Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pink Princess

I really need to get some more cloth to make more dresses soon!

Here is my makeup from yesterday:
I chose to wear pink and gold:
I wore some nails that I recently listed in my shop, they were a recreation of some other nails:
It says 'princess' across them, I can't pose with my finger in the right position because I broke some of my fingers and they're weird now. I tried but this was the best I could do!:
My hair had some pink strands to match, I drew them in with hair chalk but the rest of my hair hides them! >_<
I also wore a bracelet that Neton got me recently, I love it!:
We could sit outside for as long as we wanted yesterday, because there was no sun showing, it was cloudy - yay!
So, anyway, we drank at the pub for a while and did the pub quiz:
Then we went to Asda for more alcohol (as usual!):
There was a very cute little girl who came up to me for a photo, so I had to pretend not to be drunk! Haha - Neton said I did a good job at acting sober though! Usually only adults ask for photos when I'm drunk because all the children are asleep at home by that time!

So, then we went into the countryside but we go to different areas now because the countryside near us is sooooooo dodgy at night! >_< The area that we love going to the most (The Tarn - it's a really nice little river with ducks) is a place where drug deals are made. Whenever we drive past it's always full now!

Then, another place we liked to go is now been used for dogging! :O

There was another area we liked, but when we went there last time there was a car that sped off when it saw us and crashed into a wall. We have seen the car since and it's all burnt out, so it was obviously stolen.

All of this, in the pitch-black night, deep in beautiful countryside! Who would think it!

So yeah, we drove to a different area!
I got annoyed at my shoes when I was climbing a gate, so I took them off after this:
I was dancing around with my scarf, though I don't really remember it much! >_<
Back in the car, I put my feet up, I wasn't wearing odd socks for the first time in so long:
I'm so short! >_<
When I'm sat behind someone in a car, they always apologise when they move the seat back to make room for their legs - the seat can literally go all the way back and my legs will still have soooo much room! Haha >_< I used to hate being short, but now I think I'm fine with it, there are some good points! 

Until next time, bye bye! <3

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Skyrim and other things

I couldn't think of a title...
So, this is my makeup from the other day
My hair was bad though, because I had braided it for the waves like 3 days before this, but we ended up not going out. All the other days I went out with my sunglasses on, just for walks in the countryside so there was no need to style my hair.

Anyway, it was soooo knotted! Oops! >_<

It turned out ok though:
This is what I wore:
I really love the pattern on the dress, the blue and pink look so pretty to me!
I used some pink hair chalk in my hair. I also braided in some flowers that I re-found the other day! I used to braid the same flowers into my hair when I was about 15/16. It made me want to do it again, I need to find more things though because back then I used to braid anything into my hair! My hair was full of braids with different things braided in. Wool, flowers, long plastic things, etc.
My nails were made from scratch this time. I usually use clear false nails to decorate but I couldn't find any in the shape I wanted, so I made my own from acrylic powder. It was my first time using acrylic powder like this! I need much more practice! Haha
I uploaded a photo on Instagram of the nails in progress if you're interested:

I only joined Instagram quite recently, I didn't think I would like it but I'm obsessed!
I think I made the acrylic glitter powders too thin, I didn't add enough glitter when I was mixing it. I have learnt from my mistake though, I'm making some more that aren't as see-through (further down this post).

Here's a close-up of the hair chalk and one of the braids:
I love this nail shape, it's currently my favourite nail shape:
I have a long way to go with making the bases, but I'm happy at how they turned out for my first try!
So, yeah, anyway! We just went for a walk and I filmed a few videos which are pretty unusable so I'm going to re-film them (story of my life!). I also had a little video interview for a new tv show but I don't know if I'll be on it yet. I'm not allowed to say anymore than that though!

Anyway, we went to the pub for the rest of the day/night and then we went to get more drinks from Asda. I really don't remember it at all!
Man, I was drunk! Haha

Anyway, after that we went dancing around the countryside. It was such a clear night! We laid down to look at the stars and I remember ranting on and on about how amazing this universe is and how you can look at a star even though no humans have ever been to that part of this universe yet. Also, I bet there are so many other beings within those star-systems. Like, at least one of those stars will be the sun for a planet full of intelligent life, and we can stare at the star that heats their planet, yet it's so far away. I wonder how many beings look into the sky and see our sun as a distant star, and if they think something similar.
Anyway, it was falling on deaf ears! Apparently, Neton doesn't find that stuff interesting, it's just dots in the sky to him! I can't even imagine, I could stare at the night sky forever!

A while ago, we went shopping in Leeds. I love shopping in Leeds! I was looking for some new cloth to make another dress with but there wasn't really anything there. 

I mentioned in a previous post that I fell over in Leeds, I slipped into a split! Haha >_< My feet were really hurting from walking around in such big heels - I never learn my lesson!

So, I got some cheap flat shoes to wear so that I could shop longer... 
I always wear odd socks for a reason I don't know, but I didn't expect to have them on show! Oops! I couldn't not wear socks with them because I would have got blisters.

It was funny though so I didn't even care - it's a good job I don't really get embarrassed! When you wear makeup like mine, people rarely look at your feet anyway!

Oh, but guess what! I got blisters anyway! I wore ugly socks and I still got blisters on the back of my ankles! They were bad too, I still have them now!

I was very lazy that day though, I didn't wear my extensions or gyaru nails. I tried painting my nails and adding glitter and stuff:
It's so funny that I'm really good at making complex false nails, but when I do my own nails simply, I suck!

Oh, by the way, there's a dress up game with me in for anyone who's interested! I played it and these are my favourite looks:
You can play it HERE

Speaking of games, I don't know if I've blogged about this yet but we got an Xbox 360 recently. I have never, ever played on an Xbox before and I was so shocked that I liked it! 

The story to how we got it is funny though! Neton stopped at a game shop on his way home from work because he wanted to get me a game (he surprises me with little gifts sometimes). He picked up a Wii game and went to pay for it with his card but the guy said he needed to spend over £5 to pay by card, so Neton picked up an Xbox 360 and a bunch of Xbox games and went back to the till. He ended up spending over £100 (obviously), when all he went in for was a cheap little game! Haha >_< 

So, yeah - I've completed Fable 2 and started playing Fable 3 but I can't really get into it. 

Funny story about Fable 2:

So, when I found out I could get married I thought "Hm, I want to marry someone and give them a better life". So, I decided to marry a prostitute! I decided to wait until I could afford a big house though. One day, I was walking through town and I saw a beggar, I wanted to give him something so I gave him a crappy ring I had forgotten to get rid of. Anyway, so the guy thinks I've proposed to him! I'm like "No, whatever dude, just sell it or something. Bye!". But no, whenever I talk to someone in town, they congratulate me on my engagement! The begger must have told everyone! I don't want my prostitute to find out! 

So, I decide to kill the guy. Only, I can't do it because it feels so wrong. So I told him to follow me into the woods and I planned on letting the wolves get him! However, as I'm walking through the woods, I turn to look behind me, to make sure he's still following me, and I see his smiling face. He says "I can't wait to get married!".

Damn it! I can't kill this guy, I'm so soft! So I ended up taking him to a far away gypsy camp and buying him a caravan. I never saw him again but I bet he was happy, and I lived happily ever after with my prostitute! Haha >_<

Truly, anything can happen in Fable 2.

I love Skyrim though! Wow! I hated it at first because it was in first person, but I love it now - it's so detailed and it feels like I'm really there! Does anyone else play it? Feel free to give me advice/tips!
I want to find games that I can play online with Xbox 360, in like a WoW setting - does anyone know of any?

Anyway, so earlier in the post I mentioned trying to make my own nail bases but I made the acrylic glitter mix too weak. I tried again and they turned out better this time!:
The shape is still off though! Well, practice makes perfect, right?
I also think that the nails should start off thinner near the cuticle area, they look too thick I think.

By the way, the nails that have pink in the non-pink part were purposely done that way, I ran out of the peachy glitter and I'm planning on covering most of the nails in deco anyway!

That's all for now, until next time, bye bye! <3

Monday, 28 July 2014

Something that pisses me off...

I know this might just be a silly little thing, but it really annoys me. Look at these faces:
Do they look similar to you? Yeah, they all have goofy faces - big, round eyes with small irises, big noses, small lips. They even pull similar face expressions! They're not conventionally attractive, at all, right?

Why do animated films use this formula to create 90% of their male leads?! It drives me crazy - only because they almost always get the 'hot' girl. Let's take a look at what a quick Google search found:
"Oh, how loveable! The male character has such a goofy face, how original!"
The female love interest will almost always have seductive, almond eyes.
Hot girls can't resist a goofy, awkward face:
Because conventionally unnattractive guys are just irrisistable to women:
Another thing, which I've talked about before - why do they always sexualise female characters in CHILDRENS films?
Because, how can they have a female GUINEA PIG if it's not sexy? ... Guinea pigs, really? We've really sunk this low as a society?

And yeah, this is all fine - awesome - if it was the same in reverse. Because appearances SHOULDN'T matter, at all. But the truth is that 90% of females who are not conventionally attractive are evil:
I think this is a pretty harmful concept.

Like, 'Beauty and the Beast'. It's such a wonderful message to give to people watching:

'Don't love for looks, look beneath that'. 

He gets put under a spell for been too shallow, for only liking beautiful women. So he gets turned into a beast until he learns his lesson:
But he didn't learn anything! He just happened to bag the most beautiful girl he's ever seen! I mean, even her name means 'beauty'! It was Bell who learnt the lesson - but she didn't need teaching anything, she was already a nice person!

Wouldn't the message have been better if Bell was also hideous (or at least not insanely beautiful)? They would both learn to love one another and he would learn that even ugly girls can be loved.

Oh, what's that, media? Ugly girls don't deserve love unless it's for comic effect? Oh, ok.

Yeah, I just needed to rant about this! I know it's silly - but I really hope they start making goofy, unattractive female characters with hot men to even things out a little bit.

I do enjoy watching all of these films (well, the ones I've seen), so I'm not hating on them - just this concept.

I'm sure we'll be seeing many more of those generic, male, goofy faces in upcoming films - yay! <3