Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Little Pony Nails

So yesterday I filmed myself making some nails, I quickly edited the video together today and here it is! :

Let me know what you think!

Also, if you have the time, please stop by the video on Youtube and give it a like and comment!:

I appreciate all support - every single 'like'! So thank you so much! =]

Here are some photos of the nails:


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Recent bargains and other stuff

So here are a few things I bought recently! They were all super cheap!

My favourite is 'My Little Pony' DS stickers! My DS looks so pretty now!:
This is how they arrived:

They were so simple to stick on! 

I actually never use my DS but now I definitely will! It's too cute not to use! It will be good for passing time in car journeys.

Here is my DS before and after!:
(Obviously, after sticking the stickers on I also added my deco case - so the top sticker (left) isn't actually seen..... which is good because I don't really like that one! Haha

While on the subject of 'My Little Pony', I also bought some 'MLP' napkins yesterday! I'm planning on using them for nail art!:
I also bought some bindis:
While I was shopping for bindis there was a little girl (about 4 or 5) taking photos of me >_< She kept standing wherever I stood and staring at me haha - I said to Neton "I don't know if it was good or bad" he just said it's because not many people there have long blonde hair...... I'm still undecided. She was cute though!

I also bought these earrings from the same shop - they were on sale!
I'm going to use them as tikka (forehead decoration) I usually use earrings like this because they're so much cheaper and if you lose it..... you have a spare one! Haha

Neton bought me a Hello Kitty pen:

Yesterday I also bought a Hello Kitty cup from the £1 shop:
So cute!
Oh and we went to a carboot sale last week where I bought a 'Miss Army Knife' (Play-on-words of 'Swiss Army Knife btw)
It's pink!
It has a mirror, lip gloss, makeup brush and lots of other things.
It will definitely come in handy! I was actually looking for an army knife so I was lucky to find a cheap pink one!

I wanted one because I can't eat tomatoes anymore without cutting them in 1/2 first........ It's kind of crazy but it's due to a phobia I have..... I'm not telling you what my phobia is of but it's completely irrational! I love tomatoes but I can't bite into them because I think *phobia* will be inside! There's no way the thing I'm freaked by will be inside, I know that logically..... but still. So that's why I needed a Swiss Army Knife - to cut tomatoes in half before eating them....... hahahaha >_< 

For anyone wondering - yes, it is a real phobia. I wish I could 'get over it' but I really can't. I've had the phobia since I was like 4 or 5 years old. 

Here are a few photos of me through the last week...... looking all boring and normal >_<:
I need a new hairstyle! Let me know if you have any ideas of what would look good on me!

Also...... you may have noticed I'm wearing the same clothes over and over...... I don't even know why I'm not ashamed! Haha

I guess it's because I feel quite 'medieval' because that's what people did back then - just wore the same dress every day. But I'm not doing it on purpose. I just don't have much money to buy new clothes and a lot of my clothes need re-stitching and mending from wear-and-tear.

...... Probably because I don't take care of them well enough! Like walking in the sea with my trousers and dress on:
English sea-side....................... /\

We went to the beach for a day, the sand there had clay in it:

It took forever to get that out from my toenails!

I had to walk to the nearest toilets over lots of gravel and rocks barefoot, so that I could wash my feet to put my shoes back on! It's a good thing I used to train barefoot over gravel and broken glass as a child! But still - ouch! Haha

This photo is funny though:
We didn't know it was taking the photos! We were trying to have a photo with my niece! (Her head is in the top-left) They're all so terrible! But it wouldn't let us do it again so we had to choose one! Hahaha >_<

The other day we gave Mitmit a bath:
He's so cute! He really enjoyed it and ended up laying down! Haha

I think his nose and mouth look like a face in one photo.............
................ So I put makeup on it!


Oh, and we stopped by the Chinese supermarket and bought some Natto...... we've never tried it before but we wanted to.

We tried it and........... ew! It's so slimy and it just tastes like coffee...... I really wanted to like it, so I tried it again. I put it on toast like members of Angeleek did.... I also added some mayo just like them..... but it was still gross! .......... and I don't even like toast either so I'm not sure why I thought that would work!


Here's Brodie and Luna looking all cute!:
Last week we were in Thornhill visiting family...... I really wanted to film 2 tutorials today and tomorrow but guess what......... I left my camera charger in Thornhill! >_< I don't know what I'm going to do!
On the way back from Thornhill:
Luna licking Netons eye!:
Neton bought a weird looking melon today:
We're leaving it to ripen for a while though so we don't know what it's like yet!

Luna had some melon the other day though and it made her lips all pink!:
She's sooooo cute! >_<

I'm sure there was something else I was going to say........ 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


On Sunday we went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio in London! It was the best day ever! I'm such a big Harry Potter fan and have been since the early 2000's when only the books were out! So here I am on a broomstick, flying through London!:

Haha I'll get the how that happened later.... I took so many photos - HUNDREDS! It was so difficult cutting them down to this many. But I thought, you can look on the internet for better photos of the set and props than I took! So I cut most of the awesome stuff out, there was just too much of it! This is going to be my longest ever blog post, I really hope at least one of you reads all of it - I'm really excited to share my experience with you!

So, let's start from the beginning of the day, I guess!
I woke up naturally at like 5am and curled my hair
It didn't stay curled for long though, you'll see it deteriorate throughout the post! Haha
I also wore my favourite bindi!
In the lift, leaving the hotel:
I made Harry Potter nails, not very good ones as I was rushed:
One of the fingers has all for colours of the houses in glitter and a 'H' for Hogwarts!
The back of my hair:
When we arrived we entered the doors into the Great Hall! It was so amazing! So detailed! I still can't believe I was there! I felt like crying! Haha
(By the way, all the sets, props and costumes are all what they used in the films!)
LEFT: In Potions class           RIGHT: In the Great Hall!
Outside shops in Diagon Alley!:
LEFT: Next to Hagrid               RIGHT: In the Ministry of Magic!
In Dumbledores office, getting something from the cupboards for Dumbledore haha:
Hahahahaha I love my face in the one on the right - Neton has great timing at taking photos >_<
There was an area where you could queue to get photos on a broom and in the car! The queue was really long but worth it! It wasn't boring waiting though because you got to see everyone getting their photos on big screens above them. But everyone was doing the same thing! Blushing and smiling awkwardly at the camera.....
When it was our turn I found out why. The guy says 'Look at the camera and smile in 3,2,1' *Takes photo*
So, when he was counting down I said quickly to Neton "Point over here like you've seen something interesting" 
When I saw our photos it looks like Neton was wanting to please both me and the camera guy! He did both! He pointed (like I asked) and smiled at the camer (like the camera guy asked!):
I gave him a slap for not listening to me fully! Hahahaha
Here is his broomstick photo, flying over Hogwarts!:
The studio had an outside area about halfway through where you could buy BUTTERBEER!
OMG! It was so awesome! I have no idea how they did this but...... it bubbled! It was ice cold, fizzy and tasted like butterscotch but nicer. It had a reeeallly thick cream on top that was bubbling like a cauldron potion! It can't be good for you! Haha

I was so sad because I didn't even drink a 10th of mine, it was too filling! I don't drink fizzy drinks so I'm not used to them!

There were lots of awesome things outside, here I am on the Night Bus!:
Here we are in the flying car!:
We also stopped by the Dursleys house!:
Sneaking away, inconspicuously!:
The very queen that knocked out Ron!:
I'll include more photos at the end anyway! There was so much there, it was so awesome!
There was a shop at the end and they allowed you to try on robes! We tried on Slytherin robes!:
LEFT: In the shop with a timeturner I bought    RIGHT: Outside the shop
When we left it was soooo bright, we could barely see where we were going! We'd been inside for hours and it was such a bright day! I wanted a photo with the statues outside but in all of them I'm squinting like crazy! Haha
When we were back at the car, we took one last photo of ourselves looking really sad that it's over:
Neton looks a little more angry than sad though!:
Hahahahhaa >_<

Now I'll post more photos of what was there!
Vodemorts fathers grave!:
Dobby looked shocked to see us!:
............ I was going to post photos of Dumbledores Office, Great Hall, Common Room etc but..... it would make this post even longer and you can find better photos of them online or even just watch the films! Hahaha >_<
The Fat Lady:
There was a big, beautiful Hogwarts model at the end. It was AMAZING! So much detail!
Whenever there are outside shots of the castle, it's of this model! You can see how big it is if you can see the people in the background of it!
OH! There was a painting I recognised from the staircase! It was at the end in the shop - I knew exactly where it was in the film! I took a photo of the painting and screen-capped the film to show you!:
There were interactive things throughout the studio too! Like this:
You wave your hand over it and it washed Mrs Weasleys pan (like in The Chamber of Secrets)
LEFT: The invisibility cloak          RIGHT: Rons Yule Ball outfit:
Getting a wand:
Diagon Alley was soooo cool!:
And some more of me in the morning before leaving the hotel:
If any of you have any tips on how to make hair stay styled - please tell me! Mine ALWAYS goes flat, no matter how much hairspray I use. Even the backcombing goes flat!
My souvenirs from the day!:
Tickets, photos, bags etc
The only thing I bought from the shop was a timeturner!:
The shop was so expensive, but I guess they have a right to be! The timeturner is so cool! It has a little sand timer in the middle, I've never noticed that in the films before!
On the way back home:
We ate seaweed on the way back - it's my favourite food in the world!:
So yeah, any Harry Potter fans who can afford to go really should! It was AMAZING!
I want to go back! As soon as I can go back, I'm going! And this time I'm going to beat the record of staying for 11 hours!
There's so much more than I've shown....
Thank you Warner Bros Studios for giving me the best day ever!