Thursday 29 May 2014

I drank mould and hallucinated - YAY!

I've had a lot of bad luck lately, it's actually been crazy! Anyway, look at my shoulder in the above photo. I thought I'd try creating a nice leafy pattern going up my shoulder but, unless you're really close to it, it just looks like ginger freckles! That's not what I was going for, oh well, at least it isn't permanent!

Anyway, my makeup went wrong too, this was yesterday. I tried blue-bronze-brown eyeshadow but it just ended up looking like I had tiny eyelids because the blue stood out and the bronze and brown faded together.
I wore simple nails without much deco so they wouldn't be heavy and fall off all night (which I knew would happen because of my bad luck) but yay - they fell off anyway! light nails hardly ever fall off usually, but these ones were jumping off my fingers.
These are my first colour-per-hand set though, I actually like that trend so I'll maybe do more like that.
I think I mentioned in my last blog that I'm sick of my eye shape, I tried a new one. It's not vastly different but different enough for me:
I filmed a video yesterday (for like the 6th time!) and it's unusable AGAIN! I might just give up on this video idea. I couldn't use it because my NIPPLES were showing (through my dress, it was cold) ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT yesterday! Yay!
You can't see them in these photos, don't worry! I checked!

So, I won't be uploading that video - I thought about editing it so there are hearts covering my nipples through the video but that would just look silly and draw more attention. 

It's annoying though, because I don't need to wear bras, they have literally no use for me apart from this one silly reason - it's so silly that females need to wear these uncomfortable things just to cover a small area from being noticed. Oh well. 

Anyway, last night we went to a pub quiz (I don't know why we love doing them because we never know the answers! Haha):
We're still confused about what our score was (teams mark each others papers):
Anyway, I was ill yesterday because I drank mould a few days ago - I'll tell you why later in this post. I probably shouldn't have gone out though - I can barely remember any of this:
This is what you get when your boyfriend is a dry stone waller haha:
A while ago, there was an event in Haworth where everything is 1940's themed. It's called 'Haworth 1940's weekend'. I don't really like 1940's stuff but we went because we were invited. It was like time travelling,  everyone was dressed up.
Image from
I just dressed normally... well, 'normal' for me:
I like my hair in this photo:
More people than usual took photos of me that day though. I hope they didn't think I was trying to dress 1940's! Some did though, I was like "what about what I'm wearing looks 1940's?!" I was so confused, why did they think I was dressed 1940's?
But yeah, some of you will know that I don't tan, so I can't get sunburn or anything, BUT I can't stay in direct sunlight for too long. That day, I was in the direct sunlight for too long and I started getting heatstroke (I didn't know that's what it was though, I just assumed I was drunk/poorly). Anyway, when we got back home I felt sooooo poorly so..... guess what I did.....


So, after that I felt even worse and that's when I realised - duh!

So, I had to drink lots of water and lay down with a fan on me and cool down. While I was laying down I sort of hallucinated though. In real life there were noises - Neton on the computer, the birds outside, Amethyst and Luna playing - but in my head I was in a desert, and it was pretty much silent. The desert was really nice though, looking back, it was really pretty. It was all dried up/cracked and the sun was setting on the horizon. Also, there was like a weird abandoned shack. I knew I wasn't really there but it was vivid, like a dream but I was awake. Long story short, I should probably get a parasol!

Anyway, Neton bought me some perfume a while ago:
I reminded me of the perfume that one of the manba from 'Bunny Girl' had:
Anyway, about the mould - I would really like your help with this! 

A few days ago I switched to bottled water until my filter jug was clean, not long after opening this new bottle of spring water, it grew mould inside:
I've felt unwell ever since I drank it - I drank it before the mould appeared, obviously! I had other bottles and they were fine, it was just this one. Does anyone know what this is?

Most of you know by now that my favourite game is 'Zelda: Skyward Sword' - well, it changes between that and 'Zelda: Twilight Princess', I really can't choose! So, I'm replaying it, again, I called my character 'ur balls' this time, and it's been hilarious:
Gah, ok - now I have to go play Zelda! 

Until next time, bye bye! <3

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Pink Hair and Leopard Print

(The lenses I'm wearing will be reviewed at the end of this post).

So, I bought a wig a while ago and it got here last week - it was supposed to be a light-to-dark pink gradient.
But, as you can see - it's basically just a light pink wig glued on top of a dark pink wig! Nothing like the photo.
So, yeah, anyway - I filmed a video the other day. I really want to get into Youtube again but the lack of interest in my channel is kind of putting me off. People used to comment and share my videos all the time, I used to get comments every day - now (since the Youtube 'update') people hardly ever interact with my channel/videos. I keep telling myself to just ignore that fact and continue anyway - the interest has to be earned back. But then when I get to making a video, or if I think of a good video idea, I always just end up thinking "Ah, what's the point?'. And I don't end up doing it!

Like, I've filmed about 5 videos but I never uploaded any of them. I filmed this one the other day, it's just a vlog about something that happened. I also filmed a makeup tutorial for this look but I wasn't happy with the outcome. 

Then, like 2 or 3 days ago, I filmed a video where I sang backwards - me, singing?! Yeah, I don't like the idea either, so I didn't upload it. I mean, I can't sing in the slightest but I'd like to learn, if it's possible. I don't know, maybe I will upload that.

I'd love to upload videos at least once per week, maybe I will, who knows. Let me know if you have any advice for my channel.
So, as for the makeup, the eyes were a gradient of pink, blue and purple.

The lip was also a subtle gradient of pinks and purple in the corners:
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but we have mice in our house - they've lived here longer than we have and they're so cute and tiny. The problem is that we have Amethyst now, so she keeps chasing them. We don't see them often, but she killed 2 of them, it was heartbreaking. I was so angry at her, but then I realised it's in her nature - I'm going to try my best to teach her to be peaceful. 

\/\/\/\/\/ Sad Story \/\/\/\/\/
I got there too late the first time and the second time, the mouse was still alive. It was sat on a step so I sat next to it for a while. It seemed ok so I gave it some food and water then went back to bed (I put Amethyst in her bedroom, out of the way). The next day, the mouse walked into my bedroom and literally just walked up to me and stood there, staring at me. I felt like it was asking for help, so I picked it up and put it somewhere safe. Neton bought a big cage and loads of little mouse things for it, I made it a safe spot in the cage where it could hide and left it alone for a while. It had a little cut so it need time to heal (I cleaned the wound with a little salt water, also - one of it's eyes was somehow sealed closed so I cleaned that with salt water too, and it was then able to open it's eye.). Anyway, a few hours later, I noticed it hadn't eaten or drank anything so I thought maybe it was a baby. I know with rabbits they will die if their stomach is empty for 24 hours, so I worried. I looked it up and found out that watering down kitten milk is suitable for mice. We got some kitten milk and watered it down with warm water. I used a cotton bud to feed the little mouse and rubbed it's tummy after to help it digest. Anyway, it wouldn't eat or drink but I kept trying all day. I kept it warm and in a quiet place. The next day, however, I woke up and it had died. It was so heartbreaking, that poor little mouse. I failed it, I wish I could have helped it.
/\/\/\/\/\ Sad Story Over /\/\/\/\/\

Last night, I got there quick enough. Amethyst was chasing a poor little mouse again so I hissed at her and locked her downstairs. The mouse is still in this room today though (my bedroom), so I'm keeping an eye out for it. I don't know what to do though, we can't put it outside because it won't survive, if Amethyst wasn't here I'd leave it but it's not safe anymore for it to run around. We still have the cage with all the mouse stuff so maybe we should keep it as a pet. It just seems so cruel after it's used to so much freedom. I don't know.

UPDATE: I was just finishing this blog and I caught the mouse - it's safe in the cage for now. It looks to have gotten an injured leg so I've left it alone with food and water - I saw it nibble on a seed so that's a better sign than last time! I hope the little buddy is ok soon! I'll try my best!

Anyway, back to the wig:
Yeah, I wasn't really feeling it, maybe the wig just need more styling. What do you think I should do with it?

OMG though, Amethyst annoyed me so much! When I was pulling her away from the mouse she stuck her claws into the carpet to hold on and when I pulled her away and let her go behind me so I could check on the mouse, she used her claws to hold onto my hair!!!!! She ripped loads of my hair out! GR! I'm so annoyed with her!
My hair just seems to be getting thinner and thinner because of these animals!
Anyway, the lenses I'm reviewing are 'EOS MAX Misty Brown' from

Find these lenses here >>>> LINK

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.8mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

The lenses come well packaged:

As I said in the previous review from MapleLens, I really love their boxes! I've kept these boxes to store trinkets in! They're so pretty!
If you buy from MapleLens, you'll get a cute free lenses case:

So, let's look at the design of the lenses:

They appear to be orange fading into yellow. However, on the eye they look much different:
The just look brown - which, to be fair, is probably why they're called 'brown' lenses! 

I was expecting them to look more golden/yellow.

So that was with the flash, this is without:
Please excuse my makeup, I'm really getting sick of this eye-shape, I need a new one!
So, overall - my personal opinion:

5/10 - Not vibrant enough for me, but they could be worse. I like how the black ring has little spikes coming off it. Also, it's good how the lenses actually blend into my brown eyes.

7/10 - very thin lenses, so very easy to wear. Perfect for beginners - however, my eyes were a little dry from wearing them.

6/10 - Not the biggest lenses, but not the smallest either. Not quite big enough for me but, again, perfect for beginners.

Yes and No:

No - for people like me, who want their lenses to be super-noticeable and colourful.

Yes - For beginners or people who don't want to look insane! Haha >_< If you have brown eyes and want your eyes to look bigger without drawing too much attention to the fact you're wearing lenses - these are for you! 

Thanks to for these wonderful lenses (and my new trinket boxes!)! You can find the other review of the '3D Lenses' in my previous blog post!

Until next time, bye bye! <3