Wednesday, 27 August 2014

We moved... again!

So, we moved house recently, we are still unpacking and stuff but we have internet now, so that's good! It sucks though because we had just decorated the bedroom all nice and pink and then we found out the landlady was lying to us and trying to sell the house without telling us, among many other things so we had to move! We didn't move far, we even stayed in the same little village - we were lucky a house was up for rent, because there aren't many houses around here!

The new house is nice and the owners are much, much nicer! I want to do a house tour when we've unpacked properly!

Anyway, we've been so busy lately, moving in! There was a festival but we missed the busiest days - we went on Monday, which was the last day.
These are the nails I wore /\ I love them!

It's ok that there weren't as many people there though, because I looked soooooo bad:
My hair and makeup both went wrong, I think I'm coming down with an illness anyway - so that's my excuse! Haha

My eye makeup:
It was waaaay too dark to take any good photos, so I enhanced the colours a little so you can see them. It's starting to get darker earlier now.

I couldn't really get any good photos of my nails, either. I think I'll probably re-wear them soon though!
But at least it wasn't sunny! The British Summer is back to how it is supposed to be!:
The only down-side was the rain, which meant I had to tak an umbrella. I don't like carrying umbrellas. Oh well!
So, yeah - there isn't really much to blog about, actually! I just wanted to post something!

I think you already know what we did after we left the festival... yep! We got drunk in the countryside, as usual! I never get bored of it!
Oh, but Neton bought loads of stuff from a carboot (second-hand market):
He got me a 'Pauls Boutique' bag for £1!

He also bought me 'Angels and Demons' which is the prequel to 'Da Vinci Code'. I don't know if I want to read it though. I recently read 'Da Vinci Code' in 2 days because I couldn't put it down.

He bought a DVD about the 'Real Forks' (where Twilight is set).

He also bought two 'Scene It' games! I've never played them before (they're board games where you answer questions about films).

He got a 'Harry Potter' one and a 'Twilight' one! We've played both, many times now! And I've won, every single time!

The Harry Potter one is soooooooooooo good! It's so much fun to play! The Twilight one isn't as good though, they could have made it better - oh well!

Oh, speaking of Twilight - there was a woman at the festival who looked like Esme!

Until next time, bye bye! <3



  2. their my favorate nails so far ;3 x

  3. u look tired...

    1. I think I'm coming down with an illness or something. <3

  4. bitch... heheheheheheh

  5. You look lovely, Lhouraii. Ignore these fuckwads! lol

    1. Though tbh it seems like it's the same person so... smh

  6. Replies
    1. We started to move about 1 week ago, but we're still unpacking and stuff! <3

  7. Hi! Your dresses are beautiful. I'm curious if they are very fragile and if you are able to wash them? I like to wear dresses too but I have to always be careful not to spill anything or dirty them it's a bit tiring. Is it the same for you? I also wonder what you do during the days? I mean no offence, i myself have so much free time I would like some new ideas how to spend my days<3

    1. Thank you! They're not that fragile, really - but I am a little rough with them (like falling over drunk and climbing things, etc! My dresses get split a lot, but I just sew them back up again! I throw them in the washing machine every so often, unless them have gems on.

      Well, I do creative things, like making nails, dresses, etc. I blog/shop. I go for walks in the countryside. I spend time with my pets. I play games a lot! Haha >_< I read and sometimes learn new things about science/languages/history. I play instruments. I spend some time on the internet, but not much at all. I also spend a lot of time helping people who ask me for advice/just need someone to talk to. I want to start going to more events and things though! <3

  8. Markus Heitz is a friend of mine, I hope you'll enjoy his Dwarves book :)
    Looking good as always!

    1. Wow, that's awesome! I haven't started reading it yet, but I think I'll read it next! <3

  9. You can't have a summer festival without rain here in the UK. Impossible!

    Glad to hear your house move went well.