Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentines Day 2015

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentines Day! I did!

Here is what Neton got me!:
He got me 2 necklaces (with earrings), a Twilight scented body mist set and a colour-changing candle!

So, for Valentines day, I decided to curl my hair! I don't curl my hair often because of the heat damage - and I also don't like using chemicals on my hair (heat protector, hair spray) - but I do when I curl my hair - another reason to keep heat-styling to a minimum!

So, I decided to use a wider barrel this time, I've never used these curlers before:
As always, I pin them after curling, so they cool down and retain the shape. I also spray them with hairspray. Then I do my makeup while I wait.

All that effort and the damage from it had to have been worth it, right?

I may as well have straightened it!

It reminds me of a time a few years ago when I curled my hair and someone actually said "Oh, your hair looks nice, did you straighten it?". >_<

Anyway, I was expecting it, so it didn't really bother me! Here is my makeup:
I went for a neutral eye, because I was planning on doing red lips. I wasn't brave enough though, because I've never really worn red lipstick before!

I was also trying to do a sort of 'classy' look - if you can call it that! It's 'classier' than I usually look, at least!
I decided to wear shorter nails, since I was trying to be classier. 

By the way, these nails aren't listed in my shop but you can buy them - just message me on Etsy and send me a photo of them to show which nails you mean. (This goes for most nails that aren't listed).

Without flash:
With flash:
I wore some of the Twilight body mist, which is why I look a little bit shimmery.

Oh, but guess what! The set was supposed to include 3 different bottles of the scented body mist:


However, there was one bottle of Leah and two bottles of Jane - no Bella! Which sucks.

I still love it so much though! I think the Leah one smells the best out of the two, but I like the character Jane more. So I wore both!
Here is the dress I wore. This was my first time wearing red - I used to hate the colour red but now I don't mind it:
I bought a cheap red maxi dress and added in some panels of some different red cloth:
I couldn't get any good photos, there wasn't enough space to lay it out properly.

I also added lace sleeves. The sleeves were shoulder less but I wore a shawl with it.
Btw, I know it looks like my feet are on backwards /\ but I assure you I was just crossing my legs! Haha
Neton got me some red jewellery a while ago, to go with the red dress. However, since I was aiming for 'classy', I decided to wear one of the necklace and earring sets he got me!

This one even has a few hearts on it! It was so sparkly too!
Oh, and Neton also bought me a bouquet of roses:
So, Neton kept what we were doing a secret and surprised me with the day out - which I love!

Here are some car selfies, because why not!:

So, he took me to an old manor house called 'East Riddlesden Hall'!
It was all so interesting!

I love going to old manor houses and castles!
In the first room, there was this amazing tapestry:
We couldn't get all of it in the photo, it was just so big!

A man who worked there told us that it was made in the 1600's and it took like 4 people 2 years to complete.

Back then, the artist didn't sign their name, they put their face into the tapestry! Here is his face, it was in the upper right corner:
All throughout the manor, there was many interesting things.

There were hardly any ropes (to stop people going places)... in fact, I think there was just one! Usually, places like this will put ropes in front of all their furniture to stop people sitting and laying on them. However, I asked the man why there were no rope and he said that they wanted to trust their visitors and he's had no problems with people sitting on the chairs/laying on the beds. That made me happy that people were so respectful of history.

In one of the rooms, we saw this vase:
'rape'... what? Haha - it reminded me of those kawaii offensive shirts where it's a photo of kawaii things and innocent things and it says something like 'I hate you' or something.

I know it's just a word in a different language or something, but it was still funny!

So, after we had been around all the rooms, we went to the outside and looked around the gardens.

Part of the manor house was in ruins, but it looked so cool!
/\ The dress is a little too short to wear with heels. 
Omg, but I just remembered! When we were setting off, Netons car was parked against a wall, so he had to drive away from it so I could get in. I waited for him on the corner and I felt like a prostitute! >_< Wearing red and just standing on a street corner! 

When we were leaving the manor, we went through the gift shop and Neton bought me a flower wind turbine thing:
In front of the manor:
There was a pond with cute ducks/geese/etc!

They were so cute! I was standing there looking at these two for ages and saying "Oh, you are so cute! Hello! Look how cute you are with your little feet!" etc!:
They were just looking at me confused and the one on the right fell asleep! Haha

I can't wait until Neton and I can get some land, we want to buy a few acres in the future and buy lots of animals. We would make a pond and get many ducks. They're so cute! I just want to make them happy, it drives me crazy when I can't make someone happy (both humans and animals!).

In the car, I took a few more photos of my nails:
One of them wasn't on properly, oops!

The bag I used that day was this owl one:
Neton was planning on taking me for cocktails, but I said I would rather just go to a quiet country pub. We ended up just going to our local pub, because that's a quiet country pub! Haha
When we got back, we decided to film a video for Youtube! I was ridic drunk!

So, I'm thinking of starting a new video series on Youtube called 'Drinking with Lhouraii'. What do you think?

I posted a short clip on my Instagram (@Lhouraii) from the video.

I really love the idea, I know there will be people who take the series seriously though, which is irritating.

There's a girl I follow on Youtube and she sometimes posts videos of herself drunk. I look at the comments and they always say stuff like:

"I'm concerned about you"
"Wow, get some self respect"
"I think you have a drinking problem"

People have actually said to me similar things on blogs where I'm drunk. People have actually suggested that I'm an alcoholic.

Let me make this clear: I drink about once per week usually. However, sometimes I don't drink for like a month or so. I blog almost every time I do drink because that's when I take the most photos. So, you're seeing me drinking in every blog, but I don't put my whole life on here, so you only see that.

Now to address comments more directly:

"Get some self respect"
Just because you might not respect me, doesn't mean I don't respect myself. Also, if you don't respect someone because they get drunk every so often... well, that's not very nice.

Would you say this to a guy? Nope. I'm aloud to get drunk if I want to because this is the 21st century and women are actually people now (shock, horror!).

"I'm concerned about you"
Thanks (really) but don't be. I'm young, I have basically no major responsibilities (no children, etc) and I like social drinking - I rarely drink alone. I think the last time I drank alone is like 2 years ago. 

There are different types of drunks:

'angry drunks'
'depressed drunks'

When you're a 'bad drunk' then I think it's wise to limit the alcohol you consume. However, I'm none of those, when I drink all that happens is I say/do funny things and laugh a lot. I'm a 'silly drunk'. 

Wow, that was a long explanation. I wish it wasn't necessary to say all of that but, unfortunately, it is! I hope I have put your mind at ease if you were one of those people. 

Anyway, so - we filmed that video and I've since edited it. I like it, I don't know if everyone else will. I laugh at pretty much anything so! All I'm waiting for now is the theme tune to be finished and I'll upload it!

Later on I decided to try out the red lipstick before taking my makeup off, I like it! Keep in mind, I was drunk, so the application of the lipstick isn't the best!
So, that was our Valentines day! I really had a lot of fun! What did you do? 

Until next time, bye bye! <3

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Drunk at Karaoke

Haha /\ I love that! 

So, the other day we were invited to go to a Karaoke bar in Leeds. Here is my makeup:
I decided to use a gold glitter mix on my eyes! This is currently my favourite way to do my eyes (with glitter).
The nails I wore:
I haven't worn shorter nails in quite a while! 

I decided to wear almond-shape nails for a change! It was strange but I liked it!

By the way, these nails are available in my shop:

I like how these nails looked before the encapsulation and 3D pieces too:
I love the colours!

Want to hear a funny story?

Well, I have 2 cameras. One is the one I use all the time and the other is newer but I can't work it (the photos are always blurred/etc).

So, I picked up my camera (the one I use) from the windowsill and switched it on. However, I noticed it looked very cloudy. I wiped the lens but it still looked cloudy. I looked into the lens and there was some FROST inside the camera lens! It must have been because it was on the windowsill? I didn't know that could happen! 

"Hm, what do I do to fix this?" I thought to myself. I turned to the fireplace, as a lightbulb went on in my head. "Of course! I'll put it in front of the fireplace for a little while, that will get rid of the frost!"........

Well, I was right! It did get rid of the frost... but it also cooked my camera!

Goodbye camera! We had some great times and you served me well!

I can't believe how stupid I was to do that! Haha >_<

So, I was forced to use my other camera. It blurs all the time, which is why some of the above photos are blurry.

I tried using my phone camera instead but...
It's not the best quality...

AND it blurs:
It's really 'hit and miss' with both cameras, so I hope you will forgive this!
You can also see my makeup/dress/nails/etc here:

So yeah, I had to delete me favourite photos because of how blurred they were! >_<

These two are also blurred but not as much:
Anyway, the karaoke place was 'Tiger Tiger' in Leeds. They had really nice cocktails and you can rent out rooms to sing karaoke:
Anyway, we drank a lot and had a lot of fun.

And here is the original photo from which I made the gif at the beginning of this post:
I think I was spilling my drink or something, I can't remember!


I've decided to write a book. I began writing one a long time ago but I stopped writing it because my heart wasn't really in it anymore.
Do you like my bookmark? /\

Also, look how cute my little demon-cat is!:
I think she was about to yawn, but Neton said she looks scary! Haha

Until next time, bye bye! <3