Monday, 13 August 2012

Huge weekend update!

So, Neton took me away for the weekend and I'm going to do a separate blog for Saturday and Sunday maybe tomorrow and the day after! I had such an amazing time! So they need separate blog posts!

Anyhoo..... Here are a few things from before the weekend. I didn't update for a while until now - I just kind of had a few life issues to deal with but I'm fine now.

 We went to the pub a few times but I'd completely ran out of clothes!
 So I had to wear some clothes that I haven't worn in a long time!
I don't like those trousers.... well, I do like them but I just don't like the shape of them. I would love them if they were salwar (went in a the ankle, like harem trousers) but they just hang there and I constantly fall over them. They also look so strange under clothes like that.
/\ Another random photo from another random day. Look how bad my roots are! I didn't back-comb my hair for a few days so it looked so limp!
(These photos are from about a week or two ago I think. I didn't leave the house for a long time due to certain issues!)
I finally dyed my roots on Thursday!
I have such a good collection of bindis now. I've started wearing them every day. I never go out without one now.
Here are some of them:
These are my favourites!:
Sooooo pretty!
(I'm wearing the yellow one of these - top right - /\ in the first few photos)
These ones are great too, they go back to basics with the red dot:
These are the ones I wear most often. Nothing fancy - my everyday bindis:
Luna has been wearing bindis lately! She's so cute and they really suit her!
She was yawning here >_<
And here she's winking! 
OMG! The other day there was such a creepy fog on the horizon! The photos barely show it!
This is taken from our window:
There's a forest on the horizon and the fog completely swallowed it! It was like something from a horror film!
Here are a few recent purchases:
A foundation brush:
I've never used a foundation brush before so I thought I'd give it a go! It's actually really great!
Neton came back one day with some Hello Kitty mouthwash for me:
And some orange juice in a can. I've never seen it in a can before:
And here is cute little Luna with her bindi in the car!:
She always sits next to me, leaning on me and looking up lovingly haha:
When we were planning what we needed to take for the weekend, we wrote a list. I can't read much on it because Neton wrote it! I thought my handwriting was bad but his is even worse! Look!:
It looks like a toddler wrote it! >_<

Q&A from my ask box:

Q) How do you get the colour gradient on your nails?
A) I use the sponging technique

Q) Where do you buy your dresses?
A) Different places, mainly from Ebay and 'The Bazaar' in Bradford.

Ah..... the weekend was ammmmmaaaazzziiiinnnngggg though! I can't wait to blog about it! I'll probably blog about Saturday tomorrow and Sunday the day after tomorrow! Ah, it was so much fun! <3


  1. SUGOI! bindis are so kawaii. i wanna wear them 2 but im not hindu :'(

    1. You don't have to be hindu to wear them! As long as you wear them respectfully it's fine. Perhaps just stay clear from wearing red dots though.

      If you're white or light-skinned (could pass for white), the only people who I've experienced getting offended by me wearing bindis are white people. Even though I'm hindu. I've had white, non-hindus tell me that I'm offending hindus. When, in fact, they're offending the hindu standing right in front of them!

      It's a bizarre world and people get offended by the craziest things, so don't worry about it. Someone, somewhere will get offended by anything you do, having blonde hair, having purple hair, wearing makeup, not wearing makeup etc. As long as you're not hurting anyone, I just say do what you want! Good luck! <3

  2. LOL ur dog is so cute with the bindi n u looked beut xoxo


  4. Lhouraii i really love your blog ^_^ you're so funny and pretty, please never stop posting, i'm always happy to read new stuff!

    I know you made a video about how you do your nails but could you maybe write something like a tutorial post? something like "all you need to know about nails" lol~

    this would be amazing ^.^