Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I have a wig obsession

Those who watch 'American Dad' will know about Roger, the alien. I really relate to him in so many ways! Haha >_< whenever we watch the show we make jokes about how similar Roger and I are!

- Not sure if it's a man or a woman (like me!)
- Pretends to be different people (I used to do that before I got recognised a lot. I'd pretend to be all kinds of different people, it kept me entertained haha)
- Can drink a lot of alcohol (I actually carry a flask of whisky or wine with me wherever I go and drink alcohol everyday, from morning 'till night - not good, I know! I also get compared to Karen from Will and Grace - not complaining, I love her!)
- He's a little crazy (it's something I might be covering in an upcoming post, but not something I'm not working on!)
- He's dramatic and over the top
- And, of course, the wig obsession!

Believe it or not, there are other similarities too! Too many, actually........... ah, I want to watch American Dad now!

Anyhoo, I really do love wigs a little too much. I recently bought 2 more from Ebay (for like £5 each!). I can't wait for them to get here!

Here are some photos from the other day when I was making my blog headers:

I love these nails so much! I tried to make little hearts on them, but it sort of failed! I'll upload some photos of them soon!

Also, I hope to actually start 'blogging' instead of just uploading images! I would love to see some suggestions for blog posts I could do! I have a few ideas, but not many!

And here's a photo of me looking confused!:

Yay, my new deco pieces from Ebay just arrived! I'll probably blog about what I bought on here soon! 

By the way, please keep the suggestions coming about blog topics! 

Thank you! <3


  1. I love American dad! haha
    Roger is my favourite character omg :'D haha
    I love how you suit all of your wigs <3
    I need to get myself one~ but right now I'm ordering some extensions (^__^) so I can trim some more of my dead hair off haha >w<;;
    I think a fake hair addiction is one of the best there is ;D

    1. Haha me too >_<

      I keep looking for really, ridiculously cheap ones on Ebay. Sometimes I'm really lucky and get them for like £3.50/£4! <3

    2. Wow! Thats actually really good (*_*) I think I need to do some browsing on e-bay more often! haha~ <3

  2. hello!
    I follow you already on facebook and tumblr ^^
    im happy you use blogger now!
    i really like your style! and the wigs are great! i have only one in blonde :/ i wish i'd had more wigs and halfwigs >< but no money... (;_;)

    if you want, please check out my blog too ^^ i would be very happy <3
    thanks! :)

    1. Thank you! You can get them very cheap from Ebay (sellers in China, mainly)

      I checked your blog, it's so cute! I love it! =] <3

  3. OMG!!
    Your wigs are so beautiful!!
    I have a few gyaru wigs also,the others I just use them for cosplay XD

    1. Thanks! I just bought 2 more! Hahahaha >_< <3

  4. You look awesome ♥ And your wigs too :D
    I bought a wig month ago and I absolutely fell in love with wigs :D I want more and more ♥.♥ I think I have obsession, but I can see I'm not the only one :DD

    1. Thanks! I know, they're so addictive! They're also good for damaged hair too, because I can leave oil treatment on my hair and just go out in a wig! Haha <3

  5. maiṁ isē pyāra karatā hūm̐!

  6. I love Roger! You, me, and him both have wig obsessions (I can't even countall mine..). And "Not sure if it's a man or a woman (like me!)", same! I always get told I look like a drag queen and I love it. <3

    You look gorgeous in these photos!

    1. I wish I couldn't count all mine! You must have so many!

      Haha yeah, I also meant because I feel a little like an alien - as in, I don't see my self as a female or a male >_< I'm just a thing! <3

  7. I see improvement with your makeup! You're doing great. I would love to see all of your videos posted on one page here.

    1. Improvement?

      Ah great idea! I might do that if I can figure out how! <3

    2. What I meant by improvement, is that when you changed to the new eye shape, you truly give off an Ethereal appearance.

      For the videos: You can just create a new page like how you did with your gallery and then embed all the videos together.

    3. Ah I see, thanks!

      >_< I don't know why I didn't think of doing that, I must be tired! Thanks for your help! <3