Monday, 3 September 2012

Pink Photos, New Nails and Oil Treatment

Here are a few photos from the makeup I did the other day!

I also did a photo version of the tutorial:

(I don't know how to make it bigger =[)
And here are a few other photos:
I wore the 'My Little Pony' nails that I made:
A close-up of the eye makeup:
I'm surprised it turned out so well - I can barely see what I'm doing anymore when doing my makeup. I'm taking some pills to help my eyesight though so I hope that works. I'm still so scared of going blind - I don't know what I'll do.
I made some nails today, they were a custom request from my shop. 

Green Forest Fairy nails:

Also, I've had a few questions about the oil treatment I use on my hair, and how I do it.........

Preparing the oil:
- Fry curry leaves in coconut oil
- Leave it to cool, until it won't burn you to touch it (it should still be warm)
- Remove the curry leaves
- Mix the oil with jasmine oil

Applying the oil:
- Apply to the scalp in layers and massage it into the scalp
- When you get to the top layer, massage the scalp some more and then brush it through
- Apply the rest of the oil to the length and ends of the hair (the hair should all be completely soaked)

Keeping the oil in:
- Put your head upside down
- Wrap clingfilm around your scalp
- Tuck the rest of your hair into the clingfilm
- Add more clingfilm to seal the top
- Cover with a shower cap (or a cap that's designed to retain body heat)

Leave it in for as long as you can.

I pretty much always have this oil in my hair, I only rarely rinse it out if I'm going somewhere. Most of the time I wear wigs over the top of it - it retains more heat which makes the oil work even better! 

In the video I filmed earlier I had the oil treatment on (I always do). I took some photos to show you:
(Haha I can't believe I've uploaded this! >_<)
UP: The foil cap that I wear over the clingfilm
DOWN: The clingfilm that was under the foil cap. 

Haha <3


  1. you are always looking so pretty. like an angel. ♥

  2. ima try the oil treatment :)

  3. Replies
    1. I posted it the other day (or yesterday? I don't know ha) on my Youtube channel:


  4. Your nails are always beautiful :D

  5. you always look so cute. you're one of my biggest make up inspirations. your nails look amazing as well. nice blog! :3

  6. Why can't you see :'o? Wearing too much colored contacts?
    Those nails have fantastic colors.

  7. How do you wash oil off your hair?
    I used coconut oil, washed hair twice, but it is still very oily.

    Thank you,