Monday, 30 April 2012

I'm selling nails

I've been asked a lot recently, if I sell the nails I make. I've thought about it a little and decided to give it another go. Any of the nails I've already made can be recreated or adapted for you. You can also request some custom made to the style of your choice.

All I need is:

- Your nail measurements in mm (Thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky) - measure across the widest point of your nail.
- The length of the nails you want.
- The shape (rounded, pointy, square etc)
- The style - pick from any nails in the nail album: >> HERE << : or describe your own custom design.

The price will vary, depending on the requirements.

Contact me on Facebook, Youtube etc for details or to order.

I'm not sure how long I will be selling nails, so this is like a trial run for me. Depending how many people are interested, I might continue or I might not. <3

Saturday, 28 April 2012

D.I.A Double-sided Nails!

So today, I made some D.I.A inspired nails, with deco on both sides! I also made some Oraora nails, but I'll upload those another time!

So here are some photos:

There's a chain going from the index nail to the ring nail.

I think I'll make many more D.I.A nails in the future, because these ones doing get all of my inspiration out haha

I really like the gems on the back of them:

I want to do this to all my future nails now, it will use up a lot more gems though haha

I think I would have actually preferred them to be mostly white zebra nails, with only 2 gold nails (the middle and ring finger). The white nails just looks sort of out-of-place to me haha

I'm not really sure what else to write! >_< Erm................... bye! <3

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Deco Haul

Some new deco pieces arrived yesterday! It was my first time buying from this seller on Ebay, so I only bought a few things. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with them!

Oh, and I just made a 'Video Album'! There's a link to it in the sidebar, or alternatively - HERE

I added some very old videos, from like 2006! (Oldest are at the end). There's also my Snog Marry Avoid episode for everyone who keeps asking me for it! I'll add more videos if I find any! By the way, the page might take a minute to load, since it's a video album.

Seeing my old dance videos has made me want to get back into performing...... I really miss it =/

Anyhoo, here are the things I bought:

So...... first let's look at the Zebra buttons!

I bought them for when I make D.I.A inspired nails, like this:

I know you can't really see the deco on them, but I think those buttons would go well with nails like that!

The only problem is that they're buttons, they have a hole in the middle:

However, I think I can overcome that with the addition of a crystal!

Maybe a smaller one would look better, but I think I can forget about that little problem now!

99p for 20!

The pink paws are also buttons, but buttons like this are very easy to turn into flat-back:

all you need to do is cut off the sticking out bit, and then file the back down, easy!

99p for 20! LINK

Next are some cute purple kitty heads:

I really like the bows!

99p for 20! LINK

The deco pieces I was looking forward to the most were these cherries with a 'B' on:

There were ones with 'L' on, which would have been good because my name begins with 'L'! I preferred these though, so I guess it could stand for 'Barbie' or something haha >_<

It's a shame though, because they seem a little............ tacky. A gem has fallen off one of them:

I'm sure I can replace it, but the others all have this weird yellow gunk on them >_< :

It looks like they're rusty or something! Oh well! I'll try to fix them anyway!

99p for 4, not sure I would recommend these though, because of the quality: LINK

Lastly are these cute flowers!

99p for 10! LINK

So they are all I bought from that seller on Ebay! 


For anyone who is interested, here is a link to their Ebay shop!

I hope you enjoy using your deco if you decide to get some! 

The oil treatment is back in my hair now! The other day I went out with my hair clipped up and my extensions clipped to my head, then just put a hat over them >_< Haha I should have taken a photo without the hat, then you could have seen how stupid it looked! It was a simple solution though, I didn't want to stand out, I wasn't wearing makeup anyway! I was only going out to pick something up, so I guess it didn't matter!

Argh, I have so many spots lately....... I miss when I didn't get them >_<

Oh well!

Also, excuse the paleness of my skin! I'm unwell again, PLUS I've been using rice milk on my face which has sort of bleached my skin lighter or something! I should really start using fake tan again! As if I wasn't pale enough anyway!

Let me know if you have any other ideas of what else I could add to my blog, by the way! I have to thank Chaudie for the idea about the video album, it never occurred to me! <3

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pink hearts nail set!

I decided to upload some photos of the nails I was wearing in the latest photos, I hope you like them!

I tried to make little heart shapes by cutting out a tiny paper heart and sponging white over it - it didn't go as well as I hoped! Oh well!

Oh - and look at my cute mushroom ring! 

I'm happy though, because my hair has grown a lot! I cut it a while ago, so it was about waist length for a while - but now it goes down to my private area! Haha >_< I hope it keeps growing, I miss my really long hair. Here is a photo (no extensions)

I had just washed it though, so it's still a little damp in the photo!

The other day I decided to wear my lashes with the small gems on - I think I might try to make another pair that have more of them on, because you can't really notice them properly!

I've been keeping oil treatment on my hair and wearing wigs when I go out (to try and repair/prevent damage to my hair). So I haven't been bleaching it. Consequently, my roots are sooooo bad! I went out with my own hair for the first time in a while, and I had to wear a hat to hide them!

I thought I looked like a squid! Haha >_<

And here are 2 cute photos of Luna. When we're in the car, she sits in the back and always sticks her head around the seats haha

She's so funny >_<

I think I'll be posting tomorrow with a 'Deco Haul'! I bought some deco pieces from Ebay, from a seller who sells LOADS of stuff like that for cheap! I'll include the link to her shop too!

Bye for now! <3

I have a wig obsession

Those who watch 'American Dad' will know about Roger, the alien. I really relate to him in so many ways! Haha >_< whenever we watch the show we make jokes about how similar Roger and I are!

- Not sure if it's a man or a woman (like me!)
- Pretends to be different people (I used to do that before I got recognised a lot. I'd pretend to be all kinds of different people, it kept me entertained haha)
- Can drink a lot of alcohol (I actually carry a flask of whisky or wine with me wherever I go and drink alcohol everyday, from morning 'till night - not good, I know! I also get compared to Karen from Will and Grace - not complaining, I love her!)
- He's a little crazy (it's something I might be covering in an upcoming post, but not something I'm not working on!)
- He's dramatic and over the top
- And, of course, the wig obsession!

Believe it or not, there are other similarities too! Too many, actually........... ah, I want to watch American Dad now!

Anyhoo, I really do love wigs a little too much. I recently bought 2 more from Ebay (for like £5 each!). I can't wait for them to get here!

Here are some photos from the other day when I was making my blog headers:

I love these nails so much! I tried to make little hearts on them, but it sort of failed! I'll upload some photos of them soon!

Also, I hope to actually start 'blogging' instead of just uploading images! I would love to see some suggestions for blog posts I could do! I have a few ideas, but not many!

And here's a photo of me looking confused!:

Yay, my new deco pieces from Ebay just arrived! I'll probably blog about what I bought on here soon! 

By the way, please keep the suggestions coming about blog topics! 

Thank you! <3