Sunday, 10 November 2013

Halloween part 2

So, Netons family had a Halloween party that we went to.

I dressed more simple than the other Halloween party I went to.
I tried putting red around my face and then patting black powder over some lace, but when I took the lace away, the black was just a big splodge! I've seen people do it in videos and it always turns out great! Oh well! I just wiped it off and went over it. So some parts look a little blotchy!
I just wore boring black lenses too. >_<

I wore a cool ear thing though!:
Neton went as a vampire again.
Here we were photo-bombed:
Haha I love this one - it's so funny!:
Neton looks like he's picking his nose here!:
In this one I'm trying not to laugh:
Amethyst came to the party with us! She wore her cute little princess dress! It was cold though so I put a jumper over her dress until we got to the party. She looks so cute in her little jumper!:
She looks like she's posing here:
She looks like she's blushing here!:
Ah, I didn't put that much effort into my costume. You can see the places I stuck the hair on! Ha oh well!
When we got to the party, the decorations looked so awesome! They reminded me of a Halloween party in an 80's film. Like on 'Hocus Pocus' or something..... or was that 90's? Ah, I don't know! Haha
So awesome! I took photos in the conservatory - it had a red light! 

By the way, I have wine-stained lips in the rest of these photos!
So yeah, I drank waaaay too much though! I'm not used to red wine at all. I don't even remember leaving!

I definitely don't remember taking photos in the car!
Amethyst's harness strap is showing! What a little slut! Haha >_<
I was soooo drunk. I haven't been that drunk in a while! The hangover lasted for 2 days! I never want to drink wine ever again! 

It was funny though, (slightly TMI) I had some of that pink stuff to stop nausea. I ended up throwing it up but I was happy because I was throwing up my favourite shade of pink! It's like the saying "I puke glitter" but "I puke pink!". 

Also, a different time I was throwing up. Amethyst did something really funny (I can't remember what) so I was laughing whilst I was throwing up! That was pretty nasty..... but funny!

Haha sorry for the gross information! I just thought it was funny!

I can't believe Halloween is over! I can't wait until next year! I love Halloween!

Anyhoo, a while ago I randomly tried on some clothes together and I fell in love with this colour combination!:
I would never have put pink and orange together in the past! I never used to even wear orange.

It looks like I'm not wearing anything under it but I was wearing a skin-tight beige top underneath! You could tell in person but you definitely can't tell in the photo! It's a good job I didn't go outside wearing that! I'll have to wear a slightly more noticeable top underneath next time! Haha

Also, a while ago someone contacted me telling me my nails were used in a T-Shirt print by a random online shop:
I think the design is really cool! I would buy it if it was cheap (it's like $100!).

I wish they gave me a small percentage of the sales (for using my photo), but oh well! 

Yah, so... bye! <3

Monday, 4 November 2013


So Halloween was here once again! It's one of my favourite times of the year! A good quote to sum up why is:

'Halloween is the one time of year everyone get's to dress up..... and I get to be myself!'

Haha, I love that quote! So, for Halloween I dress as.... well, I'm not sure! Maybe I just dressed as me, how I wish I could look every day! But, let's just say I dressed as an alien haha (please ignore the head-towel on the floor!):
I made the dress myself! I love making dresses!
I wore elf ears and made my hair big!
Neton dressed as a vampire, he wore red lenses! It was weird because I had to put them in/take them out for him! I didn't know I could put lenses in other people but it turns out I'm pretty good at it! 
We took a LOT of photos! I made a slideshow so they wouldn't take up too much space!

So, yeah! I wore a cool head thingy:
Anyhoo, we went to the pub. There was a special Halloween 'event' on and there was a fancy dress competition. We won the competition - OH *£%$! I forgot to take a photo of what we won. It was just beer stuff but I was so happy to win - and it had pumpkin on and - oh, man, well I'll get to that in a minute! Anyway, I'll upload a photo of it in a different blog!
Anyway, about the pumpkin thing. Neton bought us a pumpkin each. We forgot to carve them but I wanted to cook mine anyway. So I cut open the pumpkin and instantly fell in love with pumpkins! I'm actually addicted to them! They're so fun to cook, they look cool, they smell AWESOME! I think it's because my favourite game in the world is 'Zelda: Skyward Sword' - so, maybe it brainwashed me into loving pumpkins or something, ah I don't know! It's not good though, because I have to wait another year until I can have one again! But here's what I made with the pumpkin!:
- Pumpkin Soup (From 'Zelda: Twilight Princess' - the Yeti makes it)
- Pumpkin pasties (From Harry Potter!)
I'm also going to make some pumpkin soup inspired by 'Zelda: Skyward Sword' too!
I got super drunk at the pub, there were many photos, so here's another slideshow to save space!:
So, after the pub, we went to the 24-hour Asda to get more alcohol!
There's a guy who goes to our pub who won a Bafta award!:
Neton said this photo looks like a cardboard cutout haha /\
There were some awesome Halloween decorations! I was going to have a Halloween party but I had to cancel it! >_<
We went to someones house for a while and got even more drunk.
On our way back home I did a TON of dumb stuff! Haha
I would love to be able to say I'm sure I wasn't really licking the bus stop..... but I honestly don't remember this! Ew!:
Apparently, I was kissing it too!:
.... and hugging it:
Then I decided to do my traditional 'coming out of the wall' pose that I do whenever I'm drunk! Take note of the wool socks! Haha:
I forgot to get a good photo of my nails! This is the only one I got:
Of course, I'd already taken my nails of ages ago at this point!
Here I am under a bush... for some unknown reason!
I look like one of those American animals, a 'gopher' here!:
I do so much silly stuff when I'm drunk! I have so much footage that Neton took of me drunk. Should I upload it?
I really can't remember what I was pointing at but I looked shocked:
..... and then.... scared? Disgusted? I don't know what face this is!:
Then I look like I'm saying 'Yes!' Haha:
I really don't remember much of that at all! At least I'm entertaining for Neton, he doesn't drink much!
I was actually filming a makeup tutorial on this makeup. However, it gets dark soo early now! We only have like 3 working lightbulbs that we move from room-to-room. They're not very good lightbulbs either! So I had to do my makeup pretty much in the dark, through a compact mirror! So, the camera obviously couldn't film it!
I needed to keep my hair out of my face though, so I wore a bunny head band! That cheered me up a lot! Haha
Mid-makeup /\
Here is the almost finished makeup (without the gems and head thing):
A spot waited until this day to rise up and claim the spotlight (SPOTlight.... haha)! Thanks for ruining all my photos, little guy.... well, BIG guy! Haha
I absolutely love the glitter I used! It was just a random glitter spray that Neton got for me. It was so good, you can see it in this photo:
Gold glitter, it was.
Also, I've been asked a few times to post a photo of the view from my window, here it is:
It looks waaay better in person, obviously! I can look out of the window and pretend I'm in LOTR haha!
So, yeah! That's part of my Halloween! I went to a Halloween party too - I'll blog about that soon! It was the day before yesterday but I'm still hungover! >_< <3