Sunday, 26 August 2012

Recent bargains and other stuff

So here are a few things I bought recently! They were all super cheap!

My favourite is 'My Little Pony' DS stickers! My DS looks so pretty now!:
This is how they arrived:

They were so simple to stick on! 

I actually never use my DS but now I definitely will! It's too cute not to use! It will be good for passing time in car journeys.

Here is my DS before and after!:
(Obviously, after sticking the stickers on I also added my deco case - so the top sticker (left) isn't actually seen..... which is good because I don't really like that one! Haha

While on the subject of 'My Little Pony', I also bought some 'MLP' napkins yesterday! I'm planning on using them for nail art!:
I also bought some bindis:
While I was shopping for bindis there was a little girl (about 4 or 5) taking photos of me >_< She kept standing wherever I stood and staring at me haha - I said to Neton "I don't know if it was good or bad" he just said it's because not many people there have long blonde hair...... I'm still undecided. She was cute though!

I also bought these earrings from the same shop - they were on sale!
I'm going to use them as tikka (forehead decoration) I usually use earrings like this because they're so much cheaper and if you lose it..... you have a spare one! Haha

Neton bought me a Hello Kitty pen:

Yesterday I also bought a Hello Kitty cup from the £1 shop:
So cute!
Oh and we went to a carboot sale last week where I bought a 'Miss Army Knife' (Play-on-words of 'Swiss Army Knife btw)
It's pink!
It has a mirror, lip gloss, makeup brush and lots of other things.
It will definitely come in handy! I was actually looking for an army knife so I was lucky to find a cheap pink one!

I wanted one because I can't eat tomatoes anymore without cutting them in 1/2 first........ It's kind of crazy but it's due to a phobia I have..... I'm not telling you what my phobia is of but it's completely irrational! I love tomatoes but I can't bite into them because I think *phobia* will be inside! There's no way the thing I'm freaked by will be inside, I know that logically..... but still. So that's why I needed a Swiss Army Knife - to cut tomatoes in half before eating them....... hahahaha >_< 

For anyone wondering - yes, it is a real phobia. I wish I could 'get over it' but I really can't. I've had the phobia since I was like 4 or 5 years old. 

Here are a few photos of me through the last week...... looking all boring and normal >_<:
I need a new hairstyle! Let me know if you have any ideas of what would look good on me!

Also...... you may have noticed I'm wearing the same clothes over and over...... I don't even know why I'm not ashamed! Haha

I guess it's because I feel quite 'medieval' because that's what people did back then - just wore the same dress every day. But I'm not doing it on purpose. I just don't have much money to buy new clothes and a lot of my clothes need re-stitching and mending from wear-and-tear.

...... Probably because I don't take care of them well enough! Like walking in the sea with my trousers and dress on:
English sea-side....................... /\

We went to the beach for a day, the sand there had clay in it:

It took forever to get that out from my toenails!

I had to walk to the nearest toilets over lots of gravel and rocks barefoot, so that I could wash my feet to put my shoes back on! It's a good thing I used to train barefoot over gravel and broken glass as a child! But still - ouch! Haha

This photo is funny though:
We didn't know it was taking the photos! We were trying to have a photo with my niece! (Her head is in the top-left) They're all so terrible! But it wouldn't let us do it again so we had to choose one! Hahaha >_<

The other day we gave Mitmit a bath:
He's so cute! He really enjoyed it and ended up laying down! Haha

I think his nose and mouth look like a face in one photo.............
................ So I put makeup on it!


Oh, and we stopped by the Chinese supermarket and bought some Natto...... we've never tried it before but we wanted to.

We tried it and........... ew! It's so slimy and it just tastes like coffee...... I really wanted to like it, so I tried it again. I put it on toast like members of Angeleek did.... I also added some mayo just like them..... but it was still gross! .......... and I don't even like toast either so I'm not sure why I thought that would work!


Here's Brodie and Luna looking all cute!:
Last week we were in Thornhill visiting family...... I really wanted to film 2 tutorials today and tomorrow but guess what......... I left my camera charger in Thornhill! >_< I don't know what I'm going to do!
On the way back from Thornhill:
Luna licking Netons eye!:
Neton bought a weird looking melon today:
We're leaving it to ripen for a while though so we don't know what it's like yet!

Luna had some melon the other day though and it made her lips all pink!:
She's sooooo cute! >_<

I'm sure there was something else I was going to say........ 




  2. uh ur obvious extentoins are obviuos.

    1. I'm not wearing extensions in any of these photos. Underneath my hair is a little darker than on top, if that's what you mean? <3

  3. Loving all the new things you got!
    Your DS looks incredible now (*w*)
    MLP is just amazing <3 also such cute Hello Kitty stuff ~
    The doodle over Mitmit... :'D omg thats hilarious haha

    1. Thanks! I know, I can't wait for the next series to come out - both Neton and I are completely obsessed! <3

  4. girl ur hair is so long now im jelly xoxo

    1. Hahahaha thank you! It may be long but it's too thin - I wish it was thicker! It's also hard to manage! <3

  5. I also bought that Hello Kitty keyring pen! It's on my lanyard for work ^_^ I love your hair, is it all yours? Mines similar except I have a fringe :)

    1. Thanks! Yes it's all my real hair but it's very thin and damaged! I sometimes wear a clip-on fringe! =] <3

  6. Wooooow such long hair *o* I have long hair but not that long it's awesome!!

    I have split ends though :( How do take care of your hair?

    1. Thanks! I don't actually get many split ends anymore because of the care routine I do. It's a lifestyle though, not just a 5 minute thing. (But my hair is still very damaged from bleaching!)

      Basically, I apply an oil mixture to my hair (a heavy amount of it), massage it in and leave it in all the time. And I mean 'all the time'! I wrap it in cling film and I wear wigs over the top of it when I go out. I wash it out and re-apply it about once per week. Sometimes I wash it out for a few days (like last week) but it's rare...... although, I've been doing it a lot lately!

      The oil mixture is:

      1. Fry curry leaves in coconut oil
      2. leave the oil to cool until it's not too hot to apply
      3. remove the curry leaves and add some jasmine oil
      4. mix together and massage into hair.

      This oil mixture will help your hair grow faster too.

      There you go! That's a very detailed explanation of my hair routine! Haha <3