Saturday, 26 May 2012

OOTD, doll mask, purchases and Yorkshire Dales

So I had to disguise myself for filming a section of the GGA (you'll find out why when you watch it!) I decided to just wear a white mask but glammed it up a little with some pink lips and eyelashes haha:

(I only stuck the lashes on quickly, it's only for a small section)

Neton said it looked really creepy, and we could use it in a short-horror film >_<

I said I think it looks pretty and I wish my face looked like that!

Also, I've been asked to do 'OOTD' (outfit of the day) by a lot of people. I've never done them before because.......... well, no one usually likes my dress sense! Hahahahaha 

I always wear layers, and people always ask me why. I've just always done that, I know that's not a real reason because people can change....... I guess I'm just weird! Haha

So, for example, I would wear trousers under this:

Which is a shame because I love dresses but I can only wear long ones or trousers under them! =/

1. Crystal encrusted fox necklace that Neton bought me for Christmas!
2. Hair crystals and other hair jewellery
3. Purple glitter mehndi
4. Rings
5. Bracelet and nails

I really love the blue and pink scarf >_< Also the dress, here it is without the scarf:

I didn't get any photos of it on I don't think...... I haven't looked through the photos yet because I was filming my part for the GGA. Photos will probably be in the next blog post.

This is one of the rings I wore, I really love it:

Unfortunately, the mehndi didn't adhere properly! Oh well!:

I said to Neton, it just looks like I've scribbled on my hand with a marker pen or something! >_<

Here are the hair crystals when they're in:

Not very organised at all! It's a good job I like wonky things! Otherwise I'd have been upset about the mehndi and hair crystals haha

Oh and some things from Ebay arrived today:

I love this necklace:

Even the back of it is pretty!

Guess how much it was!
............ 55p!

I also reeeealllly love this ring:

Guess how much!
.............. 50p!

Lip ring:

Go on, take a guess!
............ 22p!!!!

I really like this wing ring, it looks like my finger has wings haha:

............ 51p!

I went on a little bargain hunt on Ebay! 

We went to the Yorkshire Dales the other day, I love living in the countryside so much. Everything is so quirky - like all the gates are really small:

So cute! >_<

Ah, the video is almost rendered! I can't wait to finish editing and upload the awards...... they've taken sooooo long this year, I can't even imagine uploading them haha <3


  1. the mask IS creepy!!!!!!!! i luv the nails and the ootd xx


  3. Your unbelievably cute! *^* ^^ The nails & mask are awesome! ♥

  4. Haha wow that mask! XDDD

    Your nails are always so amazing! I wish that I could live in the English countryside, it is a dream of mine! Hopefully someday I can ; 3 ;

    1. Thank you!

      Ah cool! It was a dream of mine too, I still can't believe I live here! <3

  5. I love the mask ♥ It's creepy, but pretty *-*
    And I like your dress sense, it's amazing. The accessories are great especially ring with cat and mask *____*
    And I love your nails, awesome as usually :)

  6. Wow, we have the same pink strawberry necklace :D

  7. Oh my goodness wow! I can't decide if the mask is creepy... Or pretty! >w< haha
    I like it though! :D
    You have sooo much cute jewelery (*__*) I wish I didn't get annoyed easily by chunky rings and such (T^T) its all so pretty
    I love the clothes too <3 I need to update my style a bit haha, I feel so plain :'D

  8. May I ask where did you get the mask from? I am shopping for my halloween costume. Thank you.