Monday, 25 March 2013

Vampire makeup!

Here is a video I filmed recently:

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Here are some photos:
I suck at editing /\ 

I wanted to create a really cool photo to enhance the makeup etc, but I have no idea how to do it! I wish I had good editing skills!
I quickly made a set of nails to wear for the look:
The white foundation I used was sooooo bad! It made me look like I hadn't exfoliated in months! Oh well, I guess vampires would have dead skin anyway! Hahaha >_<

Also, the eyeliner I'm currently using keeps flaking off! I can't remember the brand name but it's shaped like a teardrop (the bottle). The brand of the foundation is 'Laval'.

I tried the look with red lipstick:
It doesn't suit me! I'll keep trying though! I think I look like The Joker on the right! Hahaha >_<
The lenses are from '' - They're 'Twilight' lenses.  I layered them over the top of circle lenses to give them an enlarging effect. I might do a review of them soon though, without the circle lenses underneath.

Anyway, on a serious note...... I think it's about time I 'come out':

I know a lot of people feel uncomfortable hearing people talk about this and people like me are not widely accepted, even though it's 2013. You would think people would be more open-minded. I guess people are just scared of what they don't understand. So, before I say what I want to say, I want you to know that this isn't a choice, it's just something that happened. None of my neighbours know, I don't know if they read my blog but I hope they will accept me, I'm still the same person so I hope this doesn't make visits to the pub awkward. Society tells me I'm wrong - but I'm not ashamed. So, I'm coming out…… I..... am..... a..... Twilight fan. 

Hahahaha >_< Sorry! I couldn't resist! I'm not a 'die-hard' Twilight fan - I've never read the books. The thing is, I only watched 'Twilight' because of all the terrible stuff I kept hearing about it! I thought 'can a film really be that bad?' Anyhoo, curiosity got the better of me and I watched it, quite recently actually. I think I liked it a little because I was prepared for something absolutely terrible. While I don't like all the romance and stuff, I did really enjoy the films.

I really don't know why there's so much hate towards the films! I don't want to give the story away but I love the whole 'Volturi' thing! 

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you un-followed me and started sending me hate! I saw a news article ages ago about a Twilight fan been killed and people in the comments were saying she deserved it! I didn't know liking a film that you don't like makes them a bad person! 

People say they don't like how Bella isn't a 'strong confident woman' etc..... It doesn't mean she's a bad person! Not every female needs to be strong and confident! We're all different!

I can appreciate the bad acting at times, and I think there's a little too much romance....but.... that's about it! I like the films!


Thursday, 21 March 2013

New video and YELLOW lenses!

I uploaded a new video today:
It's a 'Haul' video.

I have lot's of pretty cool, interesting stuff to show you so I hope you watch it! Here is a link to the video on Youtube, please drop by to give it a 'like' and comment if you have the time!:

>>>>    <<<<

As you can see, I have some yellow lenses! I'm so happy because I've wanted some for aaages! The ones I have are 'Twilight Werewolf' from ''. They sent me some red ones too, I can't wait to try them! These lenses are just normal iris size, so they don't enlarge the eyes. I wore them over the top of black circle lenses! I love them! 

I wore a gold bindi to match my golden eyes! Haha
I wore the eyelashes I made for Shironuri, because I couldn't find my normal extended ones!

This was my mehndi:
I wore lots of pretty rings that I included in my 'Haul' video:
This is my mehndi in stages:
I couldn't really find a good thumbnail for the 'Haul' video. I couldn't decide between these two:
I ended up choosing the last one. I prefer the first one but Neton doesn't. Let me know which one you think. Personally, I don't like either of them! Haha >_< <3

Monday, 18 March 2013

More photos

This blog is just to post some more of the photos from a while ago.... I can't really remember when they were, I think they're from about 3 or 4 different days but yeah!

(A lot of photos! Sorry! I don't have time to cut them down! I hope you don't mind!)

So, here are some nails I wore aaaggges ago, I dunno if I'll list them in my shop or not:
More photos:
Also, people keep asking what my hair looks like without extensions! I've posted lot's of photos about this! In fact, I'm not wearing extensions in most photos anyway, but here:
That's my hair without extensions! It's so thin and annoying! (Also, please don't mind the weird looking dress - I had like a jumper under the brown top because it was so cold hahaha >_<

I filmed a 'haul' video the other day, I wore my yellow lenses for the first time! I can't wait to upload the video/photos! My red lenses just arrived today, they sent me two sets for some reason - which is awesome but I'm not sure why! Haha >_< ARGH! I can't wait to do a vampire-ish look with my new red lenses - I just got a few different red bindis too, they look quite vampiric! Ah.... I can't wait! I want to do it now but I don't have time! ARGH! I hate being impatient! 

Until next time! <3