Monday, 26 November 2012

new video, deco, wig and stuff!

So, the other day I filmed a new video! It's only a little one. I usually spend ages on each video but that means I'll only upload like once per month. I see other Youtubers uploading videos where they just show what they're wearing etc. If I do videos like this I'll be able to upload more frequently. Is it a good idea or a bad one? 

My first attempt at a video like this was the other day when I just filmed myself showing my 'Face of the Day', my new wig and my deco calculator. Please let me know what you think! Here is the video:

Here is a link to the video on Youtube:

Please drop by to give it a thumbs up and a comment if you have the time!

Here are some photos:
I did an extended eye but, instead of extending it outwards, I extended it upwards. I kind of liked it. 

My makeup was very rushed so I almost didn't film but I thought 'I may as well!'
I have a new calculator for my science degree:
I decorated it recently and never finished the front. I think I'll just leave it like that though.
Also, thank you to 'Ariel' for sending me these shoes!:
They were a gift from her because she loves my videos and blog, I love them so much!
So thank you very much for them! I'll definitely be wearing them soon! 

I recently bought a 'nose shaper' from Ebay. It was really cheap - which is great because I don't think I'll be using it!
I thought it would make my nose smaller but it appears to advertise making it bigger! It's supposed to make the nose stick out more, for people with flat noses. Well, I definitely don't want my nose to stick out more, I want it to be smaller! So, I probably won't use it! 

The writing on the back of the package is funny though!

So anyway, I filmed my video a few days ago:
And then we had to go away for a few days.

I take my aloe vera plant everywhere with me (for skincare). Neton says that instead of being a crazy cat lady, I'm a crazy plant lady haha
I'm probably going to do a video and blog entry on my skin care routine because it's pretty good at the moment!

Anyhoooo, here is my new wig:
I wish I knew a way to prevent wigs from getting tangled!
I love the length of the wig:
I haven't styled it properly yet though
Me and Luna in the car:
I love her face here!:
I had to entertain myself for like 5 minutes, so this is what I did:
I love photobooth haha

So yah, here are some more photos:
Here are 2 screen-caps from the video:

I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think! Also, any other video ideas are always welcome!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

20/11/1012 Blog

So I haven't blogged in a while. I've just had other things to attend to but here I am now!

I actually filmed a video a while ago but I never got around to editing it. It's a 'Haul' video, I'm not sure if I'll upload it or not though.....

Here are some photos from filming it:
(I painted the background pink because it was messy! >_<)

I couldn't decide which wig to wear though so I kept changing them:
I had a white wig that I styled but it's not finished yet:
Yeah so, like I said, I'm not sure if I will upload it or not....

Anyhoo..... Here are some more photos of my ugly face from the past week or so!:
I ran out of BB Cream so had to use a different foundation but I'm not sure if I like it or not.
My roots really need doing though! I can't believe how much my hair has grown out already >_<

So the other day, we went to the German Market in Leeds. It was so cold!:
They have a big mechanical moose:
Apparently, I looked really funny with a tiny bottle and a big straw! 
I went to a lesson for my science degree last week too..... I think I looked like a joke. Everyone else looked like scientists-in-the-making and..... I...... Well, I was sat there, looking like I do.... even my scientific calculator is pink and completely covered in deco - Oh! I can't wait to show you it! But yeah...... Oh well!

A while ago I tried wearing less makeup, just to see what it would look like:
I'm not wearing lower lashes etc

It turned out better than I expected but yeah, I love wearing tons of makeup haha
Here you can see my makeup a little better:
I accidentally put one of my lenses in the wrong way.... but I kind of liked it like that! It looked more blue! I'm not sure if it's damaging though.
As you can see, it looks a little creepy haha /\
Ah, I just got a craving to wear manba again.... Do you think a manba makeup tutorial would be a good video or not? 

So that's it for now..... I'm such a busy bee lately! <3