Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Catching up!

This is going to be a long post I think! All of these photos are from before Christmas! I don't know why it's taken me so long to post them! Haha

By the way, I don't have internet because we're staying at Netons parents house and they don't have internet. I'm typing this post out whilst here and I'll probably publish it when I visit somewhere with internet!

So, it was Netons birthday on the 19th of December and we went to see 'Rise of the Guardians' at the cinema! I made these nails to wear (Flash and no flash):

This is me ready to set off and stay in Thornhill (we stayed over there the night before his birthday):

One the 19th I wore a leopard print maxi....... *sigh*.... I really need to expand my wardrobe haha

I really love those nails!

My roots were soooo bad though!:

I've dyed them now though, finally! I kept wearing wigs to hide my roots!

So yeah, we saw the film at the cinema - it was sooooo good! We really liked it! Afterwards, we went to 'Chiquitos' and had cocktails!

I had a Pina Colada..... it was the nicest Pina Colada I've had in ages!

Me in the toilets haha:

I wore a cute mushroom ring:

My eye makeup was nothing special..... sort of messy haha:

When we got back:

My hair always goes soooo flat and horrible >_<

Ah, Luna was cute though! I was styling one if my wigs the other day and I put in on Netons head to keep it still. She walked over and looked at him so strangeley, like she was thinking he'd turned into me haha:

Speaking of Luna, here are some cute photos of her in the car when we went Christmas shopping:

Some photos of me and Brodie:

Oh! And a while ago I opened a tin of 'mushy peas' and it came out smiling at me!:

I didn't draw this on or change it in any way, that's what it came out like! It was so funny haha

I made some new eyelashes about 2 weeks ago..... I made them the longest ever but.....

..... it turns out they were way too long! Hahaha (I wasn't wearing circle lenses)

It looked horrible! I tried them in different shapes but it just looked so bad! Ha, well, at least I tried - and now I know!

A photo of me on a random day:

We went to the pub after shopping one day, it was really nice because they had candles on each table etc:

Wow, so that was a long post! Ah, I hope I can film a video while I'm staying here! I love Netons parents house so much!

Bye bye! <3


  1. Replies
    1. Why aren't those nails in ur shop?

    2. I'll be listing them in my shop when I get time =] <3

  2. kawaiiii ne `

  3. Awww your dog is so cute! Also, I love the way you dress.

    1. Thank you! Yes, she's too cute sometimes, it's hard to tell her off! Haha <3

  4. i really like ur dress miss li :)

  5. You're a true inspiration :) I would love to have drinks with you sometime, even though it's probably not possible because I live so far away :D

  6. U re so beautiful in your natural hair (without wig) <3 <3 <3