Wednesday, 16 October 2013


So, lately, I have been thinking of how I can wear nice clothes (since I don't show my arms or legs). Most long dresses are boring, but I don't want to go back to wearing trousers under short dresses! So I thought about wearing long skirts. I have a pink dress I've never worn but I finally got to wear it!
I wore a long pink skirt underneath it. 

Here are my nails (One of the roses fell off when I was drunk and stupid!):
I wore some really nice rings too!

My poor attempt at a coord collage! >_<:
1: Dress: second hand market
2: Bunny RingHERE
3: Skull ring: Local shop
4: Leaf ring: Local shop
5: Dragonfly ring: HERE
6: Scarf: Part of a Salwar Kameez set
7: Mid-rings: HERE
8:Pink Skull ring: HERE
9: Gold Armor Ring: A gift from Neton
10: Skirt: Second Hand Market
11: Nails: HERE
I also wore a lace shrug, similar to this one: HERE

The mid-rings are made to go on the upper part of the finger - but they were way too big for me! They fit as a normal ring, I actually lost 2 of them because they fell off! >_<

Here is my eye makeup:

I cuddled Amethyst for a while before going out!
Then we started making our way out, we stopped for a few photos on the street first:
We went to the pub, here I am outside:
/\ I really like my face in this photo because you can see the little gems I put on my lower lashes, also the light on my nost makes my face look a bit plastic-y - I like it! Haha \/
I really like the pink dress, I hope to wear more bright clothes!
There are certain times I wish people would say things a little quieter! At the pub, we were talking to a man (he was really awesome), we both liked him and he was sat with us. Neton just happened to be at the bar so we were sat alone, he was talking about something (not about me - someone else!) and then he loudly said "I'm not a pervert, or a creep, I'm a nice guy". So, to other people it may have looked like he was coming on to me or something (he wasn't, at all, he was talking about someone). I get a lot of creepy stuff said to me, a lot of perverted guys try to talk to me, so I have a thing where I just excuse myself from the conversation if it starts turning that way:
Haha >_< So I hate it when I'm talking to someone who isn't like that and they say something loud that sounds like they are - the reason I don't like it is because I don't want people to think it's ok to talk to me in that way, so when they see I haven't left the conversation, they might think I'm ok with it!

You might think this is crazy but.... well, maybe it is! I just have to be careful, since a lot of people have even tried getting me into cars when I'm alone, I can't afford people seeing me as vulnerable! I'm rarely alone now in public places anyway, Neton is my bodyguard haha >_< I only usually get stuff when I'm alone. It sucks though, I hope this planet becomes habitable for females sometime soon! 

Another example is when I was talking to a man (in a BUSY pub) who was talking about Amsterdam or someplace he went. The only thing he said loudly was "There are a lot of prostitutes there, the fashion is good. You would like it." Everyone around us looked at me like "Oh, so THAT's why she looks that way, she's a prostitute!"

Argh! Why do people do this? >_<
I like how the dress looks in this photo:
Yep, I was definitely drunk by now!:
So, after the pub closed we made our way to the 24-hour Asda!
Don't worry! Neton doesn't drink much, so he can always drive safely (I'm seriously against drunk-driving!)!

I love going to Asda drunk because everything seems so interesting! >_< 

We were walking past the vegetable isle and I saw a measurement device, I thought it was so cool!
Then we saw the Halloween isle!:
And, when we were going to the checkout, I saw some cute balloons!:
While we were in Asda, a group of girls were talking to me about my hair/nails/makeup/etc. I don't get why people want to touch my hair so much? Surely, it's just like theirs but longer? Luckily, they asked permission first "Can I touch it?" so these girls didn't actually touch it! But, ARGH, why touch it?! Why? >_<

On our way back from Asda I took a photo in the car. In the photo, Neton looked like he was picking his nose! He said he was just itching it!:
This is my 'Ha, yeah right!' face afterwards!:
Then I took another photo and it looked like he was asleep at the wheel!:
So, eventually, we made our way home. (We have to park far away because our area is so old, the roads are narrow and there is not even enough space for two cars to pass each other! So we can't park there!

We gave Amethyst such big cuddles when we got back!:
Wow, this has been a long blog post! <3

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rant: No Self Respect!

I saw a good quote on Tumblr the other day, I'm going to see if I can remember it to start this post with:

'When you say "you have no self respect",
You really mean "I have no respect for you".
Don't assume you know how people feel about themselves.'

I think that was it.

(Speaking of Tumblr, I'm answering questions again - anonymous are accepted. Click HERE)

I am subscribed to Trisha Paytas on Youtube, I just really like how girly she is and she loves Hello Kitty, she's pretty much Gyaru in a way:
- Tan
- Blonde Hair
- Nose Contour
- 3-D Nails
- False Eyelashes
- Decoden

She even dressed as a 'Ganguro' once!:
People were saying terrible things about her here but I actually think she looked great!

Although I might not have the same opinions as her on certain subjects, I repect her opinion and I do like to listen to different views on life other than my own. I don't understand people who are subscribed to someone and they unsubscribe if they have a different opinion! I see it all the time, like this:

'I like all of your videos, but I hate you for saying Halloween is better than Christmas. Unsubscribed now.'

Woops, anyway - back to my origional rant!

So, I was watching a video of hers, here it is for anyone wondering:

Most people were saying how they hate her for having no self respect (which doesn't make sense at all. How can you hate someone for not respecting themselves? Surely if you don't respect yourself, you're self conscious. How can you hate someone for being self conscious?).

But, the thing is, I have seen absolutely no evidence that she has no self-respect. Self respect is respecting yourself (obviously!). I think people think self respect means respecting society's ideals for you.

If she is 'outrageous', 'slutty', 'contradicting', etc, then surely she wouldn't be respecting herself if she suppressed all of that to look/act just like everyone else!

Another thing is that, in the video she was drunk and acting silly/talking promiscuously, that's where a lot of the hate came from (I thought the video was really funny and cute!). I ask you to do one thing, imagine it was a guy in that video. I bet there would be no controversy involved! Guys are allowed to get drunk and act silly, but if a girl does it then "She has no self respect" and she's a "Train Wreck"! Females are conditioned to believe alcohol/sex/etc is for men to enjoy, females have to 'save' their bodies for one man. Here is another quote that I'll try to remember:

'Virginity was invented by men who thought their penis was so important it changed who a woman is'

When people see a promiscuous girl, they assume she's been taken advantage of by lots of different men. They say it's a 'serious, saddening issue' - isn't it possible she just enjoys it? 

As a girl who covers up and speaks politely most of the time, I can still respect the opinions of girls like Trisha. Even though, actually, I get called slutty sometimes just for wearing a lot of makeup!

Those who preach 'self respect' to others should start with just 'respect'. People need to respect each other. We're all different, and it makes the world more interesting. I believe people should be able to do whatever they want (as long as it harms no one and no thing).

I'm going to end this post how it started, because this quote is pretty much my whole 'rant' put into 3 lines:

'When you say "you have no self respect",
You really mean "I have no respect for you".
Don't assume you know how people feel about themselves.'


Friday, 11 October 2013

Meet Amethyst!

We have a new addition to our family! This is a late post - we've had her a while now!

Her name is Amethyst! She's sooooo cute!

She has a Facebook profile with more photos, feel free to add her!

Luna and Amethyst have been inseparable from the start, but Luna didn't like cuddling with her! We tried to get them to cuddle and Luna leaned way back! Haha >_<
They always play together. They're playing as I'm typing this! I think Amethyst loves Luna the most.
She falls asleep laying like a baby a lot!
She hurt her tail a while ago, she was climbing a bathroom unit and fell on her tail! She's better now though! But for a while she walked and laid like this:
She's growing into a cat now though, she can finally wear her collar! Even though it's still a little too big for her!
There's an Amethyst charm on her collar - to match her name (and keep her healthy!). There's a pink bell too!
I got her a dress for Halloween, but she's been wearing it as a day dress to places! Haha >_< she looks so cute in it! Here is a photo (she was looking at some light moving on the wall):
So yep, that's our little baby Amethyst! She makes reeeally cute noises and is suuuper cuddly! I love her so much!