Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tip for washing hair with long nails!

I get asked soooooo much how I wash my hair with long nails without getting the gems etc caught.

My secret is........ *drumroll*............. shampoo brushes!

Even when I don't have long nails on I still use this anyway! They're really good for circulation etc. They're used to shampoo dogs haha >_<

As you can see, your nails never have to get tangled in your hair when you use this brush!

Obviously, don't go crazy with it - use it in small, circular motions a section at a time.

Ah, my hair feels a little better after all this oil treatment:
It seems to be shorter for some reason though >_< 

I've just realised, I haven't worn my extensions for like 2 months! (I'm not wearing them in the photo either)

My hair was really brassy, so I used Schwarzkopf Silver Shampoo (the best silver shampoo, in my opinion!) and now it's pale again.

Here is before:
You can see all the yellow tones sooooo much

And here is after:
Ah, the other day I made a video of clips from a few different videos/shows. (I was bored!) Anyhoo, here it is:

Some clips are really old and some are newer.

Hm........... I haven't really been doing much lately. I'm quite hungover today though >_< 

I finally made a new pair of eyelashes:
These ones are made up of like 4 or 5 pairs! They're so heavy! Haha 

My eyelids are so strong from wearing them all the time.

I realised the other day that I should really get a full length mirror! Haha
........ or, at least, clean this one haha >_<

I haven't really looked interesting lately - just the same each day:

AH! The other day I put a bindi on Luna! Haha >_<

She looked so cute!:

Look at her cute little mouth, I just want to grab her little face and kiss it! Haha
(She looks so bashful in the top, left photo)
Please ignore the messy background......... most of it is Lunas! The thing behind her is her bed.

She has such cute eyelashes!

Shortly after I put it on her, she went to lay down and meditate haha:
I think in the future, she'll just wear a small one though.

We were at the pub last night doing a pub quiz (we ALWAYS come last) but I got bored and decided to give all the celebrities makeovers. Then, for some reason, found it really funny and took photos......... >_<
Someone drew a bindi and beard on Daniel Radcliffe while I was in the toilet. My favourite is Gandalf.

Oh and after the pub closed we went to some peoples house and when we were sat outside there was a reeeeallly cute slug! It was stood, upright, looking around at us:
...... I wish I could cuddle it! 

 Photos of us all in the car:
Oh, lastly, I'll answer some questions from my ask box:

Q) Where did you buy your new pink bag?
A) Leeds outdoor market

(This next question is one I wanted to answer - so I hope the anonymous person who sent it is reading!)

Q) "My skin is weird and my whole body flake off bits of skin. I really wanna be gyaru but I don't know how to stop skin flaking. It even flakes off in my hair. How do u keep ur skin nice?"
A) I think you might have a skin condition. Try visiting a dermatologist or your doctor. When I was little, I had a friend who had what you described. But she didn't wear makeup or style her hair - she wore a hijab (head-scarf) - however, she did have a prescription cream that she had to apply throughout the day. The best advice I can give you is to just visit your dermatologist. Good luck!

Q) Why haven't you made yourself a fan page on Facebook?
A) I get asked this a lot - it's because I already have a profile on Facebook so I don't see the point of making another. Also, I would have to be quite big-headed to make a fan page for myself! >_< I actually had one about 2 years ago, but when the owner of it left Facebook she made me the admin, so I closed it down.



  1. where u get the brushes frum?

    1. You can get them really cheap from Ebay <3

  2. LAWL! the clips show was so funny. n ur dog is cute xx

  3. I use the same silver shampoo as u!


  5. I love your videos so much :3 and you're really great dancer! ^^

  6. How do you wipe your arse with those nails?

  7. Your hair is so beautiful <3