Friday, 28 June 2013

Walking in Nature (my 'up-dos')

(Sorry for my lack of posts! I have been away for a while! I'm back now though! I'll be continuing posting soon! I'm so behind with blogging! This blog is a draft that I wrote ages ago but never posted! So I'll post this and then hopefully post from tomorrow onwards!)

So, a while ago it was actually sunny here in England (SHOCK!)...... It hasn't been since though! Our summers in England consist of hail stone, so it seems! It's so freaking cold!

So, when it was actually sunny, we went on a nice walk. I'm not used to having my hair up, but I wanted it out of my face. (Does a braid count as an 'up-do'?).

I ended up braiding my hair back, I had two French Braids at each side of my head. The four braids joined into one at the back of my head.
.... Not very skilfully done, but it kept my hair out of my face!
I just wore a random dress with a belt
Neton got me a Hello Kitty water bag! 
It was such a nice walk!
I'm so used to being really cold whenever I'm outside! So it was nice to not be cold! Haha
We stopped to relax on some rocks:
I had no makeup on, so please excuse my skin! ... I did draw on some eyebrows quickly before we left though:
On a different sunny day (two in one year?! Wow!) we walked to the Haworth 'Waterfall'. For this I just braided my hair in two and then pinned them up:
No makeup again, not even eyebrows! Hahaha >_<
We brought along a 'spring green wrap!:
Super delicious! Here's how it's made!:


- Spring Green leaves
- Carrots
- Miso Paste
- Tomato
- Avocado
- Cress


1. Boil and mash the carrots
2. Add in Miso paste and mix together
3. Lay out some Spring Green Leaves
4. Spread the carrot and Miso mash on the leaves 
5. Add the clopped tomatoes, avocado and cress
6. Roll it up, tuck in the sides as you roll!
(Similar to rolling sushi)

....... I'm not good at writing instructions! Hahaha >_<

Anyway, here are some cute sheep:
I hope we get at least one more sunny day this year because I wanted to film a few tutorials outside! 

Oh well! <3


  1. were u bin gal?

  2. nice dres btw (same anon as above)

  3. (me agen) wens gga is it still gonna happn?

    1. Yes, it's taking longer though because I don't have as much time to chase around the presenters for their videos! >_< <3

  4. I have that Hello Kitty carrier!!!!!!

  5. Good to have u back lhouraii! We missed u :) xx

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  7. omg i wondered where u went! im so happy ur back! and lol shut up anon /\ (Josie)

  8. Adore the first updo (the dress is really pretty as well)! <33 Ugh I have no patience for hair styling. T^T

    Haha, sheep are so cute and funny sometimes. :D

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