Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Annoying Drunk Toenails

So, here is my makeup from the other day:
It was golden:
I decided to wear some toenails for the first time ever. I didn't show my feet before, so I had to get some new shows that would show them.
Here were my nails of the day:
I'm not really that bothered about these nails, they just look kind of... blah.
I filmed a hair tutorial that day too, but I don't know if I'll upload it or not. I'm so picky with my videos! >_<
I really like the gold glitter though:
We're moving house soon - I'm going to miss my room!
My new room is going to be smaller - but Neton has given me 2 rooms this time! Haha >_<

We painted one of the new rooms pink yesterday!

Anyway, I wore a new dress that I sort of made but it's nothing special:
I just threw it together before going out because I didn't have anything to wear. I need to buy some new cloth!

It was soooo warm so my makeup started melting. I had such a  mini tantrum! Haha >_< I was pissed off! Is this not England?! Why is it so warm and sunny?! Argh!
I liked my nose stripe that day:
I bleached my roots recently, so my hair is super damaged!
But OMG - my new shoes are so silly! I felt like I was wearing Geisha shoes or something! They go really small at the end, so they're pretty hard to walk in!:
As if I don't fall over enough as it is! 

So yeah, we went to get drunk as usual:
My nails were soooooo annoying though! They were falling off so much! Even my toenails! I lost some of them but I didn't really like them that much anyway! I ended up just pulling them all off!

Then we went to dance around in the dark countryside, as usual!:
Falling over, even though I had no shoes on! How?!
The classic funny gyaru pose:
Anyway, here is one last look at my stupid nails:
I've been practicing with acrylic though! My third try at nails turned out like this:
The shape still needs work - I don't file them much though because I need a better nail file and I don't really care too much if the nails are just for me.

As you can see though, I mixed the acrylic powder to be less transparent - I'm happy with how I make the glitters now!
So, here are the finished nails:
Two of the nails say 'KUROLI' on them just because I couldn't think of anything else to write! But I'm Kuro and called Li so yeah!
I really like the yellow-orange-pink gradient and the animal print nails.

I asked a while ago which Xbox 360 games I should get (I'm new to Xbox) and someone suggested 'Halo 4'. Actually, she (the person who suggested Halo 4) had a cute little story that's stuck in my head! She met a guy while playing Halo, she lived in England and he lived in America, but they met through Xbox Live playing Halo! Anyway, they ended up getting married and she now lives in America with him! I just thought that was so cute and interesting!

But yeah, I hate shooting games and stuff like that - I like fantasy games like Zelda and Skyrim. However, I used to hate first person games before Skyrim and now I love it! So I decided to give it a try!
Apparently, it looked so funny! I was sitting here in my girly bed, wearing a girly nighty, surrounded by scented candles and glittery things while playing such a guyish game! Haha >_< I haven't played much of it yet, so it's hard to say if I like it or not yet!

Oh, and I found out that one of my neighbours has an Etsy shop! She showed Neton some of her things she made and he said they're reeeeallly good! They're great quality and interesting. I looked at her shop and she has some really pretty things! Here is her shop:
Click HERE to visit her shop!

She sells magical looking jewellery. I can imagine it's the type of things elves or mermaids would wear. Many things are made from stones such as Amethyst!

Here are some of my favourite things from her shop!:
/\ Amethyst and Pearl necklace. Everything is handmade - even the chain! LINK
/\ This is a necklace but I think it would make beautiful head jewellery, I would wear it around my forehead! LINK
/\ She even makes Amethyst chokers! LINK

She isn't sponsoring me or anything, I just wanted to share her talent on my blog! She doesn't have many products up at the moment but Neton said he's seen some that she doesn't have listed, so ask her about them if you're interested! I hope some of you will go and support her shop!

So, until next time, bye bye! <3


  1. I hope your moving house is stress free and easy! I can't wait to see your new room, you should do room tout soon! ^^

    1. Thank you! I hope so too! I will try to do a room tour asap! I regret not doing one in this house - it's because I never completed the decoration! =[ <3

  2. that first necklace u showed is just perfect *_* i rly want it but im saving up for a holiday to france soon so i hope its still there when i get back lol

    1. Awesome! I hope you have a great time in France! =] <3

  3. the girl is very talented (ur neighbour) and so are you!

  4. your an xbox girl! fuck yeah! how u findin it so far? (Max V Levergne)

    1. I love it, actually! I didn't think I would for some reason! I want to find a few more games that have good online play before I buy an Xbox Live membership though! <3

  5. such a princess!!!!!!

  6. what lenses are u wearing here?

  7. Replies
    1. you know what? fuck you, thats what

  8. I think that gold eye makeup suits your skin tone and eyes. It is funny how girly and pretty you set up the Halo game picture lol. And hey- you basically get free shipping from the etsy shop, don't you? lol

  9. Lhouraii, thank you so much for featuring my Etsy shop. I have added a circlet as you suggested. I like the new dress and the gold eye shade. It's a shame I am far too old to wear either.

    Ask Neton to call round, I have some fabric you could possibly use. x