Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I haven't posted in a while......

...... Or have I? I'm not even sure anymore, my brain is just so scattered.

There's a few reasons I haven't posted, a couple of them are:

1. I'm sick of looking at my blog

- It looks so unprofessional and bad.
- I have over 10X less followers than everywhere else. Even my tumblr had more followers in like the first 2 days of getting it.
- So much effort on the design and I hate it

So, I want to change my blog layout, let me know if you can help. I'm sick of looking at it!

2. People are forgetting me before I'm even gone

- My latest Youtube video was posted a week ago and it has less than 1000 views..... I've never had a video do so badly, even on my old channel that was complete crap. I thought my other recent videos were doing badly because they had like 2000 views. I was going to upload a video every few days but this has just completely wrecked my motivation. I have no idea what to do.

And some other stuff....

Anyway, I want to post this blog entry before I end up disappearing from the internet forever. I thought if I don't post this now,  I never will! I've been postponing it for days thinking "What's the point?" But oh well...... Hello to all you 0 readers out there! You're probably not reading this so ...... blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

Now for some photos:

Let's see, I'll start with some I took when there was still a trace of optimism left in my idiotic brain. Before I filmed my last video:

/\ What an idiot /\
My new hat, I love it!

I've been getting a lot of stick lately for being vegetarian. I've always been given a hard time for being vegetarian, but today took the biscuit! I've heard 

"I don't agree with you being vegetarian"
In my head.....
"You don't agree with me eating vegetables?!"
"You don't agree to me being compassionate and good-willing?!"
"You don't agree to me not using my body as a graveyard?!"

But I can't reply to stuff like that because it makes me look like a 'preaching' vegetarian. And I'm not, I let people be. I REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY hate the fact that people eat meat. But me bitching at them for it isn't going to change their mind, it will just annoy them and turn them against vegetarianism even more. So I leave them to it. Why can't people do the same for me? I'm actually not harming anything, unlike them, but they have more need to say something about it than I do...... for some reason. It's not right to let animals live....... apparently. 

"I bet you don't get enough protein. You NEED meat"
In my head......
"You didn't care about my protein intake until you found out I was vegetarian. If I was sat here eating crips, chocolate, sausage rolls etc, you wouldn't lecture me about my health. But, because I'm eating a banana, I'm disrespecting my body..........." 

"It's not natural to be vegetarian. We're naturally carnivorous"
In my head.....
"You state this as a fact when it's really your opinion. Have you done studies on it? Actually, it's been scientifically PROVEN that we ARE naturally vegetarian. It's not a matter of opinion, it's scientific FACT. Try walking up to a cow and taking a bite out of it.............. I want to leave this planet. I really do."

I also had a plate of meat shoved in my face by my - only recently annoying - nephew. He kept telling me to eat some. I almost threw up and I felt disgusting for being so close to a dead, mangled corpse. He used to be intelligent and compassionate. He wanted to be vegetarian too like me and his mum, but the last few times I've seen him he's been horrid. He's only like 10/11 years old and he thinks he knows everything. He told me today 

"They're weird!"

We live in a world where being nice is weird, according to my nephew!

I don't know what happened to him..... His dad is a meat eater and he glamorises it saying stuff like vegetarians are wusses or the equivalent.

I know my nephew is just a kid, but he used to be intelligent. Now he's just arrogant! I hope my niece doesn't turn out like that.


This is the less-enthusiastic me!:

I recently got a few really cool things, like these ear...... cuffs?:
I'll probably make a post sooner or later about all of my recently acquired things!
It fits behind the ear, and the chains blend into the hair...... on normal people! On me it just tangles in my hair!

This is my favourite!:
It's so cool! It wraps around the ear like it's holding onto it!
/\ LEFT: That's a shadow on my face, it's placed so it looks like I'm sucking in my face haha /\
I have new lenses that I'm not too sure about. They're not as big as usual but we'll see. I'll be reviewing them soon.

Me today, looking terrible because it was raining!:
I made Netons brothers girlfriend some nails for her birthday:

She wouldn't like really extreme ones. It was my first time doing 3D acrylic flowers!

Oh and I might be going on a TV show in Romania. They want me to tell them about my makeup etc. So, yay! Free trip to Romania!

Oh, I keep forgetting, no one is reading this! 

If you have actually read this whole entry........ Nope! You don't exist!

I'm complaining so much today! Don't mind me, I'm just feeling sorry for myself haha 

Oh well <3

EDIT!: Please don't feel obliged to comment! That's not why I posted this entry. I'm just being a grumpy old man today, I won't quit blogging - I'm just ranting =]

This is me, sat in the chair:

Me today /\ <3


  1. lol well I DID read your entry. I know your feelings about your blog layout ( mine is not so great either but nothing I can do about it since I am not a web designer lol. Actually about your vegetarianism..I am a meat eater myself...But I think it is like you said you just need to kind of respect other people, although I really respect vegetarians I just could never keept it up myself. Although I did hear that part of the problem is now we over breed animals like cows and stuff so if everyone stopped eating them they would be over populated!

    1. Aw thank you! Yes, I have no idea what to do to my blog either!

      That isn't true though - sheep,cows etc will only reproduce to the amount that land and food available will allow them to. That's actually a fact too. Also, planet Earth used to be overrun by animals and humans have stolen their land from them and taken it for themselves. The meat industry is to blame for any 'overpopulation' that occurs, eating more meat won't solve the issue. 'Food' for thought <3

  2. Awww please don't be so harsh on yourself! I've been reading your blog for ages now, you're really inspiring and creative. :D
    I think I follow you on like every social network and I never usually comment on stuff but I felt I had to on this post because you seem so down :)
    I'm a veggie as well, and people always react really strangely to me when I mention it. This one time I was at a BBQ and one of my "friends" kept wafting the meat smell towards me, trying to get me to eat it. It was so gross :'( And my dad always does the same thing. -_-
    I think people just do it because they don't want to think about the implications of eating meat and how it harms the planet, or how cruel it is. Some people can be really ignorant.
    My brother went through the same phase your nephew's going through but he totally grew out of it, so don't worry! ^-^
    Please keep on blogging! I know I don't exist but I did read this whole entry XD

    1. Thank you >_< Yes, I'm just feeling sorry for myself today haha

      That's nasty, I hate when people do that. It's a joke to them and they expect vegetarians to find it funny for some reason! Neton said that's the reason too, that people just feel guilty for eating it but don't want to stop, so they blame vegetarians!

      Haha I will keep blogging, it's a hobby of mine anyway! And now I know some people actually read it, that's cheered me up a lot. So thank you! <3

  3. Hey, don't be like that! You forget how much of an inspiration you are to us Gals. Don't lose motivation,if it wasn't for you, the GGA would've never happened, and look how popular that is~ And don't put up with people who give you slack for being a vegetarian! I'll admit, I'm a complete carnivore, but I'm the leader of a circle and I have one member who is a total vegetarian and no one would ever dream about making fun of her for it. I admire her for it actually, and I admire you too.

    There's also a another girl in my circle who absolutely idolises YOU! The first time she came to a meet-up, I commented on how her style was just like yours, and she was so excited to hear that, even when she talks about you she gets very excited.

    You're still important to the Gal community, and don't forget that!

    You look amazing in all your photos, I really love your hat and your ear cuffs, and as always, your nails are fab, I'm sure your boyfriend's brother's girlfriend will love them :) And congratulations on the Romanian trip too!

    Don't give up! :D

    1. Wow, thank you so much! This was a very inspiring pep talk! Haha >_<

      I'm happy you respect peoples life choices, it's comforting to know there are others out there that do. There seems to be no one around here like that! You're a gift to your neighbours!

      That's so sweet and funny! That girl sounds so cute! I'm happy I still inspire someone then, I thought I was just fading away after being Gyaru for so many years >_<

      Thank you so much for your comment, it's really so kind of you to say all those things! <3

  4. I like it when you should more of your jawline at that 3/4 profile. I would love to see more photos like it.

    1. Thanks, I actually hate my jawline though. The shadows just make it look better in some of the photos! <3

  5. I love to read your Posts :D
    Please don't quit blogging!

    And the Obey Cap is so cool, suits you really good *_*

    1. Thank you so much! I wasn't going to quit blogging, I'm just being stupid and ranting today! It must be that time of the month! Haha I've turned into a grumpy old man! <3

  6. Yay! I don't exist ;-P lol I've worked very hard not to exist and finally achieved it!
    Maybe the next time someone has a go at you for being a vegetarian you should take out a little book of jokes and read one to them every time they pause for a breath, that way you're not being rude but if they pause enough times you might annoy them and they might just leave you alone....

    1. Hahaha >_< That's really funny! I might try it, I have a few joke books! <3

  7. I understand the blog layout feelings. Mine is a default layout from Blogger, but I have no idea how to do HTML and the such, so until then, I am stuck with this layout. Unless I can find a programmer in my uni. And I love your videos! And your blogposts! >.> As for the vegetarianism problems with other people, pay them no mind, I applaud your decision to be a vegetarian! I couldn't do it, personally because I have low iron in the first place, but I would love to. It is a healthy lifestyle if you get all the supplements you need.

    1. Thank you!

      And I get more than enough iron from dark, leafy greens! Such and Kale and Spinach! I used to have an iron deficiency about 5 years ago (I was vegetarian, but didn't eat many vegetables!) <3

  8. Hehe I still post to say to you please don't stop posting because I read all your posts! ^_^

  9. No one is going to forget you, because you're unforgettable....and I find it hard to believe that you could ever look terrible, rain or not. You are so pretty.

    1. Thank you so much! But I do look terrible most of the time actually! Hahaha <3

  10. I wouldn't mind helping you out if you wanted to change the way things looked around here! >‿‿<

    I'm not a professional or any sort of expert, but I managed to get my own blog looking "decent". It just takes a lot of time and effort, but in the end it's worth it ^-^*

    1. Thanks! Your blog looks great! I've been trying to figure out how to get navigation buttons at the top of the page. Or over the top of my banner. It's all so confusing to me! <3

    2. That's not really that hard, you just go to your dashboard > click on your blog > go to "pages" tab > and from there you can show your pages as "top tabs" or "side links"!

  11. Oh, those 'earcuffs' look nice!! I have always wanted to get some however
    I'm wondering if they are stable (dunno the word.. -___-),
    like , do they stay firmly on your ear when running or dancing for example?
    Or are they rather loose/getting lost easily?

    1. Thanks! They are stable enough for me, but if you knock them they could fall off. It depends which ones you get, there are lots of different ones on Ebay, some of them are more stable than others! <3

  12. God I feel you on those vegetarian comments! Something that usually shuts people up though is that I've never eaten meat, I very rarely eat dairy products and I don't take supplements or anything and yet I've lived in pretty much perfect health for 19 years now. It's strange how diets and food can make people so upset when it doesn't even concern them.

    1. I rarely eat dairy too, or eggs. It's crazy, I have no idea what makes people so insane about vegetarians/vegans! Someone else who commented said it could be because they feel guilty but don't want to stop eating animals so they blame vegetarians. I think this is right. I try not to mention I'm vegetarian a lot. But if I need to, like someone keeps offering me meat and then asks why I don't want any, I say "I'm vegetarian". I feel like just saying that I look like I'm looking down on them, or preaching to them - well, that's how they make me feel anyway. They look kind of disgusted/offended haha <3

  13. I follow you on youtube, facebook and your blogger. I respect vegetarians. I eat meat but I don't bitch at people who don't. Those people who do are pure A##holes. And if that were my nephew I would put him in a full head lock then ask him again "what did you say about vegetarians and nice people?" Yeah I do that to my sister's and bother children lol! LOl but you don't have to do that. It's clear that he's hanging around simple minded people for him to say something like that to you. But I always watch and read whatever you post. I may not respond all that time but I read and watch you. And your Youtube videos and blogs inspire me to be more gryua. Remember you got a subbi right here who surports you! ^_^ I say Keep up the good work!

    1. Ah, that's good to know that you respect vegetarians, even though you aren't one! That's really great! People like you are rare!

      I wish I could have done that, but I'm not close enough to my family to do anything like that. Especially my sister, she would probably never speak to me again if I did that! Haha (she's very serious all the time >_<)

      Thank you so much for your comment, I'm really happy you like my videos etc! I'll try to keep it up! <3

  14. That dragon cuff is fine! I want ones too but I don't think they're getting in shops here any time soon...

    1. I bought them from Ebay, China. They don't sell anything like that over here either, it's why I shop on Ebay a lot! Haha <3

  15. Youre such an inspiration to me >3< Dont mean to sound cheesy but you are just so awesome! I think the circle lenses look cool too, Im looking forward to the review^^

    And its not like nobody is reading your stuff, atleast I am :p You got plenty of fans out there, dont forget ;)

    I was wondering if you could someday make a face routine tutorial? Im curious to see what products you use~~

  16. I do read your stuff, in fact I only just started as I only just found your blog a few months ago! Only stop if it's not fun for you any more. If you're still enjoying it, don't worry too much about view counts :) I must add that it's a very busy time of year right now, school starting, people moving to uni etc. Perhaps you should take this into account? I hope you start loving your blog again though :) I'm not a veggie, but I have severe food allergies and that taught me to respect anyone's reason not to eat anything! I do wish more people would be tolerant of others on the whole food issue. I hate how they always start with "Well can't you just..." We can't 'just', can we!?

  17. I like your videos and blog, I think you are a cute person who has a lot to offer :)

  18. Wahh please don't leave the internet, you're one the most interesting, creative and sweet people I have the honour of reading about :) I would miss you.

  19. Please don't leave! You're different and I love you for that! <3 xoxo And I'm tired of looking at my blog too. I just haven't had the time and I'm too lazy to really get into changing it.

  20. Me and My mother both read your blog ! She and I both think your blogs and videos are awesome ^.^