Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The other day (I can't even figure out how many days ago it was because my brain is soooooo ..... blah).......... anyway, the other day I filmed my part for the Gaijin Gyaru Awards. After doing that, I spend like 24 hours straight editing!!!!! I actually turned into a computer. I worked out that I memorised over 1000 numbers........ I tried to explain but it made this post even longer, so I screen-capped it for if anyone does actually want to read it!:


Here are some photos from when I was filming:

I looked even worse than usual, if you can't tell from the photos - you will definitely be able to tell in the video!
But I'm not filming it again, I always film things like 5 times!

It was sooooooo warm >_< My makeup kept coming off!

Also, my face was so weird and I put too much blusher on so I look like I have a beard haha

Ah well, you all know that nothing ever goes right when I do it! Haha

I just know there's going to be the usual 50 people who feel the need to comment on the video saying "you look disgusting" etc - as if I didn't already know! >_<


Talking about things never working for me, here's a funny story:

After my 24 hours of editing, I went to sleep for 4 or 5 hours then edited for another day and tried to export it (I don't know what day in the story this is anymore, it's all one big blur) To export it takes 9 HOURS! When there were 5 hours left I had to go somewhere, so I took the laptop with me on the hour-long car journey. The battery ran out 5 minutes before we arrived!

When we got there I ran in and plugged the laptop in. Luckily, it continued exporting, somehow.

After the 9 hours, I looked at the exported video to find the audio was messed up AND THERE WAS A MASSIVE WATERMARK OVER THE VIDEO!!

So..... I adjusted the audio and Neton helped me find a solution to the watermark problem.... apparently I was using 'Flip4mac' to export WMV files that people had sent in. Anyway..... I think that was last night...... After he'd finally done that, I started to export again then went to sleep.

I woke up this morning to see 'general error'. No explanation, just 'general error'. So I started the exporting again. 9 hours.

When there were 3 hours left, it quit saying 'general error' again. Apparently my hd memory was too full >_<

So I deleted a ton of stuff, including upcoming videos I was going to upload to Youtube. Like a haircare video, 5 nail tutorials, a DIY makeup storage and a "4-looks-in-1" makeup video that I filmed like 3 months ago.

I wasn't bothered about the makeup tutorial, because this is what it ended up looking like:

It was supposed to be 5 looks in one (Natural, Popteen, Egg, Banba and Manba) but I gave up at banba! They merged into each other.

I never liked the Popteen look, and I definitely can't pull it off! 

But still, I've sacrificed a lot for these awards haha

So I set it to export again and there's currently 6 hours left:

I was sticking up my middle finger at the screen while I took this.

So yeah, I was hoping to upload the awards like 3 days ago, but now I'm hoping tomorrow or the day after...... I'm reeeealllly hoping. I just know something else is going to go wrong.

It's funny because someone said to me "I would have thrown it out the window by now" and that's when I realised........ I'm sooooo used to stuff like this now, I just expect it to happen. I would have been shocked if it hadn't!

Some more things from Ebay came, here they are:

Leopard ring:

£1.21 - more than I'd usually spend on a ring but I really love it!

Bow ring:


Heart chain:


Phoenix necklace:


I don't know if anyone has made it this far into this mess of a blog post, but if you have.......... thank you. Haha

I just needed to rant a little, and let you all know why the awards are taking so long.

Argh, I'm never editing or uploading a video again.

Haha, only joking <3


  1. i imagine theres enough work editing the video without all those errors lol i really feel sory for u but im looking forward to see the awards ;b

    1. Yes, there really is! I'm happy you're looking forward to the awards! Hopefully they'll be uploaded soon! <3

  2. 9 HOURS!!!????

  3. I really look forward to see them :)
    You have so much work to do...fighting lady! :D

    And well about those people that say you're disgusting...etc... fuck them. Youu have your fashion and i think you are amazing with make up and have a great personality. Don't let them to give a fuck what people say about you, just be how you are, wear what you want and continue doing the things you like. :)

    1. Thank you so much! And yep, I will keep been me! =] <3

  4. You look really cute in all your pictures.

    1. Thank you! I almost didn't upload them <3

  5. Wow... That sounds so incredibley annoying (=_=;) I would have rage quit and would no longer have a computer! hahaha xD you have alot of paitance!
    I hope nothing else goes wrong (>,<;) you've done so much! <3

    Also I think you look lovely! I really like the hair! :D
    The henna stuff is really cool (^w^)
    Cute new jewelery! You got some good deals (*o*) that phoenix necklace is stunning!

    1. I know, I think I must be used to it haha

      Thank you! The same really can't be said for me in the video! Oh well >_< <3

  6. agrrrr I get super frustrated when a video takes 1hr hour to export!, so if I were you I'll be screaming at the computer DX!!! and provably get super pissed and give up xD!! Oh well Can't wait to see the awards *__*! and I am a big fan of your nails!! hope I could wear long nails @__@! Take care and get some rest XD

    1. Yep. Actually it only just finished exporting and I've had even more problems with it! The sound is all weird and some of the files got deleted so I can't even export it again! I'll have to make do with it how it is. >_< <3

  7. Hiya :)
    How much is the postage on the ebay stuff you bought? I was just wondering because often I see things very cheap that are dispatched from China, but the postage is kind of whopping- but have you found a way around that?:)

    1. There were no postage charges! I just keep an eye out for auctions with low bids =] <3

  8. EEEEEEEEK I'm so excited to see it omg omg omg!! :D It'll be great! Glad you were joking because you make fabulous videos!

    1. Haha thank you! I hope it meets your expectations >_< There are a few errors that I can't correct because the file was deleted! <3

  9. im with crystal on this one. I just love your videos

  10. You look so perfect! <3 I just love your look. I'm about to watch it now. SO EXCITEDD >:D