Tuesday, 8 May 2012

d.i.a nails, GGA update, bows, funny videos and trashy music


ARGH, my insomnia is back. I actually used to enjoy it, I'd get more things done since I stayed awake throughout the night. Unfortunately I'm sick again, so insomnia really isn't good to have at this moment! >_< Oh, funny story - I just remembered it! :

One time I didn't sleep for an entire 7 days (not even for 1 minute). After you've stayed awake for about 3 days you start seeing things in the corners of your eyes (small hallucinations). The hallucinations grow stronger the more you stay awake. "How can insomnia keep you awake for that long", you ask? Well, this was years ago and I was living with my parents at the time. I turned nocturnal, I couldn't sleep at night then started getting tired at like 7/8am. However, if I tried going to sleep at that time my mum would wake me up and tell me not to sleep through the day. SO.... I wasn't tired at night, but couldn't sleep through the day. Even when I was almost fainting, she insisted it was lazy to sleep in the daytime haha

However, at around day 5 (of the week I was talking about), I started feeling very tired. The only problem was, I actually didn't have time to sleep! No time at all, every minute of those last 3 days was spent on working for an upcoming show.

The show was on day 7 of my insomnia-filled week. As you can imagine, the hallucinations had grown quite stronger! The show included lots of bright costumes and an under-the-sea scene. When that scene came, I walked on stage and....... I can't even describe what I saw. I was just hallucinating like crazy! Not good when you're on stage, supposed to be acting in front of an audience! I ended up running off the stage like a crab and making DR Zoidberg noises! I think people thought it was part of the show >_<

Ah, I actually just remembered something else about when I had very bad insomnia. I was talking to someone and told them I actually liked having insomnia. Guess what they said.......

"You're lying! You don't have insomnia! If you had insomnia, you wouldn't like it! I have insomnia and it's offensive that you would lie about it pretending it isn't bad!"


I've mentioned before how one of the only things that can send me into a rage is to be told what I'm thinking, or told that I'm lying. So he definitely regretted saying that haha

There are much worse things than insomnia >_< I guess it just depends how you look at it.


Here are my new nails! I actually really like them!:

Excuse the eyeliner on the fingers!

I tried to write 'd.i.a' in 3D white, it's sort of wonky but oh well!

The white nail has 3 chains: one in the middle and one on each side:

Oh, and a little update on the Gaijin Gyaru Awards! I was waiting on one video, but it turns out they can't do it anymore, so I'm going to start filming my part asap, then I can finish the editing and upload it. I'm having trouble with my camera........ it's broken, quite badly! I'll try and squeeze out the last of it's life to film this, hopefully it will be able to film it. I really don't know what I'll do if it won't!

I've been making bows, not for any reason, just because I didn't have much else to do haha:

Also, I thought I might as well answer questions that I get asked a LOT. I can't answer questions on tumblr so I'll answer some of them on here:

Q: Do you wear circle lenses every day?
A: Only when I go out, I don't put them in if I'm just staying in the house. Whenever I go out, I wear them.

Q: What's your job?
A: Unfortunately, I have a little condition that prevents be from keeping a job.

Q: How long have you been with your boyfriend?
A: About 3 years I think!

Q: Have you had gender re-assignment surgery?
A: Haha no, I was born a girl as far as I'm aware! It's strange though because I always felt like I had the brain of a guy, and I don't consider myself to be mentally female..... but not really mentally male either. I guess I'm just a 'thing'!

So yeah, you can still send me questions on Tumblr, I'll just answer some of them on here.

Lately, I haven't felt up to going out much so I've been playing Zelda again. It's the best game ever! I love playing it with funny names to make the characters say funny things. I couldn't really think of any (tell me some good ones, if you can think of any?)

I called him "Fuck off":

Hahahaha >_< I love her face as she says it.

Ah, I love been immature haha

Since I haven't had much to do, I've been watching Youtube videos too, I thought I'd put a couple of them here:

HAHAHAHAHAHA "ALAN! ALAN! ALAN! AL! ALAN! Oh that's not Alan, it's Steve.............. STEVE! STEVE! STEVE! STEVE!"

I love the end "'Coz she's got a beard" Hahahahahaha >_<

Anyhoo - lastly, I wanted to include some music! A guy I went to college with is making music now, yesterday I noticed a clip of his music on Facebook. I listened to it and I loved it!

Here are a few tracks:

I asked him if I could use some of his music in my videos, but his lyrics might be a little........ explicit for some of my viewers haha

I hope you like his music anyway, it's fantastically trashy!

Here's a link to his other tracks:


ARGH!!!! The laptop charger just broke. =[ stupid macs. Their chargers cost like £70 but break so easily. I don't know what I can do if it's broken! Argh!!!! *sigh* don't worry, I'll find a way to still do the awards. Life just keeps throwing stuff at me, it must have confused me for a bin or something haha <3


  1. those videos are so funny

    1. Haha I know, I love the film that the clip is from (Four Lions), it's so funny <3

  2. i love reading your posts im sick too and you keep me entertained! xxxx

    1. Thank you! I hope you get better soon! =] <3

  3. i love the music and lol at the zelda screencaps ^^

    1. I can't stop listening to the music, it's fantastic! And I'm happy you also find the Zelda names funny haha <3

  4. Just wanted to say that I really like the way you see the world and every single person :) More people should think like that. Although many people hate on you because of it I can assure you that just as many respect you, they just don't spend their entire time posting it on the internet ;)