Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What I got for my birthday!

I'm poorly again! Yay! Monday was so bad - I actually thought my brain was going to explode - it's funny to look back on because, with the little energy I had, I put on a dress for if an ambulance came or something, I didn't want to be seen in my nightie with holes in.... I need to buy more nighties! Haha >_< Thankfully, I managed to get through the day and, when I woke up yesterday, I felt much better!

Anyhoo, here is what I got for my birthday!

Look at how awesome this drawing is! This is my favourite gift (that sounds so vain!):
She used makeup to draw it! She's so talented! I love how she did my eyes!:
My second favourite gift was this!:
The Twilight films! I know some of you will lose respect for me for liking these films (because everyone knows that Twilight fans are the scum of this planet, apparently!), but I don't care! I really love the films, I like vampire films and how ancient they are but I don't like gore - so this is great! 

My third favourite gift was this!:
It reminds me of something Princess Zelda would wear on her forehead! I love it! Neton got me this, it's funny though because we were shopping together before my birthday and we walked past that shop - I saw it and I was like 

"WOAH! Look at that, it's so pretty! It looks like what Zelda would wear!"

So, when I opened it on my birthday, I assumed he had gone back for it, but he said he had bought it before I said that! So he was happy when we walked past the shop and I said I liked it! Haha

Look at this bag though!:
It's so cute! I love owls too, I can't wait to use it!

Another thing that Neton got me is this:
and these rings (he didn't get me the bracelets):
They're all so pretty! I love the pink bracelets too because they remind me of my sister - when we were little she used to collect stones, she had some really pretty ones too, they remind me of those!

Look how cute this elephant ring is!:
Neton also got me this bracelet:
And this necklace with earrings!:
I really love these fluffy slipper-boots!:
And I can't wait to try this out!:
/\ Has anyone tried this before? What did you think to it?

More fluffy slippers!:
I'm so happy, because I really wanted some new slippers!

Neton got me this hat and scarf set:
They're really pretty - they have rhinestones and pearls on! I hope it snows soo, I have so much cute snow-wear to wear!

Lastly, is this picture holder:
I would like to print out a nice photo to put in it soon!

So yah, I had such a great birthday! Thank you to everyone for your birthday messages!

This was my outfit from the day - I've already posted photos but I took a video too:

I love spinning in dresses!

EDIT: Why does that video player /\ say 'Youtube'? I uploaded it with Blogger, not Youtube... confused! >_< Or is it just me that it says 'Youtube' to?

On a different note, I found some old pot dolls, one of them looks really creepy so I tried to take a photo of it staring into the camera:
It would look better if I knew how to photoshop it creepier!

But yah, it looks waaaaay creepier in real life!

Until next time! <3

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Birhday blog(s)!

So, it was my birthday on Tuesday! Here are the nails I wore:
Here was my makeup. Usually, I don't use powder foundation. I just use BB Cream foundation. Recently, I was talking to someone I know who works for a big makeup brand. We were discussing translucent finishing powder. She really recommended that I try using some. So, I got some from the market and tried it. I actually love it! It made my face look so much smoother! It did make my face look a little ashy though, does translucent powder for darker skin exist anywhere? I think I can get away with using this one though:
The nails are double-sided! There were dangles on some of the nails:
The back of the nails:
I wore an anarkali that Netons mum got me for Christmas:
I wore a scarf with it though because the sleeves are transparent. There are better photos of the dress later. I have a video of me spinning around in it - I will probably upload it to Instagram!

My eyelashes were a little slanted that day, oh well!
Haha - I love this photo, it's so funny! It looks like I'm going to come through the screen to get you! Beware! >_<
Anyways, here are some of the rings I wore:
Neton had planned to take me out for the day to 'Temple Newsam, it's an old historic house. We travelled to Leeds to visit it but when we got there it was closed. =[ It turns out Neton had gotten the time wrong!

It was annoying though, it's a big building and we were looking for the entrance, we got to a sign on the corner of the building. It said "Entrance --->" (the arrow was pointing the opposite way we were walking. So we started walking back the other way. We were walking for aaaages and we actually went ALL THE WAY around the building until we found the entrance. The sign was literally just around the corner, why would it point the opposite direction when the entrance is just around the corner?! Crazy!

When we were walking around the building though, we took some photos in the gardens:
Falling into the fountain:
Finally, we found a courtyard with the entrance!:
We walked up the stairs and a man opened the door, smiling. He didn't say anything, he just stood there smiling with the door open. We continued walking up the stairs then stopped again and we were all just stood for a moment, looking at each other, the man still grinning. 

"Is it still open?" Asked Neton.

The man, still grinning, hesitated and slowly did an intake breath "Unfoooorrrrrrttttttuuuunnnnaaaatttteeellllyyyyyyy......................................... we're closed."

Like, omg! Why would he do that? Why would he leave us hanging on false hope for so long?! Just grinning at us with his....... grinning face..... 

Like, if that was me, I would have opened the door and instantly said "We're closed, I'm so sorry." But no, he just stood there, grinning at us, allowing us to walk up the stairs....


Anyway, so - Neton took me into Leeds for cocktails. We were supposed to go there after Temple Newsam, but it ended up being the main event! Haha

Walking around Temple Newsam gardens, trying to find the entrance, really ruined my hair. Here it is before I left the house:
And after leaving Temple Newsam:
So yah, we went for Cocktails:
It was 2-for-1 on certain cocktails. Neton was driving so he couldn't have much. He had one drink and I had two. I joked and said it's the true meaning of 2-for-1. "2 for me and 1 for you!".
I didn't like one of them though so Neton ended up with 2-for-1 instead! Haha >_< It serves me right for being mean!
We sat in this pretty little seating area:
The bar was pretty cool, it changed colours:
Afterwards, we went to a different cocktail bar in the LGBT district, it looked so cool!:
It had a toilet in the window:
And these big, red lips:
Pretending I needed the toilet:
When we walked in though, it actually smelled like a toilet! It was soooo gross! >_< Neton went to the toilet later on and he said it was 3-floors up and it didn't smell...... so where was the toilet smell coming from? Someone told me that it might be an artificial smell that they've put there on purpose...... apparently, places do that! I guess it would explain the toilet in the window! But ew! Gross!

We went in for one drink, but it was 2-for-1 there too! We didn't know until the barmaid gave us 2 drinks and told us. I am not a very strong drinker, I get drunk easily! Look at me here, I look like I have such a challenge ahead of me!:
The drink was delicious though! I got the 'Buttery Kraken'. It was butterscotch, spiced rum and.... I can't remember! But it was soooo nice! I said it reminds me of Harry Potter (Buttery = Butterbeer) and Pirates of the Caribean (Kraken)!

I couldn't drink much after this photo!:
So yeah, it was a great day! 

Neton and I love celebrating sooooo much! So we always celebrate 'birthday boxing days'. I know it doesn't make sense, but we love it! I always say to people 'Happy birthday boxing day' the day after their birthday, they always get confused! (Boxing day is the day after Christmas).

For my birthday boxing day, Neton took me to see 'The Hobbit 2'. I decided to wear a lot of pink!
I had my hair in a side-parting:
I wore pink feathers too:
I was very hungover though! I was angry at Neton in this photo, because he lost one of my nails, so I had to wear one from a different set. He found it today, in his tool box - which is impossible. We have a ghost, for sure!:
So, when we were in the cinema and the film was starting, the lights were still on really bright. Apparantly, it's a new safety regulation in cinemas so you have to sit in a light room now instead of a dark room. That sucks though because it takes away from the atmosphere!

As for the film, I'm such a big fan of LOTR and The Hobbit. I was enjoying the film for a while but then it just seemed to drag on. It literally felt like I was sat there for 4 hours+. To me, nothing significant happened in the entire film. As Bilbo once said, it's 'like butter stretched over too much bread.' I was incredibly bored, I kept wishing for it to end. I know I'm mostly alone with this because all I've heard people saying is how great the film was! I actually got invited to the premiere (I'm friends with the assistant director) but didn't go, which is a shame because I would have so loved to meet some of the actors! I think I would enjoy it more if I watched it at home, where I could pause it every now and again..... I don't know. Maybe I should give it another chance, since I've heard no other bad reviews! 

Some of you will know that when you get bored/tired your eyes get dry and the circle lenses start falling out! This happened, so I was spending the last 3/4 of the film trying to keep my lenses in! >_<

I think we might go to see the new Salman Khan film soon though (I'm a big fan of him!!!!), I saw the advertisement for it when we came out from watching The Hobbit:
Neton tried taking photos of me when we were outside the cinema, but my eyes were too tired, my lenses were almost falling out, so by the time he took the photos I had always closed my eyes, because I couldn't keep them open too long! >_<
Neton looked pretty tired too!
I love this photo though, he looks like he is getting attacked by Thor!:
When we were walking home, it was soooo cold though:
When we got back home:
Here are some more photos of my nails though, just because I love them so much! >_<:
So, yah! I had a great birthday! I will do a blog post soon showing you all the awesome stuff I got! Yay for birthdays! <3