Thursday, 26 April 2012

Deco Haul

Some new deco pieces arrived yesterday! It was my first time buying from this seller on Ebay, so I only bought a few things. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with them!

Oh, and I just made a 'Video Album'! There's a link to it in the sidebar, or alternatively - HERE

I added some very old videos, from like 2006! (Oldest are at the end). There's also my Snog Marry Avoid episode for everyone who keeps asking me for it! I'll add more videos if I find any! By the way, the page might take a minute to load, since it's a video album.

Seeing my old dance videos has made me want to get back into performing...... I really miss it =/

Anyhoo, here are the things I bought:

So...... first let's look at the Zebra buttons!

I bought them for when I make D.I.A inspired nails, like this:

I know you can't really see the deco on them, but I think those buttons would go well with nails like that!

The only problem is that they're buttons, they have a hole in the middle:

However, I think I can overcome that with the addition of a crystal!

Maybe a smaller one would look better, but I think I can forget about that little problem now!

99p for 20!

The pink paws are also buttons, but buttons like this are very easy to turn into flat-back:

all you need to do is cut off the sticking out bit, and then file the back down, easy!

99p for 20! LINK

Next are some cute purple kitty heads:

I really like the bows!

99p for 20! LINK

The deco pieces I was looking forward to the most were these cherries with a 'B' on:

There were ones with 'L' on, which would have been good because my name begins with 'L'! I preferred these though, so I guess it could stand for 'Barbie' or something haha >_<

It's a shame though, because they seem a little............ tacky. A gem has fallen off one of them:

I'm sure I can replace it, but the others all have this weird yellow gunk on them >_< :

It looks like they're rusty or something! Oh well! I'll try to fix them anyway!

99p for 4, not sure I would recommend these though, because of the quality: LINK

Lastly are these cute flowers!

99p for 10! LINK

So they are all I bought from that seller on Ebay! 


For anyone who is interested, here is a link to their Ebay shop!

I hope you enjoy using your deco if you decide to get some! 

The oil treatment is back in my hair now! The other day I went out with my hair clipped up and my extensions clipped to my head, then just put a hat over them >_< Haha I should have taken a photo without the hat, then you could have seen how stupid it looked! It was a simple solution though, I didn't want to stand out, I wasn't wearing makeup anyway! I was only going out to pick something up, so I guess it didn't matter!

Argh, I have so many spots lately....... I miss when I didn't get them >_<

Oh well!

Also, excuse the paleness of my skin! I'm unwell again, PLUS I've been using rice milk on my face which has sort of bleached my skin lighter or something! I should really start using fake tan again! As if I wasn't pale enough anyway!

Let me know if you have any other ideas of what else I could add to my blog, by the way! I have to thank Chaudie for the idea about the video album, it never occurred to me! <3


  1. lol u still look good without makeup tho

  2. that's really cute and creative!! :D

  3. Cute things ♥
    Maybe you could use perex for next time? It'll be more comfortable :) Just suggestion :)

    1. Thanks! But what is 'Perex'? <3

    2. I'm so sorry, it's perex in my language ^^""
      This is it:

    3. Oh haha I'm still not sure I know what it is, but I'll try to figure it out =] <3

    4. It's like "under the cut" what you used on tumblr :)

  4. I wish I had something to deco. Maybe one of my art books one day. This post inspires that.

    1. Yay! It's addictive, I would deco my walls if I could afford to! <3

  5. Those are some good deco deals!
    I really can't wait to see the DIA inspired ones <3 I love that style so much!
    With the whole "kuronba" look (^__^)
    Awwh (T^T) I have always had problems with blemishes w<; Forever pale </3

    1. Thanks! I know, I can't wait to make them! I was going to make them today but I needed to lay down for ages - I hate been ill haha >_< Oh well, maybe tomorrow! <3

  6. Really nice deco pieces! Looking forward to seeing your DIA nails

  7. I love the way you covered the button holes with a gem. That's ingenious! It looks super cool too :3

  8. thanks for sharing your deco haul! <3 i can't wait to see your DIA nails as well! :) you always the best nails! inspires me to make my own soon!

    1. Thanks! Yay! You should make some! =] <3

  9. Dear Lhouraii.
    First I wanna say that I am so glad to see U on blogspot. I like so much your style, your all look, U re my big inspiration with make up. That's so nice that I can comment on your blog -_- (I visit also your tumblr blog, but I don't have tumblr blog). Here I add U to my fav blogs <3
    Have a nice day Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm happy you like my blog! =] <3

  10. You look so beautiful, and I love your new blog! No offence meant, but I actually think you look a lot better without fake tan- and maybe you could save a lot of time/money by not tanning. Your creamy white skin with your big eyes is gorgeous! :)

  11. nice opinion. thanks for posting.