Friday, 19 June 2015

I fell off this Planet

I fell into space and then was abducted by space fairies! Luckily, they brought me back - that's why I haven't blogged in such a long time! >_<

Btw, I post on Instagram pretty much every day and I also post on Vine often. Both are @Lhouraii 

I have so many photos from the past months though, but I couldn't be bothered going through them all, so I've put a random few in this post. I can't even remember what I was doing! 

I guess I'll put some makeup photos first:
Nothing ground-breaking makeup-wise, unfortunately! 

I have a new pink wig though - well, it was 'new' about 4 months ago! Haha
It's lace-front.

Also, a 'new' pink hat:
I've been obsessed with glitter lips too!
Eye makeup...
I really liked this eye makeup from a while ago:
/\ Cuddling my 'new' fluffy pink cushions!

Here are a few nails I've been wearing:
The eye nails were inspired by a ball I got from the £1 shop:
You can find these in my shop:
Toenails because... why not.
I have a few new things too, although I can only find photos of 2 new things atm :S

Macaron socks:
Zelda 'Hyrule Historia':
I've also been obsessed with metallic tattoos!

I made a Triforce one too! \/

Hm... what else? Well, my hair is growing longer each day:
I've gone to a few different pubs/bars and places with alcohol... obviously!

Oh, and Neton got me a new purse! It's sooooo pretty but photos don't show it properly!
It's SUPER irridescent! No flash /\

Flash \/
I have a nail station now, so I can be all professional while making nails! This is the only photo I have of it atm though, and it's just a drunk me jumping in front of it! >_<
I really don't have much to write. Just random photos:
I took this weird photo of my eye by mistake when I was trying to take a photo of Neton and me. I don't know why I like it but I like how you can see the purple lens and also how smooth my nose looks! >_<
So... yeah - that's all for now! I have filmed many videos that I haven't edited or are useless due to blurring, lighting, etc.

I hope some of the ones I haven't yet edited or checked are ok at least! It sucks, I just wish I could get a proper camera and some decent lighting! >_<

Until next time, bye bye! <3