Saturday, 26 January 2013

Birthday Blog!

So, last Monday it was my birthday! I decided to use hair tinsel and curl my hair!
This is my hair before I took the pins out. I might film a tutorial on Monday!:
These are the nails I decided to wear, they are soooooo short! I really felt like wearing short ones for some reason!:
I've been really into short nails lately, they just seem cute. But I think I'm going to start wearing them longer again!

I did Mehndi on my hand the night before but it's really bad because it's free hand and I didn't use any inspiration ha woops!
Here are us both before leaving the house:
After that photo /\ I told Neton off for pushing his head against mine. He always does it and it flattens my hair! GR! So, in the next photo, I'm looking annoyed and he's looking guilty! Haha:
My makeup and everything else was just normal
My hair always goes flat so easily! This is at the arcade:
I have no idea what I was doing here:
When we were playing air-hockey, my nail fell off and went down the hole! 
Luckily, Neton had a few spares in his pocket! Ha

We actually played games this time (usually we can't afford so we just walk around and get drunk). Netons mum gave me some money to enjoy my birthday with, so we spent it playing games!
Then we went for cocktails!
Pina Colada, of course!
Another weird face:
On the phone!
Afterwards, we came back to our little village and went to our village pub! There was a pool tournament on and our pub won! Yay! Apparantly, they play pool every Monday so we're going again this Monday to watch. I never thought I would be interested in watching pool but anything's fun surrounded by alcohol! Haha

OH, I almost forgot! Here is a video of my day:

I show what I got for my birthday! Also, at the end, there's video footage of Luna being cute in the snow and getting scared of a snowman!

Bye for now! <3

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Manba Fun!

The other day Neton and I were bored and hungover, so we decided to be manba for the day. He's so good for letting me dress him up! Haha
 I have a new pink wig too. I've styled it a little, but it's not finished yet! You can still see a part of the netting! It was a reeeealllllyy cheap wig, it was soooo shiny, I've talced it but it's still shiny..... oh well!
We had fun though.... it's so annoying how Neton always looks so much more prettier than me in makeup! How bad is it when your boyfriend can pull off Gyaru better than you? GR!
..... Even with a damn beard! ARGH!

We kept swapping wigs, I prefer the darker pink one!

So here are the other photos we took!:
So, until next time! I want to make that pink wig as big as possible! <3

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fun at the arcade!

So, we were staying in Leeds a while ago and we decided to stop by a place we used to go to a lot when we lived there! We had so much fun!

Oh, and I finally dyed my roots! 
I hated walking around with my stupid black roots showing all the time, my hair never felt clean!

Before setting off to Leeds, I cam-whored a little bit in front of a painting in our living room! It's my new favourite place to take photos haha
So anyway, we went shopping in Leeds and then went to an arcade we used to visit!

It was sooooo funny because we used to go there all the time and sneak in alcohol/get into trouble. We used to play tricks on the security guard and really annoy him. He used to always follow us around whenever we visited, so we were upset when we went there again for the first time in like a year (or 2?) and he wasn't there! But after about 1 hour, I was waiting for Neton outside the toilets and that's when I saw him! He walked out of a backroom in the distance with that grumpy look he always had on his face! I was so happy to see him again, I pointed him out to Neton excitedly when he came back from the toilet. When he finally saw us, we all just stood there looking at each other for a while, we were grinning and he was scowling. He followed us around for the rest of the night, we were so happy haha >_< We weren't doing anything wrong though, now we can actually afford to buy alcohol from the bar haha >_< 

We still can't afford to play many games though, so we mostly just walk around getting drunk. There was a game with a seat and curtains at each side, so we sat in there for a while with our drinks:
But omg, it was playing a preview of the game while we were sat there drinking and suddenly a zombie ran up to the screen screaming! I'm reeeally scared of zombies so I actually ran out screaming and waving my arms, the people stood outside looked so strangely at me! Neton always says I act so camply haha
/\ That's me stood outside the game that scared me!
The drinks were nasty though >_<
/\ That was a Pina Colada...... the guy who served me actually said "You're going to just have to mix this constantly while drinking it"............ it was so gross...... and fizzy! :S 

So then we just wondered around the arcade for a while!
Then we made our way back to Netons parents house (where we were staying).
When we were at the arcade we had our photo taken in a photo machine thingy! We didn't know they were taking the photos until about the 2nd or third one though!:

I hate western photo machines >_< They make us look so bad, my skin looks terrible! Purikura machines are so awesome because they have skin smoothing and good lighting..... the lighting in this machine was terrible! GR!

They didn't tell us when it was going to take the photo and it didn't even give us an option to re-do them! Ah, stupid machine! >_<

Oh well! <3

Monday, 14 January 2013

7 Strange Beauty Fads

The other day I bought some 'magical weight loss slippers', as soon as I opened them, Neton rolled his eyes, groaned and said "God, you can sell anything to females". That made me think of all the crazy stuff I've bought in the past that might seem a little strange to guys. I'm sure there's more, but these are all I can remember for now!

1. Weight Loss Slippers
These are the slippers that inspired me to write this post. They only cover half of the foot, so it's kind of like you're walking up-hill all day. 

Here are what they claim to do:

- Break down excess fat in the legs
- Create nice curves
- Tone
- Improve posture
- Wearing heels can make the hip region heavier, so they claim to fix that too!

How to use them:

Wear them for at least 3 times a day, 15 minutes each time. Wear them while cooking, cleaning, standing or just walking around the house! Which is actually great for me because I'm sort of becoming a domestic goddess haha >_< I'm really into making our house look nicer at the moment..... but it sucks since we're renting and might move soon! Oh well!

My review: 

I haven't been using them long enough to see any difference, but I can feel the muscles in my legs stretching when I wear these slippers. I'm going to continue wearing them, even if they don't work, at least they look cute!

2. Foot Detox Pads
These are detox pads that you stick on your feet over night.

What they claim to do:

- Remove toxins
- Cure cellulite
- Combat fatigue
- Improve circulation
- Improve sleep
- Increase weight loss

How to use them:

Stick them on the base of your feet and leave them for 8-12 hours (or overnight). When you remove them in the morning they will have turned seriously nasty! I walk to the bathroom and remove them with my foot hovering over the bath, then I rinse my foot with the shower head.

My review:

There is definitely something happening because the pads go from white to dark brown overnight. However, whether this is detoxification or just some clever chemical reaction...... who knows! I read a review once where someone said they used them every night for a while and eventually they were light brown in the morning (instead of dark brown/black). This led me to think they must work..... I don't know. I will continue using them for a little longer though, if I don't see a difference I'm just going to leave it.

3. Face (and body) rollers
I actually love these things. 

Here is what they claim to do:

- Slim the face (or body area that you're using it on)
- Lift the face
- Improve circullation
- Reduce wrinkles

How to use:

Basically, you just roll it. It's that simple. I've actually misplaced mine, but I can't wait to find it again! I think you have to use it quite often to see any results

My review:

LOVE THEM! I have a few different ones and I used to use them a lot. I need to find where I put them all so I can start using them again. My face and legs did look a little slimmer from using them, but I used them a LOT. I will continue to use these.

4. Derma Roller
This is the most painful in this list, but perhaps the most effective! The small needles cause minor 'trauma' to the skin which makes it create collagen. It is actually a cheaper (and safer) alternative to botox. I'm going to do a video on this, because it's just that good.

What it claims to do:

- Reduce wrinkles
- Reduce scars (or any other marks)
- Even out complexion
- Make skin younger

How to use:

You can either use it with numbing gel about once per week, you will press down harder and draw blood. OR use it without numbing gel and roll it gently. I usually use it a few times per week. I'm going to do a video explaining it more. But you basically just roll it on one area until the skin turns red, then move to another area.

My review:

My favourite product on this list! I absolutely love my derma roller! I've always had a deep line across my forehead (since I was a kid! I must have been surprised a lot! Haha). I used this for a while and now it's pretty much gone. I've stopped using it so that the line will come back and I can make a video showing it vanishing...... but it hasn't come back! I'm going to continue using this!

5. Scalp Massager
This is perfect if you have long nails. I used to hate washing my hair and my deco nails would get caught in it! GR! This is handy since it has a handle on the back, so you don't need to touch your hair with your hands!

What it claims to do:

- Improve circulation
- Make hair shinier
- Make hair stronger
- Encourage hair growth

How to use it:

I only use it when I'm washing my hair. I apply shampoo to my wet hair and gently massage it in small circles. 

My review:

I never wash my hair without using this anymore. It feels so good to use! It does increase circulation to the scalp, you can feel it! It makes the shampoo foam up more than I thought was possible. My hair (and scalp) feel the cleanest when I use this. I will definitely continue using this!

6. Face massager

This cute little silicone pad helps you get your face to it's best.

What it claims to do:

- Remove blackheads
- Get rid or (and prevent) spots
- Reduce wrinkles
- Improve circulation
- Clean pores
- Slim the face
- Improve metabolism
- Increase skin resistibility against bacteria

How to use:

I only use this when washing my face (similar to the scalp massager). I apply face wash and gently massage it into my skin with the massager. 

My review:

I use this every time I wash my face! I also use exfoliating gloves but I use this afterwards. Whenever I get spots, or feel spots developing, I use this on the area. Whenever I use this regularly, I rarely get spots. So I'm going to continue using this!

7. Snail Gel
This is the only product on this list that I haven't tried. I want to try it but I can't find out how they extract the gel. The gel is the secretion left behind the snail (the snail trail). So the snails wouldn't need to be harmed in order to get the gel. HOWEVER, I know what humans are like, they probaby do kill the snails. If they don't, I can't imagine the snails having happy lives. So, unless I can be guarunteed that the snails are all happy and unharmed, I won't be trying this out. I was actually about to put loads of snails on my face, and let them slime all over it. Or just try collecting the gel myself. But I was told they carry deseases etc, and I could get a lung infection from doing that. So it looks like I'm going without. If any of you know details about how they get the gel, please tell me!

What it claims to do:

- Plump the skin
- Reduce Wrinkles
- Smoother face

How to use it:

I think you just apply it like a moisturiser

No review from me, since I haven't used it!

I hope you enjoyed this list! I'm sure there are plenty more similar products that I'm forgetting! I might make another list like this in the future!

Until next time! Bye! <3