Friday, 13 July 2012

Pink hair disapointment

So, today I did a little filming for a new video, I wore a pink wig but............ ah - it's so disappointing!

I bought a pink wig from Ebay like over a month ago and I've been sooooo excited waiting for it to get here! It looked sooooo pretty in the photo! Anyhoo, it just arrived and it's........ not exactly how it looked in the photo...........

This is the photo they used to advertise it:

 But I think it looks more like this wig:

......... which I don't really like much......

Maybe they just sent me the wrong one.......

Anyway, I think it looked really cheap and tacky - but I still wore it for a video haha

 I also wore some bunny ears >_<

I also wore my new himegyaru nails I made recently - I seriously love them:

The bases of them are glittery, the index and ring fingers are polka-dot too!

Here is my eye makeup, it was a little rushed but oh well!:

Also, thank you to everyone who has been wishing me luck with my health etc, I really appreciate it! But please don't worry! =]

Argh, I can't believe we have to leave tomorrow...................... it's been so awesome staying here! Showering with hot water, standing up instead of crouching down, among many other things! Well, it's going to be good to go back to the Yorkshire pennines and hear the chickens etc again....

AH, THE TRAMPOLINE!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!! I'm going to miss that trampoline so much >_< omg.

Haha sorry, I'm a little dramatic today.....



  1. sugoi! <33333333

  2. You may have been disappointed with the wig but it photographs nicely. <3

  3. I like the wig though, looks good on you!!
    Ur nail design is stunning ♥

  4. I think the wig looks very good on you! :)

  5. The wig looks great on you! Those touches of orange on your eye makeup are in.cre.di.ble, BTW. :)

  6. If you don't like the wig, you should dye it a little bit darker with some artist ink and rubbing alcohol. Tutorial -->

  7. Awwwh despite the quality of the wig you still look super cute! Pink is definatly a good hair colour for you haha (^__^)
    Can't wait to see your new video :D <3

  8. you look very cute with bunny ears <3 where did you buy this purple/pink scarf thing?

  9. I like reading your blog, please don't get rid of it! <3 That or just make some kind of super blog. With your current blog/facebook/tumblr combined!!

  10. so darn adorable.
    I so want to do an inspired look by you XD

  11. youeve been nominated ladyli!!! love youuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3

  12. Those nails are really pretty. And I bought a few wigs from ebay too and even though it said the wig would look different in reality, it was a shock. Before buying I even googled the color they claimed it was and it was like a dark chestnut hair, but in the wig picture it was nearly platinum blonde. Oh well. It ended up looking like golden, dark blonde. I thought about dying it possibly but unnatural fibres are hard to figure out what to use!
    Wow, sorry about the babble!