Tuesday, 15 May 2012

House party and things

On Saturday Neton and I went to a housewarming party. I finally bleached my hair, my roots were just too much and I didn't feel like wearing a wig that day!

I wore very simple nails:

I've been trying to paint things on nails lately. It's harder than it looks! It turned out quite bad, but it looked ok from far away!

It says my initials (LO LI). It also says ギャル next to the LI (my Youtube name is LIGYARU)

Anyhoo...... here are some photos:

While talking:

While pointing:

While talking and looking down:

Hahahahaha look at Netons face >_<:

He looks so fed up!

The deco is falling from my camera >_< Deco never stays on my things for long!

Anyhoo, after the party we went to a club. When I said I wasn't dressed for it because I was still in my 'day clothes' people looked at me bizarrely haha >_< I keep forgetting that not everyone is Gyaru! I was actually the most dressed up person I saw out =/

Trying to look angry:

When we got back it was about 4:30am on Sunday, we were planning on going to a car-boot sale so decided to just stay awake until about 6 or 7 and then set off to it. That plan failed though, when my hangover started to appear! So we just went to sleep and decided we'll go next week instead! Hahaha

So we got back here last night, oh and the charger for the laptop was here! YAY! I hated going on Netons computer, I don't even know why. I just prefer using his laptop! So now I can continue editing the awards!

Oh, an update on the awards! Everyone keeps asking me when they'll be up/if I'm still doing them! All the videos have now been sent in. I just need to film my part and finish the editing. It sounds simple but there is sooooooooo much to edit! I'm going to try and get it done asap, but I can't film my part for at least a couple of days. <3


  1. love ur jacket hair and nails!!!!!

  2. Awwh I still think the nails are cute! (^__^)
    and yay for hair bleach! haha~ I'll be doing mine next weekend... (T^T) I wish my natural hair wasn't so dark, the roots wouldnt look so bad D;
    I haven't been to a carboot sale in years!
    I never wake up early enough haha
    ~ Looking super pretty as always! (^w^)

    1. Thank you! Yes, my hair is naturally dark too =/

      Carboot sales are the best! I usually wake up naturally at about 5:30am anyway! Haha <3

  3. Hi Lhouraii
    Its quite obvious that you are receiving benefits- just be aware that you do need to declare earnings from selling nails and your youtube adsense etc otherwise you are commiting fraud. That would be a bad idea particularly as your name and address are so easily findable online. I work for the Department for Work and Pensions, and only mean this as friendly advice.

    1. Why is it quite clear I'm on benefits? My name is findable online because I use it online (Lhouraii Onawah Li) but my address isn't. I move house quite often and the addresses I've seen online are from like 5 or 6 moves ago (I would be grateful if you could tell me how to remove those though?)

      Anyway, I appreciate your concern but I'm really not a fraudster! =] <3

  4. awww i really love your blog, you're so weird in a positive way :D
    and your magic nails are just AWESOME, fantasy stuff on nails rocks xD