Thursday, 31 July 2014

Pink Princess

I really need to get some more cloth to make more dresses soon!

Here is my makeup from yesterday:
I chose to wear pink and gold:
I wore some nails that I recently listed in my shop, they were a recreation of some other nails:
It says 'princess' across them, I can't pose with my finger in the right position because I broke some of my fingers and they're weird now. I tried but this was the best I could do!:
My hair had some pink strands to match, I drew them in with hair chalk but the rest of my hair hides them! >_<
I also wore a bracelet that Neton got me recently, I love it!:
We could sit outside for as long as we wanted yesterday, because there was no sun showing, it was cloudy - yay!
So, anyway, we drank at the pub for a while and did the pub quiz:
Then we went to Asda for more alcohol (as usual!):
There was a very cute little girl who came up to me for a photo, so I had to pretend not to be drunk! Haha - Neton said I did a good job at acting sober though! Usually only adults ask for photos when I'm drunk because all the children are asleep at home by that time!

So, then we went into the countryside but we go to different areas now because the countryside near us is sooooooo dodgy at night! >_< The area that we love going to the most (The Tarn - it's a really nice little river with ducks) is a place where drug deals are made. Whenever we drive past it's always full now!

Then, another place we liked to go is now been used for dogging! :O

There was another area we liked, but when we went there last time there was a car that sped off when it saw us and crashed into a wall. We have seen the car since and it's all burnt out, so it was obviously stolen.

All of this, in the pitch-black night, deep in beautiful countryside! Who would think it!

So yeah, we drove to a different area!
I got annoyed at my shoes when I was climbing a gate, so I took them off after this:
I was dancing around with my scarf, though I don't really remember it much! >_<
Back in the car, I put my feet up, I wasn't wearing odd socks for the first time in so long:
I'm so short! >_<
When I'm sat behind someone in a car, they always apologise when they move the seat back to make room for their legs - the seat can literally go all the way back and my legs will still have soooo much room! Haha >_< I used to hate being short, but now I think I'm fine with it, there are some good points! 

Until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. the first pic is my absolute fave! where were you? *_*

    1. Thank you! I was in the pub garden! They have a big vine on ones of their walls! <3

  2. Replies
    1. (i woulda been first if my darn comp werent so slow)

  3. how tall are you? im a shorty too! lmao! ^^

  4. too much pink

  5. omg the nails. i like your eyeshadow too :D

  6. your posting so much lately i hope you will keep it up i love reading your posts! xoxo

  7. I love your outfit! Especially the bracelet and the nails in combination, I think they go very well together. Thankfully it wasn't too hot where you are, though. It's really starting to feel as though the summer weather is almost over, I can't wait for fall! :D ⋆✫✫⋆