Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I went a little crazy on Saturday!

On Saturday we went to an Indian restaurant with Netons family. His uncle and aunty were visiting the UK for a short time, so we went to see them! I've never been to a restaurant before, so I was confused by all the different cutlery etc haha
The roots of my hair are sooooo bad, so I wore a wig!

I made Indian inspired nails to wear:
They're the shortest false nails I have ever worn! In my whole life! Haha
I made some new eyelashes recently, they're in between my usual and super-long ones:
They were longer but I trimmed them down a bit (the width).

I've recently started wearing pink under the outside of my eyes too, I really like it!

I had to wear a hat with the wig because it looked weird without it:
Oh well!

Here are some more photos of the nails:

Here is me posing with some of my dresses haha:
..... and next to a new painting that Netons Grandmother gave us!:
You can see the pink under my eye better here:
So yeah, we went to the restaurant to meet his family. It was my first time meeting his uncle, aunty and one of his cousins. We had a really nice time though, even though I found it weird to be in a restaurant for the first time haha

This was outside the restaurant when we were leaving:
Anyway, we left and went to the pub in our village. When we left, I was quite drunk! I told Neton I wanted to go into town (even though everywhere was closed), Neton hadn't drank much alcohol so he was still under the limit to drive. He stopped off at a petrol station and bought me more alcohol haha
He parked at the side of the road in the middle of town. It was early hours in the morning, so we only saw 2 other people the entire time we were there. I honestly have no idea why I wanted to go there..... I guess I went a little crazy. I guess there's a certain..... peacefulness.... about going somewhere that's usually super-busy, and seeing it calm and silent. I don't even know! Or maybe it just reminded me of my life before being with Neton. I was alone 24/7..... but it was all bad times, so I don't understand why I would want to re-visit that either! I guess my happiest times back then was when I was truly alone in the early hours of the morning, it's the only time I could think clearly etc......
I sat there for a while, I could see Netons face thinking "what is she doing?" haha >_<

I wanted to stay there and never leave...... ah, it's bugging me that I don't know the reason why!

I talked to Neton about not having friends, I said how Gyaru are never supposed to be alone, we belong in a pack. I will always feel a part of me is missing because I'm not a part of a circle....

Anyway, then he convinced me to get up off the bench, I realised how silly I must seem to him!
 We went for a little walk around the deserted town, then we went back to our little village.
Walking back to the house was soooo cold
And now I'm sick haha >_< Oh well!

I hope you all had a great New Year! What are/were your resolutions and how are they going so far? <3


  1. u looked so pretty!

  2. im happy u enjoyed the restaurant!

  3. That is so sad about ur past, I've always been so curious about u and ur past. I'm so happy for u and Neton though :D I hope u had a good new year too x

  4. I guess I get the idea that Gyaru shouldn't be alone. I just moved and struggle to meet friends. What glue do you use for your nails? I am curious since I have nails but they never last and always damage my regular nails.
    As for me I have no resolutions but I hope it will be a lucky year for me since it is the year of the snake! (aka my year) lol.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! We should convert people haha

      I rarely use glue anymore, I usually use nail stickers. They're not strong at all, sometimes my nails will randomly fall off in the day. But it means that I can wear different nails each day!

      Ah, well good luck for your year! "Ttsssssssss" (I was trying to make a snake sound haha) <3

  5. I really like the pink under your eyes!
    And the nails are gorgeous! I love the red and gold combination and the little butterfly.

  6. im a lone gal too, Wales to be exact :'(

    1. Ah, sorry to hear that! It's so strange being a lone Gyaru isn't it? I've never minded being alone before I was Gyaru! >_< <3

  7. I know how you feel about beeing alone...it seems so peaceful but still the feeling of disappointment in oneself is there..The thing with beeing gyaru and belong to a group is also not the best! Just think about all the bitchfights, jealousy etc. If you have people who support and love you the way you are (and a circle is maybe not the best choice, well Neton seems to be), a little piece in your life should feel okay! I hope you won't have this kind of thoughts too often! You seem like a beautiful and confident person, someone who has his individual ideas and no fear of living them and this is what makes you so special! Just keep beeing like this!!

    1. Aw, thank you so much!

      Yes, well I've been alone my whole life. I've never had a true friend and the last 'friend' I had was about 10 years ago. So, I haven't had a friend since I was a kid. It was by choice but now I would really love to be part of a circle. Maybe I'm just being crazy lately haha..... I was co-leader of a circle once but they abandoned me for defending them! Maybe you're right! Haha <3

  8. I really like the pink under the eye area! I think its really cute <3 I might try something like that sometime! (*o*) Also I like how you've done your eyemakeup here - you are so inspirational haha (^__^)
    I've never been to a proper Indian restaurant before (>w<)
    Your nails look rockin' ! :D

    1. Thank you so much! You're makeup is looking awesome lately! You've improved so much! I'm proud of you! =] <3

  9. the pink is so cute i cant even.... T_T

    1. i mean why did i not think of doing that? T_T

  10. are u selling these in ur shop ladyli?

    1. I think so! I'll list them soon! <3

  11. Happy New Year!! I too am sickos, though I did not drink, I was cheated darn it! Hugs Love the pink under your eyes and the nails, beautiful as always.

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  13. Gold bracelet&ring looks so nice *_*

  14. aha you proper camouflage into the background on the pic right after the restaurant ^_^