Thursday, 23 May 2013

More 'Natural' Makeup

I find 'natural' makeup so difficult to do! I'm starting to like it a little though! So I want to practice until I'm good at it! (Don't worry, I'm still going to be Gyaru every day! Haha)

I edited (well, tried to) the background into something cool, because the original background was very messy! But it turned out for the better anyway! (In my opinion - because I love the universe etc! Ha)
Artistic photos are harder to take without crazy makeup!
I tried tying my hair back:
It's the first time in ages that I've tied it up, it was surprisingly heavy!
I recently bought lots of head jewellery:
I actually really like how my eyebrows were.
So yeah, I was actually hoping to do a crazy-extreme makeup tutorial today! I kind of did the opposite! I guess I'm just too hung over! Haha >_<

By the way, GGA voting closes soon. Also, don't forget to send in your clips if you haven't already! <3

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mermaid Hair!

I crimped my hair the other day (without heat). All night people kept coming up to me and saying I looked like a mermaid! Haha yay! 
This is after I took the braids out (without brushing):
And this is after I brushed it:
For the first time, I actually wore nails that were all matching!:
.... Well, minus two leopard ones! I actually find it impossible to do a set of nails that are all similar!   Haha >_<
I had a few braids in my hair but you can't see them.
From the back:
Anyway, we went to a 'Beer Festival'. I don't drink beer, I drink whisky and cocktails but it was still so much fun! There were tons of new people there. There was a vegetarian woman there and I said to her "I can tell you're vegetarian" and she looked shocked and said" Wow, how?". I told her it's because of her face. It's weird how you can just tell some people are vegetarian just by looking at them. You can basically see how their soul is truly peaceful just by looking at their eyes. 
Anyway, I got sooooo drunk. Like, reeeeally drunk. We went to someones house afterwards and drank their whisky! They were too generous! Hahaha >_< Anyway, when we left (I can't remember leaving) I was (according to Neton) falling over all the way back home and then I passed out at home in my makeup and extensions and everything! HAHA >_< Omg. I don't remember any of it! So Neton took my makeup and extensions off for me.

Neton said I kept asking him to "Drink my hair"............ HUH?! 

I'm never drinking that much ever again!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Nothing suits me!

I keep trying different makeup styles but nothing looks good! >_<
I've never liked how this type of eye makeup looks on me so I don't know why I keep trying! (The makeup where the liner goes up into the corners of the eyes - it just makes me look tired!)
Oh well!

I tried a new thing with my hair though, I braided in a scarf:
I pinned it back to look medieval but didn't take any photos!
I made some new nails recently too, I'll be listing them in my shop!
I also wore a temporary tattoo recently:
I love temporary tattoos!
Looking back, I don't like how I did my makeup that day.
RIGHT: Choking on my drink! /\
/\ There I am coming out of the wall again! (On the right) /\

Argh! Most of you know I love playing 'The Legend of Zelda' and I'm so sad! I've completed 'Twilight Princess' and 'Skyward Sword'. So we decided to play all of the Zeldas again (starting from 'Ocarina of Time'). I just completed 'Ocarina of Time' again! I don't even know how this is possible though! I've had barely any time so haven't been playing it much at all! >_< (My characters name this time was 'Shit Face'.)

So next I'll play 'Majoras Mask'..... We never completed it because we don't like how it's timed. 


Monday, 13 May 2013

Getting blown away!

Argh, I need to catch up on blogging so much! 
I love Lunas face in that photo! /\ >_<

I really love wearing purple lenses with pink lips!
It got really windy that night!
But it got windier!

Here are some photos from a different night! The nails I wore:
/\ (The top middle finger has blue and yellow on it but you can't see because of the heart!) /\
It started to get really windy!:
I had to run home because it felt like the wind was going to blow me away! Hahahaha >_<
We went to a carboot sale one morning (second hand markets that are usually on Sundays 6am-12pm)
We got a few good things, I'll probably film a 'Haul' video to show them!
By the way, I notice how most gyaru (Japanese and Gaijin) can pull off the 'cute wink face'. I think I'm the only one who can't! I've always known this! But the other day I thought "I might try once more":
OMG! Hahahaha >_<

Believe it or not, that's actually the best I've ever done it! I don't know why I can't pull it off! Oh well!
I've been wearing quite strong blush lately:
I also added two gems to my lower lashes /\
Now, let's end on a very scary face!:
Hahahaha >_< The last time I uploaded a photo pulling that face, it ended up in a magazine making fun of me!:
...Even though I was pulling that face because my makeup had gone blotchy!

Here is my post about that magazine by the way:

(It's a really old post on my Tumblr!)

It seems some people take everything as serious, even if it's an obvious joke! Oh well! 

I'm not going to stop joking around, not every photo is a fashion show and people need to realise that! >_<