Monday, 26 October 2015

Harry Potter Tour, TAG and footage.


I did it again. Sorry that I always vanish for such long periods of time! >_<

Anyway, a while ago we went to the Harry Potter studios for the second time, it was so much fun!

There will be more photos uploaded to Facebook, including photos of the sets/castle and stuff.

So, first I'll show how I did my makeup that day:
And my hair, the same as ever!:
I did my eyes green and purple. I did the green for Slytherin and the purple just to contrast it:
My nails were so much better than last time. I even had Dumbledore on there!:
I put my two least favourite houses on the thumbs because thumb nails aren't really in many photos. Oh btw, yes my hands look really dry. I think it's the hand wash I was using! >_<
I also did a Marauders map! It looks as if it opens up when you position the fingers like this:
In fact, I think I have a Vine of it, I'll go check...

...Yep! Found it!:

Btw, I post quite a lot of Vines most of the time, granted that a lot are of Amethyst and Luna! >_< Haha

One last photo of the nails:
So yeah, we listened to the Harry Potter soundtrack while we were driving there! We drove down to London and stayed in a nearby hotel. Which had a pretty good bar!

We also listened to the soundtrack on the way to the HP studio. There are Vines of that too. 

Oh, actually, I'll include a video at the end. We did a Harry Potter Tag when we got back and I put a lot of footage from our trip at the end of the tag. So if you just want to see the footage just skip past the tag questions and it will be there at the end! Haha >_<

In the car:

Now I'll just post some photos from walking around the studio!:
Mirror of Erised:
Dumbledore's office:
My Time Turner next to the real one!:
In Snape's potion class:
Falling onto the tracks!:
It's so funny because those two girls behind me asked me to take their photo for them and they passed me a disposable camera! :O

I didn't even know they still existed! Like, there are still places that develop film? I want to get one! >_<

I hope I took the photo ok though, because there was no screen - I just had to point it and click.

Oh, and I said something soooo fucking stupid! >_< I said, "How much memory do they have?"

!!!!>_< >_< >_< >_<!!!!

I was told they don't have memory, they have a certain number of pictures you can take or something. I should have known that! I used these as a child!

Anyway, we went inside the train!:
There were a lot of new things there that weren't there when we first went.
We stopped for a Butterbeer break:
We went to take photos next to the bus but I couldn't get a good one! My dress kept blowing up!

This one... what even is my face here?! I have such a good ability at pulling bizarre faces:
Knocking on the Dursley's door!:
With Buckbeak!:
Running through the ministry!:
Looking at wands:
Laughing for a reason I cannot remember, in front of the castle!:
On the train! Omg, this was so much fun! I filmed it - it's in the video at the end! This is actually a photo of me filming it ha:
Filming Neton!:
The good news is - I didn't wear high heels this time. So I could walk around without been (being or been?) in pain! Can someone finally teach me the difference between 'being' and 'been', please? It's the one thing I can't grasp in the English language! 

The bad news is - I'm so short. Therefore, much of the time I spent not being able to see things because tall (or average height) people were in front of me! >_<:
I look in deep thought:
In the Great Hall!:
So yeah, we had another amazing time there! We plan on going back again at some point! 

Neton bought me a Slytherin cushion!:

When we got back to the hotel we got drunk at the bar and then took a bunch of weird photos. I'll include one here:
Then we got ready for bed and looked through a bunch of leaflets, trying to decide what to do on the next day:
Here is the video I mentioned earlier:

The tag isn't very good, but there's a bunch of footage from our trip at the end! I'd love to share it with you, since we had such a great time!

Wow, this was really nice, I haven't blogged in ages! It's nice to finally do it again! 

I have a lot I want to blog about, I'm obsessed with gaming right now, I'd love to do a blog about that - but I'll try and keep it to a minimum since I know that bores a lot of people! >_<

Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. Have you ever thought about doing a meetup, Lhouraii?

    I want to go to those studios one day and you said you are going back, you could do a meetup there and we could all walk around together. ^^

    ily <33333

    1. Hm, not really, I don't think many people would show up!

      That does sound pretty fun though! <3

  2. kill it with fire!!!!!!

  3. does this mean you'll be posting on youtube soon? x

  4. so jelly! i wanna go so bad but i live too far :( glad u had fun tho :D

    1. I hope you get to go at some point! It's amazing! <3

  5. I love reading your blogs! I get so happy every time you post a blog or a video! Please post more often, don't leave us!

    and LOL at the disposable camera story! lmao!

    1. Yay, thank you! I'm happy that I make you happy! Haha >_< <3

  6. your hair is so pretty and long *o*

  7. A new post *_* I was wondering if you will ever post again D: The studios look so amazing, I want to visit them too!

    Btw, "been" can only be used together with "have" = I have been in pain <=> being in pain

    1. OMG! Thank you! I understand now! I thought I would never understand it! >_< Thank you so much!

      I've been told so many different ways but yours seems legit and makes sense.

      I was told that being was only for 'beings' like human beings and other 'beings'. And that 'been' was for everything else. I knew this didn't seem right! Haha >_<

  8. I've missed your posts and videos! I'd Love to see more of your haul videos <3

  9. You're so gorgeous & your post made me so happy as I had a long time to see you~ ♡

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