, so I put them in the description! Please share it around the community.

Of course, I'm sad that it didn't work out. I put a LOT of love, effort, thought and time into it.

Can we just take a moment to admire the cover:
It's the last GGA cover with me as a host! I really love it!

So, yeah, I had a spare 15 minutes and decided to, finally, film that video! I realised afterwards that I wasn't wearing lower lashes that day, but no one really noticed. I've been trying out a few different makeup styles recently.
But OMG! I edited this photo of my nails, front and back:
I love this photo too! Haha, I'm so big-headed today! I'm saying I love all my photo creations! >_< Why not, I guess!

Here are some photos from the day:
Oh no... there's another photo creation!:
/\ I don't know why I did that but... I love it! >_<

I love making creative photos with interesting backgrounds... but, they never look like I want them to. If anyone can tell me how to make them look more professional, that would be great! 

But yeah, this was my makeup! I wore a blue head piece:
I don't really have any good photos of my hair, just these two:
It was a half-up style.

I really love the blue head piece. I haven't wore one in a while.
This was my outfit of the day, it was just a comfy skirt and top with a scarf.
/\ I took the back off my phone because it was annoying me and I can't find one of the other covers for it so I just left it bare! >_< It's so annoying! 

With the Christmas tree!:

My hair went flat by the end of the day though! I need to figure out how to keep the upper part volumised! This \/ was from the morning and the Christmas tree photos are from the night.

What do you think about the makeup with no lower lashes?

I like it, but maybe not for all the time - I love wearing lower lashes! >_<

Until next time, bye bye! <3

Friday, 7 November 2014

Bonfire Night 2014

/\ I don't have an explanation for that photo /\ I guess I was bored!

So, in the UK, there is a tradition called 'Bonfire Night'. You can look it up for more info and history on the matter!

So, basically, every year - on the 5th of November - the UK is filled with 'bonfires' and fireworks. The night before bonfire night is 'mischievous Night' - where people go around being mischievous - so, it's best to stay indoors if you're over here on the 4th of November! It reminds me a little bit of 'The Purge' (but, obviously no where near as dramatic!)!

So, I went to a Bonfire and it was soooooo busy!

My hair and makeup wasn't anything special:
Most people wear scruffy clothes to a bonfire, so I didn't wear anything too bright!
When we were at the bonfire, it was soooooo busy! It was at a country pub - how could it have been so busy?! It was hard to get to the bar for drinks. When we got our drinks, we walked to the area with the bonfire and firework display. The fireworks were so good! 

Anyway, after the fireworks finished, we walked up to the bonfire. I noticed that 2 of my nails were missing, so I walked back to where I was stood when watching the fireworks. I was looking on the floor and a woman noticed and said "Have you lost a nail?" I said I had so she whipped out a GIGANTIC torch to lighten up the floor and shouted: 

"This girl has lost a nail! She's lost a nail! This girl's lost one of her nails!"

So then there was a whole crowd of people looking for my nails! 

It was soooo embarrassing! >_< I just said:

"Oh, no, no, no! It's fine! I have many more, it's ok! Thank you though!"


I didn't even get a good photo of them:
The hands were 2 colours.
Neton was cold all night, I wasn't that cold - I think my hair kept me warm!:
So, we went to the local pub afterwards - we were in time for the quiz. It was soooo difficult! OMG. I only knew like 2 answers (out of over 60 questions). Luckily, we'd joined a team with some other people this time, so they knew more.

One of the questions was 'What is a group of piglets called'. The acceptable answer was 'A drift'. People kept saying 'A litter' and they were told it was wrong. However, I've looked it up and apparently, it can be either. 

That pub has been wrong before too, one question a while ago was something like:

"What is the largest desert?'
The real answer is: 'Antarctica' - which is what we said.
They said we were wrong though, because it's 'The Sahara desert'. 

I guess pub quizzes aren't known for their accuracy, anyway! >_< It's still fun to do!

So, we decided that Bonfire night would mark the beginning of Christmas for us. We put up our decorations yesterday!
The tree is too big to fit anywhere! So, we had to put it there, oh well!
This Christmas banner has a spelling error!:

'Merry Chrastmas' - and the 'A' is half cut off too!

Amethysts bed looks so cosy now! She likes looking out of the window from it!
We drank sherry, listened to Christmas songs, watched Christmas films and lit the fireplace! People say I celebrate too early but I love Christmas too much! 
Until next time, bye bye! <3

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Halloween 2014 (Many Photos!)!

Those who follow me on IG (@Lhouraii) will know that I haven't been very well these past months. However, I can't miss Halloween! >_<

First of all, I uploaded a short video from Halloween:

The photos don't capture the glitter - I was sooo glittery! You can see it in the video!

When I was getting ready, I pinned my braids up, out of my face - I kind of liked it haha:
But yeah, this was my makeup:
I just noticed that you can see the wire from my bra in that photo! /\ I didn't know it was sticking out until later that night! I hate bras soooooo much! The wire always breaks, and sticks out! It was annoying me all night! I bet people were wondering why I kept prodding my boob when I was trying to push the wire back! >_<

I went light blue. Thanks to 'Jou Ka' for suggesting 'grease paint' to me! In my shironuri blog, I was complaining that my white face paint kept cracking and they suggested grease paint - it's so good! It doesn't crack at all! I'm so happy with it!
For once, I prefer how I look without flash!
Yes, my bedroom is messy - oh well!
For my dress, I just wore a purple dress and painted the rest of my skin light blue.

I love being blue, as most of you will know! Oh and I've thought of a name for the style too! #aoinba - what do you think? It's like Kuronba but blue (aoi). I don't know. I can't really think of what else to call it!:
I also used soooooo much glitter spray! I used silver on my face/body and gold on my hair! My hair looked so yellow though, I don't know why! Maybe it was the gold spray.

It was so windy and dust kept blowing in my eyes!:
Here are my nails:
I will talk more about them near the end of this post.

I also made a purple cloak:
It reminded me a little of Sarah from 'Hocus Pocus'! I really love her! I have watched Hocus Pocus at least 5 times in the past month!

A neighbour was walking past us and offered to take a photo of us both together. However, my dress kept blowing up so I started laughing and pushing it back down. So, I kind of wrecked the photo - the fluffy, pink sock kind of ruins the look! >_<
Neton had a cloak too - I made it for him, I think I did really good with his!

He did his own makeup, he took longer than I did to get ready!

So, we were planning to go out in Bradford, to a few different places, but we saw a poster that our local pub was having a Halloween party, and it spoke to me:

'Fancy Dress Prize'
'Themed Cocktails'
'A few surprises'
- and some other stuff too, I can't remember. 

I would find the poster and put a photo of it, but I don't want to show which pub it is - so many people ask me, but I have experienced stalking all too often, and it's my local pub. Sorry!

So, we went there instead.

I didn't take any photos in there, but I wish I did because there was a pumpkin that looks like it was throwing up and stuff. But yah, I must have been outside or something when the 'few surprises' happened, because I missed them! Oh well! It was still fun. I was tagged in a photo on Facebook, so I'll put that here:
I know what I was looking at in this photo! The girl in white had a really sparkly purse (wallet), and I was admiring the sparkles! Neton laughed when I told him that! If you ever want to distract me, just put something sparkly in front of me! Haha

But yeah, you can't see most of the decorations though, in that photo, so that kind of sucks. I love living in the countryside though - our neighbours are mostly really nice!

Anyhoo, afterwards, we went shopping for alcohol and reduced Halloween items! We were too late though, all the Halloween items had already gone!
I was dancing around Asda, it was pretty funny. But omg - people seemed shocked that I had a blue face - it just shows that, even on Halloween, people will still judge you on your appearance! >_<

Anyway, then we went for a drive in the countryside. We had to stop for petrol, I took some photos of my nails whilst Neton was getting the petrol:
The middle nail was falling off.
Afterwards, we went back home. My makeup stayed on all night!
I love being blue!
So many selfies! >_< 

So, earlier that day, I was very annoyed at Neton. Later on, he went out to the shops and when he came back he attacked me with silly string to stop me being mad at him! It was so funny. I got him back too, and then we got Amethyst (photos further down).

Anyway, he got me again when we got back!
My last photo with our Halloween decorations!

We celebrate Halloween all through October (and maybe some of September!). So we did a lot of Halloween activities. I didn't take many photos though.

Anyway, these are the photos from when I attacked Neton with silly string:
Then we got Amethyst:

She didn't even move! >_< She liked playing with the string though! Btw, the mess in that photo /\ is just my nail stuff - it's when I was making the nails. We're still trying to organise the house, so I don't have a nail station in this house yet! But yeah, just trust me, it's looks messier than it was! >_<

Speaking of Amethyst - it was her 1st birthday yesterday (November 1st). Her birthday is actually in August, but we decided to celebrate it nearer Halloween - her being a black cat and all! She had such a good day and loved her gifts! She's so funny. This morning, she was cuddling me and she started licking my elbow for ages! I love our pets!

Oh, and Brodie - my family dog - needs to take a tablet every day now (she's 16). My dad said that he has to struggle with her every day to get her to take the tablet. He has to grab her face, shove the tablet in her mouth and try to get her to swallow it - but she spits it out every time. Anyway, it's always a really big hassle. However, the other day, he said that she was laid in her bed and he walked up to her with her tablet. She looked at him and tilted her head back and then opened her mouth! My dad literally dropped it into her mouth and she swallowed it! >_< I was laughing so much when I found out! That's so funny! I've never known a dog to do anything like that before! >_<

I've seen many Americans saying how awesome Pumpkin Spice Lattes are, so I wanted to try one! We don't have them over here. We don't even have pumpkin puree, so we had to make it ourselves. However, we don't have sugar pumpkins either, so the puree was kind of stringy! In fact, it was just a spiced latte with pumpkin lumps/strings at the bottom of the cup! It wasn't very nice! 

Neton got a witch biscuit a while ago, I think they don't understand what 'friendly' means!:

I don't know why they called her 'friendly' at all! Haha

Here are some more photos of the nails, like I mentioned:
I can't find any nails in this length and shape, so I have to make them entirely from acrylic with nail forms. This is the base, without the clear top - that's why they're bumpy.
I really like the base, I feel like they looked better without the decorations!

This is them finished, I remember we were watching 'Nightmare Before Christmas' when I was taking these photos:
I hope you all had a great Halloween! I would love to see what you dressed as! I really like seeing peoples costumes, there's always such variety!

Until next time, bye bye! <3