Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer Cocktail Party!

This is also from a few months ago! I'm pretty much up to date after this, I can continue blogging! YAY!

So, we stayed in Leeds (at Neton's family's house), we decided to make cocktails, sit outside and go on the trampoline!
We started with Mojito!
Then Pina Colada (my favourite cocktail!)
And then..... I can't remember what this was... it was strawberry.. something:
So yeah, then we chilled out on the trampoline for a while with Luna. We had Tia Maria with coffee (SO nice! I don't even like coffee!).

I don't know when these \/ photos are from..... I don't know what we were doing that day either.

I started wearing wooden beads in my hair though:
See you soon! <3

Saturday, 24 August 2013

I made a pretty dress!

We've almost caught up now! I think this was just before I had to go away!

I made a dress, I used no pattern and had no help at all - I followed no tutorial, this was ALL from my brain! Haha >_< the reason I'm so proud of it is that I don't have much sewing experience, so this was so amazing for me!
I ran out of cloth for the sleeves! >_<
It's so pretty and green and gold! I feel like a character from a video game!
This was so long ago so I can't remember what we were actually doing that day, I know that I wore my favourite nails though!:
I must have worn those nails at least 30 times! I've deleted a ton of photos of random days where I took photos of them! Haha >_<
Here is a photo of the dress on the dummy, I made it directly onto the dummy. You can see the gold pattern better here:
Shall I make a tutorial on this style of dress? It's SUPER easy! Let me know! <3

Friday, 23 August 2013

decoden phone case (VIDEO)

Lhouraii Li gaijin gyaru gal banba manba ganguro yamanba hime kawaii japanese kawaii deco hime himegyaru snog marry avoid ligyaru gyaru deco nails blog

So, before I left, I filmed and edited a video to upload. Here it is:

Link to the video:

/\ It would be awesome if you stopped by for a thumbs up! /\

Here are some photos of my phone:
Lhouraii Li gaijin gyaru gal banba manba ganguro yamanba hime kawaii japanese kawaii deco hime himegyaru snog marry avoid ligyaru gyaru deco nails blog
these are my backgrounds:

My locked background is obviously so old-school but I've always loved this photo and always will!:
Lhouraii Li gaijin gyaru gal banba manba ganguro yamanba hime kawaii japanese kawaii deco hime himegyaru snog marry avoid ligyaru gyaru deco nails blog
My unlocked background is Black Diamond, it has sparkles on it so you'll have to watch the video to see those:
Lhouraii Li gaijin gyaru gal banba manba ganguro yamanba hime kawaii japanese kawaii deco hime himegyaru snog marry avoid ligyaru gyaru deco nails blog
Should I do a video on what apps I use? I have a lot of girly, Japanese-y apps... well, not a LOT but yah. Let me know what you think!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

DIY Natural Skin Bleach and Amazing Face Mask!

Commercial skin bleach is really harsh and damaging on the skin, so here's a safer, all natural alternative! Great for lightening your skin or even just problem areas like lips.
You will need:
- Lemon
- Vitamin E Oil
- Tea Tree Oil
- A container

I bought these cute little containers from Ebay:


1: Squeeze about 1/2 of the lemon
2:  Make the mixture about 1/4 - 1/3 Vitamin E oil
3: Add 2-3 drops of Tea Tree oil
4: Put the lid on and shake

It's best if you apply this to your skin before you go to sleep and then wash it off in the morning.

NEXT: Amazing Face Mask!

This formula has been used since ancient times, it leaves the skin so smooth and glowing! 

You will need:

- 2 table spoons Gram Flour
- 1 Table spoon Almond oil
- 1.5 table spoon Turmeric
- Milk

1: Add the Gram flour, Almond oil and Turmeric into a bowl
2: Mix in some milk until the mixture resembles a thick paste


LEFT: Turmeric Face mask        RIGHT: Turmeric Eye Mask

How to apply:

- Apply it in a thick layer, all over your face (avoiding the eye area) - you should probably make sure your hair is away from your face first!
- Wait for however long it takes until it hardens. You should not be able to move your face.
- Wet your face with warm water and massage the mixture into your skin. I like to do this in sections.
- Wipe away with a warm, wet cloth
- Pat dry
(Depending on your skin tone, you might be left with a lovely golden glow or you may end up looking like you have severe liver problems! Don't worry if you're the latter! The turmeric will wash off, just keep rinsing until it's gone.).

NEXT: Mixture for the eye area:

You will need:
- 2 teaspoons Buttermilk
- About 1 teaspoon Turmeric
- A few drops of almond oil


1: Mix

How to apply:

1: Apply under and around your eyes, up to the lash line (be careful not to get any in your eyes!
2: Leave for about 20-30 minutes
3: Gently wipe off with a wet cloth (this is where you get some in your eyes if you're not careful!).

To store, cover the mixtures:
They will last about 1 week in the fridge and a couple of days out of the fridge.

There are lots of different variations of turmeric masks, this is my favourite recipe for them! 

I slightly adapted Farah Dhukai's recipe.

Here are her videos:

I hope you try it!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I'm back!

I had to go away for a while, but I'm back now. I got back to see a TON of messages etc, so I'm so sorry if I didn't reply! 

I was behind on blogging before I left, so I'm going to try to post 1 entry per day to catch up! I can't wait to get back into blogging/Youtube etc!

So, I'll post some photos now but I think they're from like 3 or 4 months ago! >_<

So, let's start catching up! I think these are from when we went shopping in Leeds:
Brodie is so cute!
I bought some new shoes from Ebay:
When we were in Leeds we stopped at a pub for 2 drinks:
I'm not sure when this was:
Oh, and I have a new phone:
...Which reminds me, I think I was editing a video of the deco process before I left... I think I was going to upload it to Youtube.
These are the nails I wear most often, they're currently my favourite!:
I love the key!

This is just from a random day at the pub:
Then a random outing at the supermarket one night when we were drunk (we love to run around the shops once the pub closes, we usually get more alcohol and go walk around the countryside!

I saw some croissants that we had in Romania:
I drew Neton a moustache haha:
We love to run around the countryside when we're drunk!:
One day, we went for a little picnic in the countryside. I bought 2 cans of alcohol (I didn't know what it was) because the cans looked pretty and pink. I thought it was going to be some sort of sweet, girly drink...... it was cider! EW! So, I didn't drink it:
Another random day:
We had bubble tea for the first time!:
It was delicious! 

I'm playing Zelda again, this time my character is called 'you twat' - it looks like everyone is angry at him whenever they say his name:
I can't remember where I was in the game now, it was so long ago haha >_<

So, I'll hopefully be posting tomorrow too! I can't wait to update you on everything, Neton painted our bedroom pink and we got a kitten - so I can't wait to show you that!