Friday, 21 September 2012

G-204 GREY Circle Lens Review

Here's a little information on the lenses:

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: Plano (0.00) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.50mm
A link to the actual lenses on the Mukuchu website:
So, my first impression on these lenses wasn't actually that great. They're smaller than I would usually wear and didn't seem to have any significant design.

They're predominantly black, with a small area of grey on the inside. I think these lenses are good for if you don't want to look 'scary' haha - the lenses I usually wear make me look a little like an alien or something. But I like that.

I was pleasantly surprised when I wore these lenses, even though they looked small, they're actually quite good at enlarging!

Compared with my current favourite lenses:

They look much smaller next to them, but when wearing them they don't look as small:

Quite strange. 

Even though my first impression wasn't that great, it's changed a lot since then. I'll explain why throughout the review.

I made a 'gif' to go with the review, I thought it would make it more fun! Haha:

So, let's get onto the numbers!



Uunfortunately, I'm not a big fan of the design. It's not that I don't like it, I just can't find anything to love about it. It's very simple and minimal. Which is great, if you like that sort of thing. These lenses would be great for beginners in Gyaru makeup or for people who don't want the lenses to be too obvious. I also think these lenses would look good on light eyes. Like I said earlier, these lenses are a lot less 'scary'/'freakish' looking. So, if you're scared of looking possessed, these are better for you!




As I mentioned, I was surprised at how much my eyes were enlarged by these lenses. I honestly can't imagine wearing them if they weren't enlarging! But I've worn these quite a lot lately. I even wore them for my Irrational Fears video and had a few people ask what lenses I was wearing. 



Wow, this is what has kept me wearing these lenses more than anything! I wasn't aware that lenses could even be like this. I've only ever wore really thick ones. These lenses are super thin and soft, soooo comfortable! They're easy to keep clean, and a lot less harsh on the eyes (mine and yours!)

Another thing is that the grey isn't very noticeable at all, the lenses do look black until further inspection. The grey appears very subtle in the daylight. This leads me to believe these lenses would look great with much simpler makeup. 

As you can see, with extreme makeup they don't really seem to fit:

But, then again, that could just be me thinking my eyes need to have a pattern on them all the time! Haha

So, in conclusion, these are great for basic lenses! They do their job and create an enlarged, dolly eye. They're full of little surprises, such as enlarging more than they say and feeling as comfortable as is possible for lenses!

Would I recommend these lenses? Yes! (If you acknowledge the subtlety of the design, of course!) I still can't get over how comfortable they are! Haha



  1. How much are these?

    1. I'm not actually sure, you can find out on Mukuchus website though:


  2. Luv the gif! are these lens come in green? xoxo

  3. i prefer simpler 1s on u. u do look less like a alien LOL

  4. Those look a lot like the ones I used to have. Very nice!

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  6. Do you always waer you make up like this? Isnt it overrated? What does your boyfriend say? Is ehe allowed to see you without make up? How came the idea up to do you make up lile this? With this white and thise lashes... Doesnt it hurt towaer always those lenses and those lashes?

  7. You re sooo cute <33