Monday, 16 September 2013

Beautiful New Dress!!!!

I made another new dress! I'm so proud of myself! I didn't use a pattern or anything! >_<
I should have taken better photos of it! It criss-crosses at the top. It also has cut-out shoulders! I love it soooo much!

So, we went to a beer festival on Saturday at the pub.

I made some new nails:
You can find them in my shop, here: 

So, yeah! We went to the pub, I drank waaaaay too much! >_< I'm sure I did some dumb stuff haha! Oh well!
Hahahaha \/ Half blinking!
Yeah, we had fun anyway! I can't wait for Halloween! >_< Eeeeeeee!


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Trip to a castle!

We went to a castle the other week, it was great! It was the third time I've been to that particular castle (Skipton Castle).

I wore my new green dress that I made:
The castle was great! Although, I did fall over! That's what I get for wearing heels! Haha
I hate this bag! It doesn't go with anything! I don't even know why I got it in the first place! I need to get some new ones! >_<
/\ It was super windy that day!
I almost fell down some stairs!
Afterwards, we went to a pub in Skipton to get drunk! We were originally going to go to a cocktail bar but, when we found it, it was closed. It's a shame too! It looked really dodgy, but interesting - it was hidden under some buildings (the stairs leading down to it were easy to walk past and miss. And there were no windows. Afterwards, we stopped at a 'funfare'(?I don't know what they're called?) that was near us.
Then we spent the rest of the night at the pub!

It was pretty fun, but I think I was super hungover the next day!

There's a beer festival this weekend at the pub so I think we'll go to that!

By the way, I was planning on uploading videos at least once per week. I'm planning a few Halloween tutorials, but I was waiting on a wig from a new wig sponsor (I won't mention their name). They agreed to send me a wig like a month or two ago, so I held off the Halloween tutorials until I had the wig. They said they'd send me a contract to sign. I waited weeks and heard nothing. So, I contacted them again. When they finally sent the contract, it was so long and unreadable to me (I didn't understand any of it, I don't have a law degree ffs). They wanted me to print it off, sign it, scan it and send it back to them! Since I don't have a printer/scanner, and I live in the middle of nowhere (no printing shops..... or shops in general. There's just a pub here!) - this was all just too much for me to do, just for a free wig! I barely have time to reply to emails, never mind reading through all of that contract! So, I've gone with a different sponsor instead. Of course, it wasn't their fault, I guess that's just their protocol. I have no hard feelings towards them. But still, a lot of my time was wasted. 

I'll be uploading some Halloween tutorials soon, hopefully! I'll try to think of some looks I could do with the wigs/lenses I already have, until the new ones arrive! 

Oh, and we watched 'The World's End'! It's so funny! I suggest you watch it too! >_< <3

Monday, 2 September 2013

Dramatic Summer Makeup! (Photos and Video)

Here is a video I uploaded the other day! /\

Here are some photos from that day!:

/\ Pink rug! I love how the bedroom looks now! >_< For those who don't know, Neton painted it pink! He said this is my bedroom and he'll use the other room for his things! >_< 
You can see a little part of the bedroom here, but I can't wait until it's fully done and I can show you!:
Here is the eye makeup:
Glittery, pink lips!: 
So yah, there are some photos! Taking photos while lying down might just be my new favourite thing! Haha >_<

But omg! Last night I had such a scary dream! I'm reeeeeally scared of zombies and I dreamt there was a zombie apocalypse. It was sooo real! Anyway, lots of scary stuff happened and I found my way into an underground train area where 'non-zombies' went to hide. There was a group of guys joking together. One of them was offered £5 by his friends to tie himself to the train tracks and get run over by a train, as a joke (like it was some Jackass stunt). The guy did it, I said to someone who I was near "That guy won't survive that". He was tied to the tracks and then he heard a train coming, he started to struggle a little bit but the train went over him, it was soooo graphic. His friends were covered in his guts and blood, laughing (as if he'd just broken his arm or something). Anyway, that made me feel so sick, I woke up. It's really stuck with me, it was so horrible! This is what I mean when I say I can't watch gory horror films, it's just too real for me. One of my friends was ran over by a train when we were about 12 or 13 years old. His friend managed to get off the tracks in time to not get hurt physically, but he was covered in the blood and guts from our friend still on the tracks. 

Ah! Sorry for the random downer! Haha - that dream just really bugged me!

I would be so good at writing good horror films though, there's a ton of stuff that just pops into my head (unwelcomed, of course).

I sucks though, about the horror films, I do like watching them (non-gory).  I like ghost films, but I can't watch a lot of them because they have gore in! >_<

Maybe I just need to toughen up a bit haha >_<