Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Trip to Warwick Castle!

Ahhh..... it was soooo much fun!!!!
It's such a beautiful castle, with beautiful gardens and decor. It's also full of activities and events including live actors. Such a great location for a day-out!
My nails were just small and simple. I wanted to be able to grab onto railings to stop myself falling down castle stairs. (I fall over a lot and I find it difficult going down stairs - up is no problem at all! I just get dizzy/light-headed a lot) Actually, I did almost fall down some really steep stairs, I grabbed the railing just in time and one of my nails flew off! >_<
Simple and white. I reeeeally wanted to wear pink ones but thought it would have clashed with the castle haha
The castle was sooooo much fun! There were live actors everywhere! Here I am with Henry the 8th!:
He was so funny, he complemented my camera and nails
I love how he's casually holding a pair of gloves! Neton had a photo with him too and King Henry told him to "STAND LIKE A MAN!" like he was haha >_<
I took so many photos of the castle, so I made my favourites into a collage:
Ah, I wore my favourite bindi too. 
When we were sitting waiting to go into the Dungeons:
Oh my...... the dungeons...... they were so scary! I regretted going in almost straight away! It was terrifying! It was full of live actors. An evil jester led us into the dungeons and it was pitch black! I couldn't see where I was going at all! It was actually quite dangerous for falling over! We were in there for 45 minutes. We were led from room to room. There was a guy with a dead body (fake obviously!) under a blanket and he pulled the blanket back and started pulling out intestines etc.... I couldn't look! 

Then there was a room with a guy and an axe. The guy told a man from our group to come over and said he was chopping his head off! He raised the axe and as he was about to swing it down the lights went off, there was a loud chopping sound and we were all splattered with water (but in the dark it seemed like the mans blood!) It was terrifying! 

Then there was a torture room and...... the actor guy in there put me in a torture cage! It was quite embarrassing! So I was sat there in the torture cage while everyone stared at me >_< I just sat and waved.

OMG! At the end.... wow, I can't even explain! We all sat around a room on benches. There was a reeeeally creepy guy there and the lights kept going off and on again. Whenever they were back on he would be in a different place, right in front of someones face - staring at them! After a while they went off and he vanished! Then they went off again and when they came back on a weird scary woman was there screaming! Then they light went off again and we all felt something on our heads - but when we touched our heads there was nothing there! Then we felt things moving under the seat! It was soooo freaky!

Anyway....... it was an experience!
Here I am reading something:
The gardens are absolutely gorgeous!:
There were some cute owls - the one on the left is sleepy!:
In the car on the way there /\
Playing cards with a wax man:
In the gardens:
There are always so many photos of me blinking!:
Merlins Tower:
That was awesome! We went inside in a group, like in the dungeons. The live actors were so funny and really good. The first one had a magical staff and he pointed it at everyone asking it to show which one of us was a dragon rider. Nothing happened so he went to look in a book and casually passed the staff to a little boy in our group saying "Can you hold this for a moment please?" As soon as the little boy touched it, it lit up! So the guy said "Ah, it's you!" and in the next room we were all seated in front of a screen. The guy told the little boy to say some words to summon a dragon then ran away. The little boy said them and a big dragon came on the screen! 

He said there's another magical one amongst us and he asked the little boy "next to the blonde lady" to stand up (the blonde lady was me! Haha >_<) 

Anyway, lots of stuff like that happened and at the end the dragon breathed fire into the audience! It wasn't really fire but it blew us all back and the room filled with smoke. It was so cool!

Wax statues:
I'm sure some of them were real!
 In the castle there was a sad lion so I took a photo promising it I'd make it happy in photo editing!:
 I kept my promise!
Hugging a tree!:
Cute peacocks!:
All throughout the castle there were peacocks walking around. They were walking right up to people and weren't scared at all. They were so cute and really tame!
There was one that was falling asleep and kept waking up, I filmed it:
I was happy that in the shop they had some pink things! In castle shops they usually only sell medieval things - which is great but this is a nice change!
A cute crown and pink heart - it's a keyring but I used it as a bag charm - it's like it was made for my bag!
I bought some hair rollers to leave in my hair overnight for the next day, so that I wouldn't have to use heat on it..... they weren't suitable for long hair at all! I put a few in and had to take them out because they were getting stuck in my hair! It took me like an hour to get 4 out!
Notice my frowning face in the corner!
So this was on Saturday - I'll be blogging tomorrow about Sunday! Sunday was the best day of my life! I hope you will visit my blog tomorrow to see where I went!

Warwick castle was AMAZING. I definitely recommend you visit if you ever visit England, or if you live in the UK. There's a tonn of stuff I haven't even mentioned! There was so much going on! Let me know if you visit and what you thought! 

...... A, I can't wait to blog tomorrow! <3


  1. Ive skimmed thru the pics but im gonna read this properly later when i finish work. i luv the photos of u in the gardens babe! xoxo

  2. IVE BEEN THERE! i loved the jousting and the eagle display but i didnt see that pink keyring in the shop! T_T

    1. I think we missed the jousting but the eagle display was so cute! There was a small section in the shop of just pink things! Perhaps it's new? <3

  3. haha it looked like loads of fun...
    "stand like a man" like he did, in those slippers >_>

    1. And tights! And what appears to be a sort of dress! Haha <3

  4. Wowie! I'd love to go to Warwick castle on one of those themed days~ I went once but it didn't have all of the actors and what not ;_;
    Lovin' the nails! :3

    1. Ah, I think it's probably the weekends they do it. I think you can check on their website! And thanks! =] <3

  5. i went there about a month ago :D sadly it rained horribly when i was there lol, still beautiful though!

    1. We were lucky, it didn't rain once all weekend where we went! <3

  6. I love your hair and make up, U look absolutely gorgeous! I also like your nails, so Hime like <3

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