Thursday, 20 September 2012

I gave my blog a makeover!

What do you think? I can't do anything amazing with it because I'm not good at things like that. It all confuses me so much! 'HTML' and stuff..... I have no idea!

Anyway, here is what I've done:

  • Changed the header! 
- I also made the header blend better into the posts with a 'swag tail' (curtain tops - I only just found out they're called 'swag tails' today! Haha) If you look carefully, on the right I'm leaning over it with my hands. I actually really like it!
- I used the same image but changed it around a little bit. Obviously, putting it on a different background etc!
  • Added more buttons
- If you look down the sidebar, you'll see more pictures linking to things like:
  1. My shop
  2. My favourite posts
  3. Recent Youtube videos
  • An ask box in my sidebar
- I included a link to my ask box and also, further down, an actual ask box. So now you can ask me any questions while you're reading my blog!
  •  A gift option
- I feel really cheeky having that on my blog! Haha >_< I saw it and remembered someone telling me they wanted to send me some money as a birthday gift but I didn't want us both exchanging card details etc so I declined. So, when I saw this gadget today, I thought "Why not!" and added it! 
  • Post footers
- I decided to try making my posts look more pretty by adding 'post footers'. There will be one at the end of this post!

Let me know what you think! Is there anything else I should add/change/remove etc?

Anyway, here are a few photos from the video I posted yesterday!

It doesn't quite look how I hoped because I had to rush it. It started to get dark outside about 5 minutes after I started filming! So I had no choice but to rush! (My lighting is no use without daylight!)

But yeah, here is a link to the video, if you want to watch it!

Luna was soooo cute the other day! We put a T-shirt on her and it actually really suited her!

She should stop looking so cute in clothes because I'll end up buying her loads!

I was making some nails the other day and I mixed together 2 colours of glitter that I didn't end up using. I hate wasting anything but I didn't have anywhere to put the glitter. So I used it on my own nails:

I actually really liked it! It looked so pretty and sparkly in real life - my photos never show how nice something looks! >_<

So yeah, I'll hopefully post more videos soon so please send me any suggestions! 



  1. uwah i love it! and i love ur photos ur so pretty and luna is so kawaii! xx

  2. IT'S UR BIRTHDAY?! When? I wanna send u a gift too T_T <333333

    1. Haha no, it's not until January! But thank you anyway, that's so thoughtful! <3

  3. your new header is much better. i like how youve put your big eyes faded in the background :) for video how about an elf makeup? ^_^

    1. Thank you! That's a great idea, Neton actually suggested this idea too! So now I think I have to do it! =] <3

  4. It's gorgeous, just like you. I think you are really talented, and your new banner looks like professional graphics work, you did awesome.

  5. Why do you waer trousers under your dresses? Are you ashames of your lega? I hope it doesnt seem to be rude :/ i like you!!!