Saturday, 29 June 2013


I'm back! Where have I been? ........ not here! Haha >_<

Even though I'm back, I don't have much free time to blog or make videos because I'm busy with sales at my shop etc. I will try my best to make some more videos soon though! GGA is killing me! I'm so late with it but haven't even started the editing yet, I have to wait for the laptop to be fixed. Also, the presenters have left me hanging (as usual), so I have to chase them for their videos or find new presenters >_< ARGH! I need to meditate....... I can't even think about doing all of this right now! Why did I ever create the GGA? I've created a monster! Ha

Anyway, I'll post some photos from the past month.... 2 months? I have no idea:
As you probably guessed, I went to the pub a lot! I had a wonderful conversation with a man at the pub one of the nights:
Man: Wow! Look at you, you have amazing blue eyes!
Me: Thanks, but they're purple and they're not real, they're lenses.
(I carry on my conversation with other people, who he interrupted)
Man: You have beautiful eyes..... really deep blue. Stunning!
Me: *Laugh* Thank you, but as I've said they're-
Man: - Really nice!
Me: They're not rea-
Man: They don't look real
Me: They're not! They're lenses!
Man: You have such gorgeous blue eyes
Me: They're not real! And they're purple!
(At this point, other people were joining in trying to tell him I'm wearing purple lenses)
Man: *continues talking about my 'blue eyes'  *blah blah blah blah*.... You're really ugly though but  you just have those striking blue eyes.
Me: How nice of you to say.

/\ Who says that?! He was a 40+ year old man! I'm a young female! You should never call a female ugly, ever. He said it so 'matter-of-factly' too. I told his friend to make sure he never said that to any girl again. It was just lucky that it was me and I'm used to comments like that. He wasn't trying to be mean though, which is crazy. ARGH, I hate men like that! There was a similar one a while ago. We were in a group walking to a pub a few miles away. I was having a really nice conversation with him  then he randomly insulted me and got annoyed when I was offended! I hate it how men think they have a right to judge my appearance, just because I'm female. Like I'm here for them to look at and I should wear things to please them! ...... Omg, I'm ranting so much today!
Daisies in my hair! /\
I love wearing clip-in hair jewellery:
My hair:
I recently started wearing white dots around my eyes:
Here are some nails that I wore:
One night we got a bottle of free champagne!:
I had my hair as 'mermaid hair' a lot. Oh no..... I feel another rant coming on......

EVERY time I go to the pub, people touch my hair. Why do they think my hair is public property?! Women ALWAYS come up to me, grab my hair and say "Wow, please tell me this isn't real. It's so long!" Then I look like a bitch for saying "Thank you but please don't touch it". I especially hate it when they run their fingers through it! I spend 1 hour brushing my hair every day because it gets so tangled and I don't break a single hair brushing it. Then these people have the nerve to break like 20 hairs in a split second by attempting to run their fingers through it! 

Once when I was having a conversation with a group of girls outside the pub and I was sat in between someones legs (she was sitting 1 ledge up, behind me. She started braiding my hair and I could feel loads snapping! So I asked her to stop and she did but she kept touching my hair again, and then realised she was touching it and stopped.  I have to tell people like 20 times before they get it! My hair is long for a reason - because I don't tug on it!

Wow, that rant came out of nowhere! Sorry about that!

It was someones birthday about 1 month ago so I made him a cake. It's supposed to be him stood at the bar! >_<:
Not impressive but the inside was checkered! 

Here I am on my way to...... I can't remember where! I remember laughing so much that my lower eyelashes fell off though! That's why they're gone here:
Random photos:

So, that's all for now! I'll be uploading some recent photos soon! Since all of these were a while ago!

Oh and I'm having a sale at my shop:

(I'll post more about it soon)


Friday, 28 June 2013

Walking in Nature (my 'up-dos')

(Sorry for my lack of posts! I have been away for a while! I'm back now though! I'll be continuing posting soon! I'm so behind with blogging! This blog is a draft that I wrote ages ago but never posted! So I'll post this and then hopefully post from tomorrow onwards!)

So, a while ago it was actually sunny here in England (SHOCK!)...... It hasn't been since though! Our summers in England consist of hail stone, so it seems! It's so freaking cold!

So, when it was actually sunny, we went on a nice walk. I'm not used to having my hair up, but I wanted it out of my face. (Does a braid count as an 'up-do'?).

I ended up braiding my hair back, I had two French Braids at each side of my head. The four braids joined into one at the back of my head.
.... Not very skilfully done, but it kept my hair out of my face!
I just wore a random dress with a belt
Neton got me a Hello Kitty water bag! 
It was such a nice walk!
I'm so used to being really cold whenever I'm outside! So it was nice to not be cold! Haha
We stopped to relax on some rocks:
I had no makeup on, so please excuse my skin! ... I did draw on some eyebrows quickly before we left though:
On a different sunny day (two in one year?! Wow!) we walked to the Haworth 'Waterfall'. For this I just braided my hair in two and then pinned them up:
No makeup again, not even eyebrows! Hahaha >_<
We brought along a 'spring green wrap!:
Super delicious! Here's how it's made!:


- Spring Green leaves
- Carrots
- Miso Paste
- Tomato
- Avocado
- Cress


1. Boil and mash the carrots
2. Add in Miso paste and mix together
3. Lay out some Spring Green Leaves
4. Spread the carrot and Miso mash on the leaves 
5. Add the clopped tomatoes, avocado and cress
6. Roll it up, tuck in the sides as you roll!
(Similar to rolling sushi)

....... I'm not good at writing instructions! Hahaha >_<

Anyway, here are some cute sheep:
I hope we get at least one more sunny day this year because I wanted to film a few tutorials outside! 

Oh well! <3