Monday, 21 May 2012

So many things!

Very long post!

I've been making a lot of nails lately. I just want to make nails every second of every day, but if I keep going like this the house will just be full of nails! >_<

Anyhoo, here are some of the nails I've been making!

Elegant Himegyaru nails:

I created a light pink to pink gradient with 2 or 3 shades of glitter, I can't remember haha >_<

I also layered builder gel over the gradient, adding sequins of the same gradient in-between layers.

I love layering with builder gel, it makes the nail art 3D, I'm trying out a few different things with other nails at the moment too - but there would be too many nails in this post if I included them all! Haha

I really like the gold butterfly:

And the ring finger nail - I'm not sure if I'll add more to it or not though:

I've been trying to improve my nail painting too, so I practiced on some nails:

They're supposed to be a starry, night sky with magical mushrooms in a field below. The mushrooms are pink, not red! Neton said 'It's strange seeing you put some red on something' and I snapped and said "It's not red! It's pink!" (I used to hate the colour red because it doesn't suit me at all, but I'm starting to not hate it any more, I actually think I might even like it now!)

Believe it or not, the purple-to-blue gradient in the background is actually 6 colours!

*Sigh* I really wish I was good at painting things.... I really love magical things and wish I could paint a really magical, detailed forest onto some nails!

While we're on the subject of magical things - I watched 'My little pony - Friendship is magic'! Hahahaha >_<

I don't know how I watched it....... I think I saw a photo of one of the characters on Tumblr and it looked really pink and pretty etc. Anyhoo, somehow, curiosity got the better of me and I watched the first episode (while doing something else, I can't actually watch something unless I'm doing something like making nails otherwise I feel like I'm wasting time haha)

So yeah, I told Neton about it and asked him if he wanted to watch it with me. We watched it and now we proper love it! Haha >_<

So yeah, these nails were made while we were watching 'My Little Pony'!:

I love striping different colours of glitter!

/\ /\ /\ /\ If you look closer the middle (pink and purple) is large sequin (at the lower part) then small sequin (in the middle) then dust (at the top)

And I LOVE using different shades of pink together! >_<

This is the shades/shapes of glitter I used for these nails:

I really enjoyed making these, I have to physically stop myself from making a ton more nails! I'm like a werewolf.......... only instead of 'were' (man) it's.... 'thing' (I guess) and instead of 'wolf' it's 'compulsive nail creator'......... so I'm a 'thing compulsive nail creator' ......... well, that didn't turn out as I planned it to, at all! I guess instead of 'thing' I could use 'Lady' or 'girl'....... I just hate been called a 'woman', I'm not sure why! I guess I don't really think about my gender haha >_<

Anyhoooooo....... do any of you watch 'My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic'? If yes, who is your favourite character?

Both Neton and mine is 'Fluttershy'!

Neton found this remix of her on Youtube, I love the music so much! I downloaded it haha

Also, the video for it is soooo cute! I never thought I would like watching cartoons (apart from adult cartoons like Southpark etc) I've shocked myself!

I want to make some Fluttershy inspired nails!

Oh and look at how cute these nails are! Neton made them when we were watching 'My Little Pony'! >_<

So cute! I liked watching his concentration as he made these! Haha I'm proud of him! >_<

Yesterday we went to a carboot, finally! I love them so much!

Here are some things we got:

1.  Magical photo frame (Neton said it looks cheesy, but I really love the dragon and the wizard....... I'm just going through such a magical phase lately!) We put one of our Purikura photos in. I think it was about 50p

2.  Fluffy, pink, heart-shaped mirror! I love it, it was £1!!!!!!!

3.  A pink, fluffy..............thing (that hangs over the bed, I can't remember what they're called). It has butterflies on! I really love it, it was only like 20p!!!!!

I also found some small shelves, the woman said it's an ornamental plate display, but I'm using it as a place to store my nail varnishes! It was only £1!

The funny thing is, I've been trying to make one of these for a while out of paper mache! >_< 

I don't know if I'll ever complete it now! I have no use for it! I can't believe I got a better, bigger one for £1, and I've spent like £3 on glue making that one! Not to mention the time and effort haha oh well!

I also tried to decorate one of my nails polishes, but kind of failed:

It doesn't actually look that bad in real life but..... it's still not how I planned it to look!

Oh and look at this new dress:

I love it, but this was the only photo I have of it, you can still sort of see it haha

Also, here is me pulling an extremely weird face:

I can move my nose up and down (Neton says it's like a rabbits nose) I was doing that when he took it >_<

This photo is only going up because I love how Neton looks in it:

So handsome! 

That reminds me! The other day (while I was watching Neton almost crying in the fetal position, rocking back and forth muttering "I want to die") I realised something. I can be REALLY annoying, when I want to be.

I annoy Neton a lot because it's so funny, it's one of my favourite things to do! I have my own techniques that I made up and everything! I was thinking, maybe this would make a good video! I'm not sure yet, but I might make a 'How to be annoying' video >_<

What do you think?

Aw..... he just got back from taking Luna for a walk and he brought me back a pheasant feather, I love feathers but can rarely get them since I will only use naturally shed ones (most feathers that you can buy are plucked from the dead carcass of the bird =[) 

Wow, this was a very long post. I wonder if anyone made it to the end?



  1. my fave pony is rainbowdash! MLP FTW!!!! lol xx

    1. Haha she is actually my least favourite, but I still love her, I love them all! <3

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL please do how to annoy tutorial i wanna see

    1. Haha well, I really want to. I just wonder if it will be worth making or not >_< <3

  3. I am loving those nails!
    especially those starry night sky ones! (*o*) so pretty <3
    I'm a HUGE my little pony fan (>w<) haha like completely obsessed! My 5 year old sister and I watch it all the time and can't wait for the new season!
    My favourite charaters are Rarity and Celestia ;3 hehee
    Haha, beautiful nails by Newton :'3
    Loving your new dress too! Super cute (^__^)
    (>w>;) I always think I annoy my fiancé but he denies it eveytime haha!

    1. Thanks! We're obsessed now too >_< we're really impatient for the new season, we watched all the episodes so quickly!

      Ah, Rarity is either my second or third favourite!

      Haha it's 'Neton' not 'Newton' - everyone calls him Newton! >_< I definitely annoy him, but on purpose - I'm very skilled at it haha =] <3

  4. PONYS!!! RARITY IS BEST PONY! also love the, id most def be interested in buying some rarity themed nails from you

    1. Rarity is either my second or third favourite, it's between her and pinky pie. I want to make so many nails haha <3

  5. I can't stop watching that video xD love the song. Do you know how it's called? :)

    1. Me too, I listen to the song everyday! The pony is soooo cute! The video is called 'Fluttershys Lament' <3

  6. How Much are you selling your nails for? I would be willing to buy from you!